Once fall hits – it is immediate cozy, dark colors, and hot toddies which goes the same for sweet, dark tunes.

The minute Veda Ray’s music starts to play, it’s hard not to crack a smile as it evokes memories of late night concert adventures and sneaking into 21+ places like the now closed, The Annex.

Veda Rays have this charming, seductive sound that pulsates through your headphones.

With songs “For The Rest to Rest” – lead singer and front man James’ voice is beautifully alluring and melts with the deep bass lines. As their latest album, For The Rest To Rest progresses tracks such as “Open Up The Ways” and “Doublespeak” – there’s complex and provocative tones that will make you repeat tracks. Each track has its own intricate story with its enticing lyrics. Overall it’s an intriguing work of art that shows all raw emotion and put a sound to it.

Even though Veda Rays, have a melting pot of genre bending music – they still find a cheeky way of describing their sound by including #indie in the non-sucky mostly brit nineteen eighties sense. The track that completely won me over was “Goodnight, Christine ” – it has this lovelorn narrative much like a The Divine Comedy song, “Our Mutual Friend”. From beginning to end For The Rest to Rest is full of wonderful compositions that keep your attention with a wide range of fast tempo, post punk, and jilted shoegaze.