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Published on September 18th, 2015 | by Aaron Cooper


Twenty One Pilots: Puppets of a Soulless Music Industry

21 Pilots New Album ArtworkI could have sworn that Twenty One Pilots released a new album this year already? Am I wrong? I’m pretty sure they did because I remember some kids on twitter getting really excited when it ‘dropped’ a couple days early (something truly magical in the internet age where albums leak weeks ahead of release, I’m guessing?) Nevertheless, they’re back with Mediocre At Best. A collection of remixes, mash-ups, live tracks, and previously kinda-sorta-unreleased material, exclusively on a bandcamp page credited to a Jon Gibson. So am I listening to an album by Twenty One Pilots or Jon Gibson? Do remix albums count as real albums? Does any critique I give on this album go to Gibson or to Twenty One Pilots? Such questions continue to burn deep within my psyche, yet I find no legitimate answers,  yielding to one more question. The most important of all: Why am I listening to this?

Fairly Mad World by twenty one pilots & Tears For Fears

Twenty One Pilots GayIf you are not familiar with Twenty One Pilots, the best way I can describe their sound is to imagine if you combine Nate Ruess’s gosh-shucks swagger with the superficial dance rock antics of recent Fall Out Boy along with the occasional nasally rap of Eminem as an emo seventh grader who thinks the world is against him because Degrassi was canceled. They broke into the mainstream sometime last year with their exclusive brand of alternative rock meets hip-hop meets poetry, and were eventually signed to the Fueled By Ramen record label. With that commercial boost, they reached an even bigger audience of eighth graders and  twenty somethings who insist cosplay isn’t just ‘dressing up’ as their favorite comic/videogame/anime character but an extension of one’s soul. The kids who have never heard a Beatles record. The adults who are up to their ears in student loans yet spend every single dime of their paycheck on beer and tattoos of My Little Pony characters. You know the kind. Don’t get me wrong, art is subjective and what one considers ‘good music’ has no bearing on how they should be judged as human beings. We all enjoy things others may think are lame or stupid. For instance, I think Eric Clapton is an overrated guitarist and The Big Green is a good Disney movie, so I’m well versed in accountability. Clapton influenced millions of guitarists and Disney 90s sports movies are about as thought provoking as Cheetos are nutritional. I full on respect everyone’s personal taste. But it’s obvious who this music is marketed to: People who are too young to appreciate legitimate art regardless if they don’t understand it, or people who refuse to become functioning adults and have accepted the mediocrity of eating Taco Bell for dinner for the rest of their lives.

Being that I’m not sure what a ‘mash-up’ is exactly, and to fully appreciate what ‘remixes’ bring to the table, I listened to each of these songs in their original forms found on previous releases from the band. There is plenty of bells and whistles added to this collection, making it a justifiable release. Everything from alternate instrumentation to completely different structures in the compositions. From a production standpoint, nothing sounds like it was thrown together for a quick cash in, so kudos to this Jon Gibson guy for that. He clearly knows his way around a studio and how to craft a competent mix,  but sadly, it’s like putting a dog turd on fine China with winter black truffles. Yeah it’s on an expensive plate with a luxurious side, but the main component of the dish came from the bowels of a dog and you will probably die if you eat it. I can’t help but feel sorry for anyone who actually thinks Twenty One Pilots are a decent band. Just to see if I’m alone in my musings, I Googled “Twenty One Pilots suck” and to my surprise, there wasn’t many pages found. Either they’re so bad people aren’t even bothering to discredit their popularity, or the state of mainstream music is in far worse shape than I thought.

The primary songwriter in this band claims his music is “poetry” and the reason why he raps is because he is running out of time and space to fit all the words in. How about this, get to the point. There is nothing wrong with beating around the bush for the sake of being ‘artistic’ but if you want to make a song about being lonely or whatever this douche is whimpering about, why would it be based around someone stealing his car stereo? I’m gonna go as far as saying that the primary group of listeners who find this sort of drivel entertaining, are probably not even old enough to own a car and the song was likely related to a kid who lost his or her radio privileges in the family sedan due to the fact the last thing they chose to listen to on the way to cheer practice was probably Drake.

Twenty | One | Pilots SuckAnother thing that is strange about this release is the live tracks. Isn’t this a remix album? Is it even possible to remix a live recording? I also question the authenticity of these alleged ‘live’ recordings. I saw Twenty One Pilots in concert last year, and though I felt like I had a good time even though I had never heard of them until twenty minutes before the show, I think it was more enjoyable because I was accompanying a mildly attractive lady, and the tickets were free. Had I paid any of my hard earned money on such a show I’d never forgive myself. The band that I seen was nowhere near as tight or well rehearsed as whats featured on these live tracks. Then again, I guess any band who would willingly release such abominations as their Blurryface album, wouldn’t be above tacking a live audience sound loop on a pre-existing track and passing it off as a ‘live recording’. Should I really be questioning the authenticity of a band on the Fueled By Ramen label anyway? They’re responsible for releasing some of the worst music of the entire decade, driven by blind nostalgia of the previous decade’s pop emo teenagers. Correlating nostalgia with Panic At The Disco is a very depressing thought.

It’s not fair to judge a person by their taste in music (although it’s hilariously easy) but can the same be said about judging a band for their fan base? In part, no. I mean Phish has some pretty annoying fans, same goes for The Grateful Dead but that doesn’t mean I should never delve into their respective catalogs of music, maybe there is something there I like? But then look at other atrocities such as Insane Clown Possee, the line between artist and fan is so blurred that it doesn’t even make a difference. At least ICP are self-aware and subtly poke fun at their fan base as well as themselves. Twenty One Pilots on the other hand, play up their fan base, and have some how convinced the general public their songs are deep and thought provoking.  If you are intelligent enough to understand that a pop song is capable of articulating feelings of loss, hope, and redemption, then you should be intelligent enough to know that this band (and record label) is churning out paint-by-numbers alternative pop for kids who aren’t old enough to understand what loss, hope, and redemption really is.

