The name Chair Warriors started as a joke between friends in high school after getting into a fight over the last chair in the classroom.

The name has since taken on different meanings but has remained relevant to the Chair Warriors.

The  Chair Warriors are the ones sitting behind a screen ready to battle whether for video games or in the comment section of videos. The Chair Warriors are taking a strong sociopolitical stance by building  awareness through the internet because of the internet.

The Chair Warriors single is the consciously creative output of Vocalist Brandon Mignacca. “We want people to feel inspired by “Lights Out”. Although the video is a little on the darker side, the message is a hopeful one.”

“Lights Out” is about the idea of seeing things for what they truly are.

City lights deny us the chance to view the stars, among other things. It’s when the lights are out that you can truly see what the universe holds both externally and internally.”

Brandon Mignacca, competed in this year’s La Voix 5 (The Voice) and successfully made it to the quarter-finals. He was called back for both the LIVE semi-final and final episodes which aired on TVA, performing two group songs accompanying last year’s winner, Stephanie St.Jean, as well as notable Quebec folk-rock duo, 2Freres. The Chair Warriors have opened up for notable acts “I Mother Earth” and “The Joy Formidable” in both Montreal and Quebec City.


Chair Warriors have an unconventional approach to their sound as the band does not use a bassist, but instead having Brandon on keyboards, he holds the melody with the right and bass with his left. Robert Flis draws musical influences from the progressive rock side listening to bands like Porcupine Tree and Tool. Gopal Devanathan on the drums draws inspiration from classic rock from the 60’s including Led Zeppelin and Prog rock like Genesis and Rush.

“You probably won’t hear another 3 piece band that fills as much sonic space as we do.”

Music is always created first with Chair Warriors, it’s starting with the melodic structure.

Brandon talks about building the foundation of a song as he mentions “there is usually a theme at play prior to the composition of the song but when that is not the case the tension and emotion of the music strongly influence the choice emotion of the lyrics.”

With clear influences from Muse and Thirty Seconds to Mars, Dawn of Edo the upcoming EP starts with Brandon’s journey into Japanese History, specifically the Edo period, and its significant importance to their cultural, political, and military evolution. The brand new 7 song EP will be released on September 22, 2017.