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Bearded Gentlemen Music is a site created to share the enthusiasm and appreciation that we have for music and all things music related, as well as anything else that we find to be rad. Our goal is to capture the wonder of the burly rebel poet and convey that spirit within our articles (See our welcome article: The Transcendent Beard). Please feel free to share your opinions or concerns in our comments section and never hesitate to ask us anything!

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A note about the Gentlemen:

The Bearded Gentlemen are Jon Robertson and Isaac Atencio.

Just as fate may have brought you to this site, fate also a plays a major role in the history of this duo’s friendship. The Gentlemen actually met as young lads in 1988 while auditioning for the roles of Klingon children in the hit TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Neither ever fathomed that one day they would meet again. However, years later the two unlikely friends crossed paths while working as runners for United Concerts in Salt Lake City.

While their dreams of acting were burned and long since gone, like a phoenix a new passion for all things music had emerged from the ashes. Both of the Gentlemen desired to share this passion with all of those around them. Jon had been contributor to publications such as SLUG Magazine and Primary Ignition, as well as attempting his own personal blog. As for Isaac, you may have read some of his anecdotal work in bathroom stalls all over the Wasatch Front. The idea was thrown around for the two to combine talents and join forces and the rest as they say, is history.  For more information on our origins read Jon and Isaac’s interview with Salt Lake City Weekly.

Interested in writing for B.G.M.? Awesome! We are always looking for new contributors and would love to hear from you. Send us an email or hit us up on one of our various social media outlets and we can help you share your passion of music with the world!

Our team:


M. Milner – Freelance writer and music fan, whose writing has appeared on The Good Point, The Toronto Review of Books, and, among other places. Favorite albums: Dig Me Out, Live-Evil, Decade.

Mike Scherf – The host and creator of the B.G.M. Podcast and a writerly writer guy who writes about music, basketball, and writing. He now writes here, but has written other places too. He also writes for a big fancy company as his 9-5. Writing, writing, writing.


Phil Maye – King of Sarcasm and enlightened thought. Plus he’s Canadian and that rules!

Nate Jones – Lives somewhere on the East Coast and is hard to keep track of. He’s a genius and doesn’t like to write album reviews.

Melissa Vega – Is not one of those people that needs coffee every morning, but one of those people that needs music every morning. There’s just something about trumpets sounding while the sun is rising that gets her out of bed every day. She wonders if her love for music will ever be a talent she will actually realize beyond being really excellent at singing in the shower. She can be summed up in a single lyric from Wilco’s “She’s a Jar”: “when I forget how to talk, I sing.”

Cody Davis – Cody knows he doesn’t look like he listens to metal, but trust him. He does. He spends an overwhelming majority of his day listening to it. When he isn’t busy becoming a physical therapist at Duke University, he splits his time as a writer for not only Bearded Gentlemen Music but at Metal Injection, Noisey, and Treble as well. Cody can be found on Twitter or Instagram and if you ever see him in person, please buy him a cup of coffee.  

Amanda Best – Is a procrastinator and we love her for it. She like’s to party and write amazing reviews for B.G.M. and we love her for that too.

Quinten O’Neal College student from Florida. His job doesn’t allow him to have a beard, but he loves music nonetheless.

Tom VickressAn all around music enthusiast who loves playing drums, collecting physical music mediums, going to shows, etc. Tom also has an unhealthy love for every variety of cheese and shares music he enjoys on The Beat Farm.

Dan VesperHas been dividing his time between Salt Lake City and The Big Apple for the past few years. He  supposedly has some of the best dance moves in SLC and can make you a mix tape that will blow your mind. His personal blog Old New Borrowed Blew rules!

Joshua “Shua” Peters – Likes his music like he likes his whiskey; almost anyway he can get it. Spends his days in the world of marketing and advertising, but spends his nights reviewing whiskey and mixing cocktails for The Whiskey Jug.

Kevin Krein – Kevin Krein is a Minnesota based writer, and has been operating the award winning music blog Anhedonic Headphones since 2013. Outside of that, and his sporadic contributions to B.G.M., he also writes the back page column for the Southern Minnesota Scene magazine. He is a cool rabbit dad, 95% vegan, a huge jerk, and defined mostly by his gigantic, beautiful beard, which garners compliments all of the time from strangers.

Kelsey Simpkins – Kelsey writes about the music she likes because she finds it difficult not to. She also still buys CDs so she can listen to them in her car, loves hearing a band for the first time live, and features little known and up-and-coming bands on her site The Aural Premonition. Kelsey also writes for Indie Shuffle,, and does freelance photography, while working on her master’s in journalism. Lately she roams between Colorado, Minnesota, and Washington D.C.

JP Gorman – Is a writer living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His work has appeared in Overthinking It, CinemaBlend, and numerous now-defunct online outlets, including one he ran himself. He’s also working on a novel and various other works of short Fiction he hopes you will one day look forward to reading. Follow @GormanJP on Twitter: he promises not to blow up your timeline.

David Dring – Freelance writer living in Nottingham, UK. Very passionate about music, food, sci-fi, and travelling. Writer of the now defunct yet insanely hilarious Man & Woman video series. Follow him on twitter @dringypie. Some of his tweets are actually funny!

Brandon Perras – Professional blogger from Providence, RI doing the lords work. Avalanche of Guts! Guiterorrist for TINSEL TEETH and remember, have your kids spayed and neutered.

Jeremy Erickson – Much like his beard, music has become a permanent part of Jeremy’s life. Growing up with punk rock and hardcore, while developing a love for metal and dark ale, he appreciates the heavier side of music. But much like a Northern IPA, he also enjoys acoustic and/or the lighter side of music; and he loves writing about it all! He lives in Canada with his growing family and would love for you to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Steve Wheeler – As he hurtles towards 40, Steve continues to indulge his illusions of being a really cool teenager by growling in London garage punk outfit Dead Arms, growing his beard big and strong, buying comic books, and listening to anything from the Beach Boys to Unsane. One day he will start writing that novel he’s always banging on about and move to New York.

Mickey White – has settled into writing about rap releases and this comically-sized coffee.  He’s our resident Kool Keith and Greg Fox stan.  Mickey would appreciate if you would keep your Kurt Cobain fan-fiction to yourself and you can follow him on Twitter @NorridgeMadeMe.

Adam P. Newton – A lifelong Texan, he spends most of his time reading, writing, taking care of his newborn daughter, and enjoying Houston with his partner. He shares random Internet crap at Dryvetyme Onlyne, and he’s working on a series about music and parenting for Houston Press.

Judie Vegh – Judie is neither bearded nor a gentleman. She is, however, a gentlelady with refined musical tastes and a knack for taking photographs. You will usually find her committing “crimes and heists” with her concert buddy and BGM writer, Kendon Luscher. They are like the Bonnie & Clyde of the Cleveland music scene except for the whole getting shot to death thing. You can follow her on the Tweeter and Instagram: @OyVegh.

We here at Bearded Gentlemen Music are very excited to share our combined efforts on this site for you. Thanks for reading and enjoy!