Twenty One Pilots Embarrassing All rants aside, Mediocre At Best isn’t in fact mediocre at best, it’s barely listenable at best, and that’s being generous. The album is up for download on Jon Gibson’s bandcamp page with a “pay what you want” feature, but try as I might, I can’t figure out where the “Pay Me For Listening” feature is. Twenty One Pilots is very much this generation’s Limp Bizkit and no matter how many angry tweens or never-grow-up twenty somethings, come down my street to burn my house down for saying it, five years down the road they are going to be pretty embarrassed with themselves for defending such a terrible band. Just remember kids, don’t beat yourselves up too bad, Insane Clown Posse has an album that’s certified gold by the RIAA. That’s a lot of albums that no one admits to buying. We all buy bad music when we don’t know any better, (myself included) but we get up and make better musical choices to become better people.  It’s what growing up is all about. So if you are one of the sad, inept individuals who believe Twenty One Pilots are  anything but puppets of a soulless music industry meant to play upon your nostalgic adolescence memories of youth, Mediocre At Best may be the record of the year for you, from the band of the decade. But if you are one of the individuals that no matter how much Twenty One Pilots tell you their music is deep, soul searching, and thought provoking art, you must understand that their music is a collection of brainless pillow talk from over privileged white kid rap. Even if this is mediocre at best, you can probably find better.

Rating: 0/5

Musician, vinyl collector, freelance writer and a lover of all things music. I don’t care if it’s old, new, or popular in the industry, if it’s authentic, I can dig it at least to some degree. Art is subjective and the only thing important to me music wise, is how it makes me feel.
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348 Responses to Twenty One Pilots: Puppets of a Soulless Music Industry

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  2. Katelyn says:

    Wow dude, WHY are you so fucking butt-hurt? From the get go you basically say that TOP fans are either brainless teenagers or adults who are bums that sit in their parents basement and whack-off to Hentai all day. I can assure you that I am a grown-ass adult who is married and has a professional career with a steady income. You’re correct to say that their main demographic is teenage girls, but don’t assume that everybody who enjoys their music is a blubbering idiot. That is completely false and uncalled for.

    Is your head so far up your own ass that you can’t take a step back and think about WHY there aren’t many hits when you Google “Twenty One Pilots suck”? Did you ever think it’s because Josh and Tyler are genuine guys, who have busted their tails to get to where they are this quickly, who care about their fan base (vs. making fun of them like you mentioned other bands do), who are talented and passionate about what they do? If you took some time to do any sort of research about Tyler Joseph and watch some of his older interviews (i.e. those from FaceCulture) you would see what an intelligent, deep, articulate person he is. He isn’t just spewing out pop lyrics for the sake of selling records which is also highly insinuated by you.

    Maybe there is a reason only 2-3 people like your posts on your shitty Facebook page. Hope they’re paying you good money to do this man, keep it up the great work!!!!!

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      wow thanks! such an articulate, well thought out comment has COMPLETELY changed my opinion on Twenty One Pilots! In fact, this may have changed my entire life! From now on I will no longer share my opinion on a website that features opinions on music, instead I will ask teenage girls which bands are genuine guys who care for the fans and if I don’t like their suggestions I will completely chalk it up as me being butt-hurt. Thanks for reading and being one of the 2-3 people who felt enough of something to put me in my place and make me a life long fan of these lyrical GODS!

      • Katelyn says:

        I far from expected to change your opinion on them. Clearly that isn’t going to happen and that’s fine. I am also all about voicing opinions, and if you don’t like their music that’s also perfectly fine. However, you went about it in such a douche-bag, hateful, and sarcastic way (all while failing miserably at trying to be funny), that you’re just asking for an argument. Oh well, maybe that was your intent with this article.

        • Aaron Cooper says:

          Actually my intent with this article was to share my opinion on the record I was presented with. Perhaps, being that you are such a fan, you read someone’s negative opinion on something you love and felt personally hurt? That’s okay though, we all can’t enjoy the same things right? you can always choose to read a different article, (or write your own! expression can be fun!) If you like Twenty One Pilots, more power to you. My opinion on this album remains a 0/5

          • Lucy says:

            You called all there fans lazy adults or stupid children. I would be fine if you had stated your opinion, but you stait up insulted an entire fanbase.

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            Thanks for reading! Unless you fit the description of what I described, you have nothing to be insulted about.

          • Lucy says:

            There’s a difference between stating an opinion and insulting a large group of people. If you had said, “I don’t line TØP because….” I would have been fine. However you found it necessary to insult me and the rest of the Skeleton Clique to get your opinion across.

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            Wow, fans of this band have an actual name for themselves? I really don’t even think I have to reply here.

          • Lucy says:

            How does a fan base having a name negate your need to reply to comment?

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            I think you answered your own question there lol but thanks for reading none the less!

          • Lucy says:

            Do you like music? If so you know that people have names for every single artist or band. Unless this is news to you in which case I wouldn’t advise you to have a music blog. And no, I didn’t answer my own question by wondering why having a name of a fanbase names my comment less important or meaningful.

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            I love thousands of bands and artists but I can honestly say that I’ve never felt the urge to make a pet name for myself for liking them. However they DO have names for people who get butt-hurt and go on annoying marathon of annoying message board posts when they find out not everyone has the musical taste of a twelve year old, they are called “Trolls”.

