I thought it would be fitting for our first post to be  based on the only facial hair style that can cross between time and space and still hold up to the high standards of fashion…

I would like to give a quick theory on the beard in general and how it implies to music. There is no doubt that there have been several amazing and influential dudes with bodacious beards  who have impacted the world. Seriously if you just do a quick scan in your head of all your memories you will probably come up with one or two images of some cool ass grizzly pimps with beards.

It takes a special person to grow a beard and in order to accomplish the feat there are several qualities that a person must have:

Laziness – to give up on the act of shaving and let your essence shine

Commitment – spending the time growing the beard

Rebelliousness – disregard to authority cause your down to look hairy

Mystery – cause your hiding your face

Manliness – to actually grow a nice full healthy beard

Machismo – cause the beard is dapper and enticing

There is a difference between the reasoning and meaning behind Honest Abe’s facial hair and say Willie Nelson’s facial hair. Abe was rocking his beard because he wants to look stoic and wise, ol’ Willie is rockin his for those same reasons plus he’s bad ass. The beard in music has all the qualities listed above but also has this special kind of magic that gives the impression that the person making the music exudes awesomeness and is a burly rebel poet.

Now I know it’s just facial hair but, really it takes a special person to rock it and if you make music with a beard it adds that extra spark because the person is in a glorious euphoria from harnassing all the qualities above, while at the same time being one with nature and the universe. The resulting notes and rhythms are laced with absolute wonder. Again go through your memory and think of your favorite albums pretty sure there was someone involved in that music that was sporting a beard at the time (No ZZ Top doesn’t count… their beards are gimmicky and their music is for hillbillies).

Our goal here is to try to capture the wonder of the burly rebel poet and transfer it into amazing posts about music and music related things or just things that we find cool. Hopefully we are able to harness and convey the beards awesome power into this site.

Image: http://staybearded.blogspot.com/2010/03/mr-et-beard.html