The battle is on with the Chair Warriors. The organized and well thought out ensemble recently released their 7-song EP entitled Dawn of Edo; a good representation of the talents of Brandon Mignacca, as the lead vocals hit hard in stand out tracks that include “Shogun” and “Chaser”. The melodic, modern rock trio’s message resonates throughout their new release. With personal experience included in each song, the thoughtful band out of Montreal, Canada delves into the beginning of the Edo period, and the influence it has on singer/keyboardist, Brandon.

The 7- track EP displays industry knowledge of how to deliver a message with sound, but looking to be critical I am left short on a couple of tracks. The message did not come across well  for me, but just like a commercial if you don’t understand it then it was not meant for you. As with any album there will be lovers and just friends, and there are a couple of lovers with the Dawn of Edo.

Dawn of Edo ep Chair Warriors

“So Alive”

The music is fast paced and filled with energy. “If you could only know the tears and truth to be told to a bitter enemy.” Brandon is letting the world know that he is alive, in this world and in the next. Chair Warriors are just that,  Warriors. The tears that once were shed are now a motivation to push forward in a life that is always presenting challenges; the ones that make you want to fly because who are we without the challenges we overcome?


Epitaph is a memorial, the song needed a few listens to get the full spectrum of the content, but it is a simple concept to grasp once we do.  “You fall to the ground – i will lift you up, you won’t make a sound, I will be on my way to you”. It is about the ones who were there for you and being there for yourself so you can be there for others. The memorial of those who are there for you when you yourself may not have been. We fall in love with the memories…rumination is one hell of a thing!



The guitar riff is outstanding in this track. There is nothing more satisfying than “the chase”; the games we play because we are well aware of the reward. The thrill of the hunt is what makes the reward so pleasurable. The sonic space is filled to the brim in Chaser. The illusions that are presented paint a picture of bliss: ” If I lied would you stay here with me? play the game. if you only knew what you meant to me would my days never bleed away. If i tried would your tears be held back?” I don’t think any album is complete without a love song. Chasing loved ones and holding the things you care about the most close are so important so why not write a song about them?  The sound is distinctive and you really understand what the band means when they fill sonic space like no one else.

“Lights Out”

The lead single for the Dawn of Edo EP has finally joined its family, in a place where it can’t hide, and of course choosing not to. We can see the universe, we can see change stars but will we discover what it is worth? City lights deny us the chance to view the stars, among other things. It’s when the lights are out that you can truly see what the universe Self seeking music often forces you to embark on a journey of self discovery, so turn the lights out and search for what you do not yet see.

EP’s come and go, but what allows them to sit in a space and be talked about? Is it the lyrics, the creativity, the way the artists play their given instrument? It’s all really based on what tickles your taste buds, and Chair Warriors present a way to represent themselves. Each member plays their role and tells their story through their dedication to music, and you can feel its presence when something like that is achieved.