          • Lucy says:

            I didn’t choose the name. Since people a long time ago did. And even in this thread did I deny you the right to have a personal taste in music. In fact, I believe my first comment was to critesize you for calling everyone with a different taste then you stupid and lazy. You can like your own music. That’s fine, I have a taste, bit I don’t go around saying that Swifties are stupid for falling into a category they didn’t choose to fall into or Beleibers all lazy ***holes with nothing to do but cry. I tried to have a respectful conversation with you, but you shoot down all my claims with insults . Now, as the mature person in this conversation I’m going to leave.

      • Brandon McDonald says:

        it’s okay to write your opinion of a band’s music. That’s totally fine, whether you like them or not. But, you can’t call the band members douche bags and their fans idiots, because that’s not an opinion. There’s nothing that the band has done to present themselves as douche’s, which I’m sure is why you had nothing to back up that statement in the article. You also insulted their fan base, which has nothing to do with the music, and also doesn’t fit your description of them. Are some fans like that? Yeah, probably. But you could say that with every band. Are all fans like that? No. not at all. Your article is flat out rude and disrespectful. Also, you called them “puppets of a soul-less music industry” which shows me that you haven’t actually listened to their music and taken in the meaning. For example, the song Lane Boy is basically “Hey, fuck you music industry. This is our band and our music, and we’re gonna write whatever the fuck type of songs we want!” I mean, do you really think if they were controlled by the industry that their music would be such an odd mix of genres still? I respect your opinion if not liking them, but not your false statements on them and their fans.

      • Me says:

        You have a point. I’m going to find a blog post you make with a 5/5 review and listen to it.

    • Erin says:

      I so agree with you! I am also a grown ass married mother of two that not only has a full time career-I own the place! Tyler and Josh have something to say that speaks to many different people, so please don’t put them or their fans in a box. If you don’t understand it, then don’t listen to it!

      • Aaron Cooper says:

        so no more reviews?

        • Erin says:

          While I’m quite certain that I now run the risk of making you feel further validated in making your point regarding the fan base, why not only critique the music if that was the point you were making? You are completely right, they are not a duo that everyone will like, but what does the music have to do with the fans, if your sole purpose is to critique and state “your opinion” on Twenty One Pilots? What do the people who like it have to do with it-teenage or adult? And if they are just soul- less puppets doing whatever the man says why does Tyler Joseph write all of the lyrics himself? He did that before Fueled By Ramen and still does. Also, if you are a “fan” of the duo and you go to a live show you already know that they’re only 2 people in the “band”. We know what we’re getting-and yes we know they use backing tracks but we also know that they really can play their instruments (in our opinion anyway) and Tyler doesn’t lipsync or rely on heavy background singers-all while jumping around putting on a great show (again-a fans opinion). So I’ll leave you to your opinion and feel better now that I’ve made mine!

      • Erin says:

        While I’m quite certain that I now run the risk of making you feel further validated in making your point regarding the fan base, why not only critique the music if that was the point you were making? You are completely right, they are not a duo that everyone will like, but what does the music have to do with the fans, if your sole purpose is to critique and state “your opinion” on Twenty One Pilots? What do the people who like it have to do with it-teenage or adult? And if they are just soul- less puppets doing whatever the man says why does Tyler Joseph write all of the lyrics himself? He did that before Fueled By Ramen and still does. Also, if you are a “fan” of the duo and you go to a live show you already know that they’re only 2 people in the “band”. We know what we’re getting-and yes we know they use backing tracks but we also know that they really can play their instruments (in our opinion anyway) and Tyler doesn’t lipsync or rely on heavy background singers-all while jumping around putting on a great show (again-a fans opinion). So I’ll leave you to your opinion and feel better now that I’ve given mine!

        • Aaron Cooper says:

          Well put Erin! I’m looking forward to visiting your own site for music reviews! Thanks for the validation of proving every one of my points AND taking the time to comment!

          • Bill says:

            His rebuttals are pretty cute huh Erin? They will totally shame anyone into thinking they are a second class citizen. Music critiquing at its finest.

          • Erin says:

            It’s quite alright Bill, my whole identity isn’t wrapped up in a “music critic” job title while actually using it as a platform to demoralize the people that do enjoy the music. I was under the mistaken impression that a music critic was suppose to critic music…

          • Erin says:

            It’s quite alright Bill, my whole identity isn’t wrapped up in a “music critic” job title while actually using it as a platform to demoralize the people that do enjoy the music. I was under the mistaken impression that a music critic was suppose to critique music…

          • Phil says:

            Those who can do, those can’t write pretentious reviews and battle every single naysayer of their review. Solid journalism Aaron….

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            You sure know how to make a guy blush Phil

          • michael colon says:

            you realize he said that he does in fact play music right? just because he doesn’t write or play mindless bullshit like 21 pilots doesn’t mean he cant.

      • Stacy says:

        agreed…..I am a 41 year old math teacher that loves all types of music. I really enjoy this band. I am going to there show in Feb. I can’t wait!

    • Renee says:

      I know how you feel. TOP is my favorite. I’m not going to say how I am but a lot of people in my class love TOP. Even our teacher says they’re good. I love your comment. Your freakin’ lovely( haha.)

    • izzy loves christian says:

      right? I agree that some people that like them might be twelve, (in fact, i was twelve when i started liking them lol. I’m almost sixteen now:) lol) also, to the publisher: have you listened to anything on no phun intended? listen to hole in the ground or just like yesterday and then tell me theyre “heartless”

      • Aaron Cooper says:

        Hey izzy loves christian! thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I’ve listened to the band’s entire catalog and i still think they are horrible. However I didn’t say the band is heartless, I said the industry is, but thanks for the suggestion though!

