Today (January 23rd) marks the the two year anniversary of Bearded Gentlemen Music. It’s kind of crazy that B.G.M. has been around this long, it doesn’t feel like two years. The back history on our creation, in case you don’t know is on our Get To Know Us page.

A few other notes on the creation of the website. The idea kind of began getting tossed around after Isaac contributed his best of 2011 list to my horrible and poorly constructed personal blog Frank Nooch.  Isaac’s list to this day still remains one of the most visited posts on that pathetic little page. After that he and I began joking about starting a music review website together and we figured we would call it Bearded Gentlemen (for obvious reasons, hahaha). Then one late night I got a text from Isaac saying that he had registered the domain and that Bearded Gentlemen Music was up and running. I was honestly a bit surprised. I didn’t think we were actually going to do it.

For the first couple months our content was random at best, if you’re somewhat new to the site I highly encourage you to go check out some of our older posts they’re pretty rough.  We had little direction from the beginning and both Isaac and I just kind of wrote about things that we  liked and didn’t really care if anybody read it. To be honest the website probably wouldn’t have lasted very long if we didn’t start getting some outside contributions from our friends and family. Luckily Amanda, Nate, Adam,  Josh, and Vi stepped in and started producing some quality content. They were actually writing pieces worth sharing, so we began our strange and very entertaining adventure into social media.

After we started harassing people and bands on Facebook and Twitter things began to take off a little bit. We started going to shows and filming concert clips for our YouTube channel and the website actually started to become something to be proud off. Then one day the coolest thing happened, we had someone who we had never met before hit us up about writing for us. This person was Phil. We first encountered Phil on Twitter after arguing over whether or not Baroness’ album Yellow & Green was cougar rock and from there it was meant to be.

Once Phil was on board we began actively searching for other writers that might want to be a apart of B.G.M. Our second addition was  Sabrina, then at the beginning of 2013 Phil introduced us to Tom and I stalked Mark‘s various websites for a couple months and finally asked him to write for us. Anna joined after I complimented her personal website. We found Quinten on Instagram. Our good friend Nick was with us for a time and he has since moved on to greener pastures with his own site.   Danielle is a friend from school and she introduced us to the wonderful Dan. We found Jason and Justin on Twitter. Kelsey and Kevin joined up because they both have really great sites of their own and we wanted to join forces with them to help promote their individual awesomeness. We’ve since added a few new people, John who just recently wrote a killer review on the new Warpaint album and there are currently a couple other new writers waiting to make their debut.

The reason for listing everyone out here, is it’s our way of saying THANK YOU to all of our amazing writers that have contributed to the website. Without you we wouldn’t have half the amazing and entertaining stuff to publish and share. Most of us have never met in person, but to Isaac and I you all feel like family and we really appreciate all that you do.

Secondly we want to thank all the bands, labels, and PR companies for working with us and giving us the opportunity to cover such great music and people. It’s really cool to have the chance to connect with such talented musicians and artists.  It has been great over the past couple years being a part of the mission to spread good music to the masses and we want to give thanks to all the bands that make it worth it.

Most importantly we want to thank everyone that has visited our website, commented on an article, liked our Facebook page, followed or yelled at us on Twitter, watched any of our YouTube vids, double tapped any of our ridiculous Instagram pics or had any interaction with us at all. Because without people caring about the stuff we are writing and sharing it would just be Isaac and I sitting in my basement yelling at each other about which Deftones album is the best.  You really make it worth it and we are excited to share even more exciting things with you in the near future.

I want to close this this dramatic, sappy gush-fest by sharing something Isaac wrote in our Best of 2013 list that I think really resonates and defines what Bearded Gentlemen Music is all about, he wrote “What makes us here at B.G.M. unique is we are music fans before music critics. We enjoy music for how it makes us feel. It is not our philosophy to tell you how a record should make you feel, but rather, to invite you into our experience with something we either loved, liked, or hated.”

Here’s to many more years!! Please enjoy our Birthday song!!


Thanks again!

Jon and Isaac