    • Darrell says:

      ‘ Did you ever think it’s because Josh and Tyler are genuine guys, who have busted their tails to get to where they are this quickly’ Really ? and how do you know this? are you a neighbor / water their plants when they are touring? I smell bought opinion…..which is typical for the recording industry. “Doth protest too much’, as they say.

  3. Blurryface. says:

    You can say all you want about Twenty One Pilots and how they are “terrible”.

    I want to share my opinion.

    This is a band that you listen to their music, say “ehh”, and then cry about 2 months later (I did it myself).
    But please just hear me out when I say this, the fact that you gave them a 0/5 rating hurts me.
    This is a band that connects with their fans personally with their music in such a way that it is can be life saving. Please, I’m begging you, go listen to their music again (like “Goner” or “Guns for Hands”), look at the lyrics, and piece the meanings together. Then just think about it. In my opinion this band is more than a 0/5. This band is more than “barely listenable at it’s best”. This is a band of real people. This band of real people write about important issues in this world and things that people are going through peoples minds right now. Not some frat boy singing about boobs and butts. I think Twenty One Pilots is more than “barely listenable at best”. I think they are “barely able to hold in my emotions and feelings at best”.

    This is my opinion. Not yours. You can read it. You can ignore it. But they speak the truth trough every lyric that comes out of Tyler’s mouth, an every beat that comes out of Joshes drums and that is my opinion. Now I’m going to stop typing about TOP before I get emotional myself.

    Say what you want. This is how I feel.

    As they always say – Power to the Local Dreamer

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks for the comment! I’ve listened to those songs (and even seen them in concert last year as stated in my review) Those songs do nothing for me, this band does nothing for me. However, if those songs and band mean something to YOU, that’s awesome! This review/rant is MY OPINION and in no way shape or form meant to sway any fan’s thoughts. If you like something by all means rock on with it. There are plenty of bands and songs I connect with that others don’t. That’s okay!

      • Blurryface. says:

        And I know it’s okay! Thanks for the response. I know that you don’t really connect with this band and that’s okay with me. I personally just thought it was a little too much for me to handle as a TOP fan with the “barely listenable at its best’ and the 0/5 rating (ha I’m listening to holding on to you at the moment xD). But for real… i don’t want this band to get even more popular because of one song. i don’t need people like YA I like that song too! How does it go again?? (do you feel the struggle). Okay im excited now… im getting a ukulele now :))))))))))

      • Kimberley Oliver says:

        If this is the case great! but please stop calling us “People who are too young to appreciate legitimate art regardless if they don’t understand it, or people who refuse to become functioning adults and have accepted the mediocrity of eating Taco Bell for dinner for the rest of their lives.”

  4. Terry Terry says:

    I miscarried after I read that you gave them a 0 out of 5. Like it literally plopped out of my pant leg and bungeed down my thigh like a little spelunking tadpole. Twenty One Pilots; after my lobotomy they became my favorite band, like I haven’t stopped since

  5. anonymous says:

    I respectfully disagree with what you rated them, I think they deserve much more than a 0/5. To be fair, though, they were a band that took a few listens before I could immerse myself in and enjoy their music. And a main part of why I do like it is because I’ve struggled with mental health problems so songs like “guns for hands”, “migraine”, and “friend, please” have a lot of meaning to me and being able to relate to the lyrics increases my enjoyment of the band immeasurably. The Blurryface album certainly doesn’t have any of my favourite songs by them, though, and I’m really hoping that they won’t give into the pressure of writing songs based on what people want rather than making meaningful ones as they did before gaining popularity.
    I respect your opinion, and have to compliment you on your writing skills because even though I am a fan of the band I still enjoyed reading your negative review of them due to the quality of writing. I do strongly disagree with calling them “puppets of a soulless music industry” because so far they certainly are not. They’re quirky and unique, and on the Blurryface album Tyler, the singer, even despairs about how he’s conflicted because he wants to stay true to himself with his music but the pressure to conform and be more like mainstream music is heavy. The whole album, in fact, is about how his insecurities and the pressure to conform feel like they’re choking him (hence the dark makeup on his neck) and trying to make him create music based on what the industry wants (hence the dark makeup on his hands.)
    Anyway I don’t know why I feel the need to defend the band so strongly, I just started to write a short comment stating I disagreed and it developed into a rant. My apologies.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks for reading! First off I want to say that it is awesome if you (or anyone for that matter)relate to any of the songs by the band or any band. Art is subject and even though I think Twenty One Pilots may be the worse thing ever put in my ears outside of a rusty nail (don’t ask) it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong if YOU like them. I’m quite sure there are bands that I love that you would probably hate. It’s what makes being a music fan, fun. As for them being ‘puppets of a soulless industry’ you are right. they are not puppets but in fact PRODUCTS of a soulless industry. The whole “oh we are prisoners of our label, they are making us make pop songs” spiel is so cliché that labels themselves are using it as a marketing pitch to reel in teenagers. “Ya bruh, these guys are totally fighting the label to put out real music and they are like making them play pop!”. When an naïve teen or person of questionable intelligence hears that story, it creates a bond between artist and fan that separates them from the major label machine. (you can thank Prince for making fighting your label in public cool) And that in itself is the problem here. It’s not bad enough they are presenting terrible music, but they are selling it as something more than what it is. If they want to make a lame rap rock song, DO IT. there’s no need to sell an excuse if the core fanbase doesn’t like it. If these guys were so serious about battling their label that they would be willing to paint their necks and hands to make a statement, they wouldn’t be on the label. It’s really that simple. There’s nothing wrong with catering to your core audience, but going that far to PROVE you are legit is lame and weak. With that said, if you like them, that’s fine! please continue enjoying them, Im not preaching that people should stop listening, this is just my opinion on this remix album, band, and spiel in general. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to write a thoughtful, heartfelt comment though. There is nothing wrong with liking what you like or defending your favorites. I actually encourage it, that’s why I chose to write about music in the first place 🙂

  6. John says:

    Honestly as a musician on my own I can’t understand how you can express your opinion in such way.No matter if you don’t like these musicians or not you can’t say any kind of music is bad,because music is art and art can not be bad or ‘shit’ if it’s taken seriously and has passion.You can simply not like it.If you want to be respected you should at least write articles with maturity instead of stating your opinion as a fact because what you say is not true.
    I don’t think anyone can take your article seriously considering the fact you seem to be unnecessary insulted from their music for some reason.
    Do I listen to twenty one pilots?No. But I do respect Joseph for his talent at writing lyrics.Just as I should respect any musician that takes his work seriously.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      I can express my opinion in such a way because it’s MY opinion. I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but this is a site where people share their opinions on albums. If you take issue with reading other’s opinions on music, then why are reading album reviews? SPOILER ALERT: Even though I dislike this band, I assure you, the world will not end because of it.

  7. Nate says:

    I personally enjoyed your review and thoroughly agree with everything you said. It’s actually quite sad that confused teenagers are controlled by these labels and blindly defend them.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading! Of course my review/rant was a bit harsh, but it’s funny to see people taking a negative review as a personal attack. I’m sure the band is thankful that you buy their music and see them live, but spoiler alert: they don’t know you exist and don’t love you how you love them. Defending them to death over a negative review doesn’t prove their dedication, it proves they are children who can’t handle the fact that someone doesn’t like the same band as they do. The real plot twist here is Twenty One Pilots actually use feelings of alienation so young kids identify with the lyrics. So by fanboy logic, wouldn’t it be a good thing that someone doesn’t like the band? I mean how fun is being moody and angst ridden if everyone is moody and angst ridden? Fans of this band who defend them as the coming of Christ are clearly far too young and naïve to feel the things this band is selling them. Tattoos, neck makeup and pink hair aside, Twenty One Pilots are no different than Taylor Swift.

  8. Petra says:

    I wouldn’t even have known about TOP, were it not for a semi friend who went to one of their concerts a few weeks ago and proceeded to reinvent her entire social media around it as some type of life changing experience, and TOP as some fabulously wonderful and eternally talented band. That alone made red flags go off for me. I would say her taste in music is eclectic but also latently poppy so, not surprising at all to hear your review of them. Viewing other random TOP fan social media raves about them, also mirrored my friend’s to an alarming extent(more red flags). But my interest was now piqued.

    I tried in earnest to give them a critical listen, and sort of succeeded in the limited time that I had, I think. Their production value is very trendy and medium-high, so that’s gonna get them into the mainstream consciousness for sure. For TOP to ever act as if they would have preferred to have gone the lowfi, DIY route in getting their music published(rather than the teeny sheeny chart topping method they obviously chose), is simply laughable. Every pop music production conceit is in full effect on every note they’ve ever committed to a master studio hard drive.

    As for the lyrics and music itself, for me as a later 20-something who grew up listening to Bad Green Day(Good Charlotte), The Used and MCR, meh, it just felt really flat, over preened and forced to me. I mean, if TOP seeks to cash in on the eternal pop formula of good looking guys with great hair singing tortured lyrics about sundry mallcore emo-ness and jilted memories of lost love events that haven’t even happened yet, then TOP nails it with bells on. But outside of a drunken pool selfie party with what’s left of my HS BFFs, or maybe the ‘going to soundtrack’ for the enthusiastic, anticipatory portion of a Vegas road trip, I probably cannot find much use for TOP in general. So I guess that’s one medium hearted vote up for your assessment of them.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond! Yeah Here’s the thing: There is nothing wrong with stupid pop tunes, lame rock songs, or whatever. There is a reason why things are popular, they are dumbed down so the kids relate and pour their money into the product. I take no issue with that at all. AND despite the snarkiness in my review, I DO understand that art is subjective. But with that said, it’s the authenticity factor that offends me. This isn’t a band recording music on 4 track recorders posting them on bandcamp, this is a multi-million dollar gang of puppets suited, primped and packaged by old rich white guys in suits who gnaw on Cuban cigars and brag to each other about the hot Brazilian escort they banged after flying her in on a first class flight. If Twenty One Pilots were an actual functioning band passing out cds at the mall, I’d be a little more fair with them and may even respect them more. Instead we get the “Oh we’re just prisoners of popularity, we don’t wanna be rich, we wanna be poor. see my neck make up? it means the major labels are choking me!!” act, as if the listeners are THAT naïve to buy it. The people who DO in fact buy that, are either children who probably believe One Direction aren’t a manufactured record label project. OR they are really really stupid adults who are willing to die in battle claiming Panda Express is authentic Asian cuisine. Either way, both groups aren’t mentally fit enough to have their lives ‘changed’ by such a band. If anyone enjoys this band, more power to them! I’m not telling anyone to stop listening, but please, PLEASE don’t insult humanity by making the brags that they are talented individuals who aren’t being puppets for the suits at a major label.

      • Petra says:

        Having delved somewhat into armchair musicology from working in studios abroad, I have come to a greater degree of acceptance and/or indifference to ‘pop music’. I also believe it comes in many different variations, some more worthy than others, and some cloaked in the wolf’s clothing of other genres. A band of ‘serious’ musicians, like Sonata Arctica for example, will use signature pop/metal production to get their point across. While their musicianship may be outstanding, they themselves must be slightly embarrassed by songs like ‘Sans Sebastian’, as they rarely if ever perform them live for audiences who desperately want to hear them. Specifically because, imo, of the pop formula as it were used to build that track.

        Integrity and musical acumen aside, bands like TOP are doing the same thing but in the bizzaro inverse. I’m sure they have no shame or reticence about releasing/performing any or all of the tripey, hackneyed songs they write, as they seemingly have some latent musical cognitive dissonance to them, fueled by the overwhelming success, positive feedback, religious loyalty and defense given to them by their mostly immature or musically immature(if not chronologically), fans. Which is particularly amusing, in light of how deathly serious, prescient and artfully constructed most of those fans see that very subpar work.

        Not much can be done, my friend. As went Bobby Daren, Dion, Frankie Laine, The Cowsills, Leif Garrett, Oasis, Everclear, LFO, Savage Garden and Hoobastank, so will go TwentyOnePilot. The only satisfaction anyone who sees the exploitative and potentially damaging(let’s not get too crazy it’s not like they’re building unsafe atom smashers) nature of this music to impressionable kids who deserve better, will simply have to wait for their music to run its natural course from chic underground cred, to mega popularity, to waning popularity, to “TOP?! I never listened to that shit!”.

        And tomorrow, yet another sunrise.

        • Ryan says:

          You get all kinds of awesome points for mentioning Sonata Arctica, and then some for that hilarious and spot on reply. Sadly, the true damage of mediocre pop artists is that it stunts the people that enjoy it. The peculiar thing about pop artists is that they just stop. They are selling out stadiums and getting platinum records, then a couple of years later, they cant even get an EP out. Its crazy. But at the same time, thats what people demand and become accustomed to. Who needs to wait for Artist A to release that album in 2 more years when hes done with tours, shows, interviews, and actually finishing the album, when Artist B sounds the exact same and has an album out NOW? Who needs to search out new music, uncover hidden gems, or rediscover old artists when the popular song is always new and trendy? Its like fast food for music. Sadly, the masses seem to be content with whatever manufactured product gets handed to them.

  9. bob says:

    Lol, I Googled “21 pilots sucks and this was at the top. Agree with your opinion of them. I just don’t get it. Just watched a live video of them and it’s a guy on drums and then a back track on most songs? That’s glorified karaoke

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading! they aren’t even as bad karaoke! at least with karaoke, people are having fun! when I seen them live, all the kids there looked like they were crying. not sure if it was because the songs were that painful or they were tears of joy. either way, I don’t want to cry at shows.

    • Cali Latet says:

      There are two people in the band, so they don’t really have much else to do asides from using extensive back tracks (I’m told they make their own back tracks too). That aside, twenty one pilots is a very acquired taste and it’s okay if they’re not your speed.

  10. Liv says:

    I get what you’re saying… As someone who had teenage siblings I get why they like them…. They are cute, a little rebellious but not all much parents don’t disapprove… And they are practicing Christians so my siblings love that… But are they rock? Of hip hip? Or rap? Or post punk ? No they are pop… And that’s fine… they are making or made what they thought/think is/was their art… But honestly they just aren’t cool enough to pretend to be deep… Also once a huge lake gets ahold of you is pretty much bye bye artistic expression until you do your time under their conditions… Hopefully they make it through this and don’t end up another washed up what could have been like so many others who try to stay relevant… The thing about true art is it doesn’t sell out to the highest bidder… Art is about expression… And that expression is usually outcast, strange, not normal, anti establishment, rebellious, wrong and useless in the eyes of society…This why most artist best work is before they are discovered…

  11. Delilah says:

    I personally love twenty one pilots, but this was so well thought and put together I couldn’t help but read and laugh.

  12. Stephanie says:

    One day you will become a musician in your own right, and won’t be bothered with bagging on others

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading Stephanie! I’ve been a musician for over half my life actually. Toured across the country, recorded at the finest studios in Chicago, and even shared album space with a handful of guys that had an important hand in bringing rock n roll into the mainstream. But I digress. Perhaps one day you will become an adult in your own right and you won’t be bothered with being offended when someone doesn’t share the same opinion on a particular album? Growing up isn’t easy but one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned in my life, is not taking everything personal, especially when it is something as trivial as a band that that no one will remember come two years from now. Cheers!

      • Cali Latet says:

        That is the saltiest thing I’ve ever read and despite me being a lowkey twenty one pilots fan, I actually laughed out loud.

      • Alex Wright says:

        lol that was so sarcastic and funny. My friend recommended “TØP” to me and i felt like doing a bit of research and listening to their songs at the same time.
        I really hope i don’t say anything offensive but i think there is a little legitimacy behind the fan base, or at least some of it. Many of the songs are about “deeper” (i know you’ll disagree, but personally i think that anything relating to suicide and depression is deep) things that aren’t often addressed by people. It’s nice hearing these things sometimes, despite the low-qual backtracks. I’ve been reading your responses so i’m trying not to hit things that have already been said, but i do think that it was a little too far to take jabs at the fan base. now, i don’t consider myself a devote follower, but still it’s a little undignified to judge an entire diverse group. sure, i am just a teenager, so you can write me off for that if you want; but i hope you’ll take this with a grain of salt and think about it a bit. i don’t expect you to like them, but i think your review would seem somewhat more valid if you were more respectful.

        Nevertheless, i can respect you standing out with your view despite all this backlash in the comments. I’m really starting to forget exactly why i’m commenting this. There’s nothing i’m actually offended by haha.

  13. John egbert says:

    Finally something to show my sister why her precious emos fucking suck, hell before her let’s call it emo phase she enjoyed Justin beiber, and now says her taste in music is “better” yet all it is is all time low, and these nasally voiced emos. Thanks for this rant.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading! However, this article wasn’t intended to be used to ‘prove’ how lame Twenty One Pilots are, it’s merely MY personal opinion. I was presented with this album for review so I listened and posted MY opinion on it. True some of it is a little harsh but it’s still not a personal dig at anyone who does enjoy it. If your sister enjoys this band, Justin Beiber or whoever, let her enjoy them! It’s her right and it’s her personal taste. Music critique is NOT about being a bully. It’s about expression.

      • Aaron says:

        Then why is nearly 3/4ths of the article littered with rude generalizations about it’s fan base?

        • Judith says:

          Thank you! I do not mind that he stated his opinion, but I feel like he did it in a way that was rude to the artists and the Skeleton Clique. ( yup, I just used the name of the fan base. Whoa. Oh no.) If you have an opinion, great. Fine. But, you do not have to insult thousands of people in the process…


          • Aaron Cooper says:

            Thanks for reading!

          • Grace says:

            I agree with you, Judith. But I don’t despise you, Aaron Cooper, for not liking a certain band, because people have a right of speech and opinion. I just think maybe you could’ve phrased some of your opinions better, just to not irritate fans. I’m not that butt-hurt or anything, because I know some people in real life who don’t understand or like Twenty Øne Piløts. And, yeah, I’m AM proud to call myself a Skeleton Clique member, because my opinion is I like them. The main reason I do is because when my sister was feeling down she found Twenty Øne Piløts and listened to their music. And before you reply, no, she’s not an emo punk kid – she never was. She loves to wear light (and dark) clothing and smiles with her friends and family. If you ever look at their lyrics enough, you will see messages that mean more than “I love you” or “I’m depressed and emo”. Also, if you ever watch their interviews, they actually have a POSITIVE out-look on life. They just aren’t afraid to address real problems we have in this broken world. Again, no hate or anything, just be careful around your wording.

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            Thanks Grace, I will certainly be more careful with how I word things for the Skeleton Clique starting immediately! I hope in time I’ll prove my worth and the Skeleton Clique will forgive me.

        • Aaron Pooper Scooper says:

          Hahaha – I actually gave this author some credibility until he contradicted him in such a great way of saying what he just said – “True some of it is a little harsh but it’s still not a personal dig at anyone who does enjoy it.” With everything he said about their followers, this guy’s going nowhere in the music industry if he can’t even keep his “opinions” consistent.

          TOP blows and Stressed Out is literally the worst song I have ever heard but I’ll be seeking other sources before looking at this joke, Aaron Cooper.

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            It’s not a dig at one person in particular. *shrugs* thanks for readying though

          • Bill says:

            Because vinyl has always been the most practical way for someone of your generation to listen to music… Yup, twenty one pilots is meant for kids, not my cup of tea. I’m not going to watch Barney and Friends and call it stupid and for kids. It’s pretty obvious what it is. To me what is sad is how much thought and psychoanalysis you put into a clearly juvenile band

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            yet here you are, putting thought and psychoanalyzing in my review. Thanks for reading!

        • Bill says:

          Lol right? I love the back pedaling by h. I am by no means a fan of the band, but I formed my own opinion of Aaron when I read the line “vinyl collector”.. (read self righteous hipster)

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            The logic of forming your own opinion that one is a self-righteous hipster, based on the line “vinyl collector” all but confirms just about everything brought up in the review. Thanks for putting that into perspective! Thanks for reading!

          • Bill says:

            You’ve used that “confirmation” line on others more than a few times Aaron, it still rings as sad to me, I’ve never seen a “music critic” attack his detractors so much. What a career yiu have ahead of you in this field. We get it, but it doesn’t comfirm anything about your long winded diatribe to me. Just makes you come off as even more pompous in my opinion. Bitterness oozes out your pours. It’s just “music”.

  14. Daniel says:

    I’m so glad this article was published, my friends and I first heard about them when their Vessel album came out and I was truly revolted(I was around the age of 12). Lyrically they are so discombobulated and have no real focus. The songs seems as if have been done within a generator. This wouldn’t bother me this much if, everyone wasn’t so into them. It’s as if most of the kids at my high school have just become one mindless collective who easily have access to greater music but are too trapped(or too much in denial) to find it. Sad thing is in about 10 years time, there will be kids wishing they are able to listen to Twenty One Pilots(they spell it so pretentious) in their “prime” and people my age looking back at this in fondess. Very witty and well put together article!

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading! Authenticity is a big issue with me and I’m not saying that the song writers behind this band aren’t writing from a non-fiction standpoint, and I’m not saying that no one shouldn’t connect to it, but the comment that you made about sounding as if it came from a generator sort of hits the nail on the head. It’s a sad affair to say indeed

    • Cali Latet says:

      Oh God, the 21/twenty one thing kills me every time. Although it’s the mostly insufferable fandom that enforces the rule. I don’t think the actual band members care that much.

      And as for access to “greater music”, I respectfully disagree. Finding music has a lot to do with exposure, and oftentimes people your age, or even my age, feel awkward trying out new things and going for older, more obscure (I’m assuming that is what you mean by “greater music”) bands. So pop, whether it’s presented that way or not, is the only choice.

      That being said, I love twenty one pilots, and I will definitely be one of those people… And I will not regret it at all.

  15. Joe says:

    I understand your opinion on how you don’t like the band but I discovered twenty one pilots at my lowest point mentally when a lot of bad things were happening and mentally this band helped a lot and the way I think about things has changed. I look at topics and situations in a more positive matter now and I feel like I have never been better before. To be honest reading this article hurt a lot because of how you said it but I do respect your opinion and the fact that you’ve been a musician for like half your life but when you create an article about a band that is known to touch people on a emotional and mental level then I would be as careful as possible because I see a lot of hate in this comment section and I understand their hate but I don’t like the fact that they’re hating because this is what you think and they should respect that. I do hope that one day you will thoroughly listen to their music and lyrics and make the connections that this isn’t just a guy that sounds “nasally” and a “white boy rapper”, its much more than that its much more than music. I believe you dislike this band because you have not yet experienced what they are rapping about and singing and a lot of people haven’t but someday you will understand and if that offends you i’m sorry but its the truth and I didn’t mean to offend you but I wish you luck on your career in music and thank you for this article i really enjoy looking at the opposite perspective.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Joe thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Like I’ve said in every reply I’ve made in this section: this is MY opinion on the band and this particular album. My opinion isn’t the end all be all. If you or anyone else feels some sort of connection with Twenty One Pilots, it’s awesome. There is a lot of bands/songs/movies/books etc that have had an emotional impact on me, but I can’t expect every single person to feel the same connection and be upset if they don’t. If anything, it’s really no one’s business but the individual. My opinion should have no bearing on your personal experience and if it does, then it’s probably not much of a personal experience but something you have been conditioned to feel. I don’t want to get too personal on here because it is not the time or place, but I’ve been in a pretty low place before. Lots of terrible things have happened to me. I’ve lost people I love. People I’ve cared for have done me wrong. I’ve been lost, scared, empty, sad, and alone. So to say that I haven’t experienced these things is both naïve and ignorant (I’m not offended though lol) Oddly enough, these are some of the things Twenty One Pilots have sang about but I’ve felt nothing. BUT that is just ME, that’s not a discredit to anyone who has. Again, this article is NOT meant as a rally against fans of this band or a revolution out to end the popularity of Twenty One Pilots, it is a critique on an album I was presented with. I voiced my personal opinion on it, and why. I seriously don’t think I could be any more fair than that. If my article hurt your feelings, it was not my intent. With that said, I’m not going to apologize because that would mean I’ve done something wrong. I’ve merely expressed myself. Isn’t that what Twenty One Pilots is about? Dudes expressing themselves? Thanks for reading!

      • Joe says:

        I see where your coming from and I was just thinking maybe you didn’t experience it yet but I respect that but in a way thank you because that opens up my mind to a lot of new things and not in anyway did I intend to offend you I respect your article and opinion. But at the end of your reply you said that’s what twenty one pilots is about anyway and actually twenty one pilots means anything you want it to mean a lot of people see it in the same way but you see it differently I just wanted to let you know there is know specific meaning to twenty one pilots it’s just what you want it to be and interpret it and obviously the way you interpret it is a lot different to others. There is no true meaning to twenty one pilots it’s what you see that what makes this band different and more special than all the others but that’s just me

        • Aaron Cooper says:

          Hey no problem Joe! Yeah an opinion can be a funny thing. But at the end of the day, we’re all different you know? Different things affect different people in different ways. Twenty One Pilots are clearly not my thing,

          • Joe says:

            I can agree with you on that when you say people are different. Well I enjoyed reading your article and talking to you.

          • Bill says:

            At which point you go and belittle someone who doesn’t concede to your opinion. Hypocrism?? Naah no way.

  16. Ryan says:

    I gotta say, Twenty one pilots is ass. they are terrible. my friend practically forced me to listen to a song of theirs (Stressed out for the record) and it was garbage. If there’s one thing I didnt need another artist doing, it was bitching about how rough and hard their life is while they shit out mediocre lyrics and sell out stadiums for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The music itself it a cringe attack that’d put you in a coma. The lyrics are garbage, and the voice is just about as bad. And then some idiot must have told him he can rap really good, so we have more of that trash shoved into their songs.

    but you know, I could look past that. I’ve listened to bands that are way more flawed then that, but there’s one thing that makes this band unforgivable. they think that their shitty little high school poetry is the same quality as a Shakespearean play, or some of the most profound words ever uttered by man….when its just high school emo shit, but they swapped the shoegaze sound for a cheap radio friendly “alt-rock” sound. and the worse part? their fans buy that shit. they act like they write the deepest most inspiring music ever.

    And you know, this all makes sense. when they started out, they covered Jar Of Hearts, one of the most godawful songs ever made. exactly the same wavelength in terms of terrible forced message, not so brilliant “revelations” about how life works, and general mediocre-ness to it. I’m sure that song inspired alot of what twenty one pilots sounds like now.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting! it’s sad how kids will buy up anything they are conditioned to enjoy. They stand behind this band just like the millions who stood by Limp Bizkit, Crazytown, Papa Roach and Creed…..and we all know people who will never admit to enjoying those bands in a million years LOL

      • Ryan says:

        Yeah, recently I stumbled across Papa Roach’s Infest at goodwill, and figured about 50 cents was a decent price to relieve some of the middle school nostalgia once again. I couldn’t even get through the first track. It was awful. I dont know how I ever thought that they were good, let alone a band I would have probably considered one of my favorites at the time. I guess the 50 cents were more of a testament to how much my taste has expanded and grown as opposed to the nostalgic journey I had envisioned. For now, it rests behind my good music, right next to my P.O.D. and Nickleback CDs. Sadly, I doubt if many of the kids (both grown adults that are still mentally children, or actual kids) that like TOP will ever reach that level of clarity, but instead just leap from passing pop trend to the next.

  17. Kg says:

    I have no problem with the fact that some people could like this music. but my local “hard rock” station is playing this in heavy rotation and tried telling me it was the #1 selling rock song in the market and US after I accused them of #payola on twitter and asked them to not play it again. Only chart I see them topping is 2 alternative charts and rock “airplay”

  18. explanationpoint says:

    If I’m going to be honest here, twenty one pilots’ music itself isn’t what kills me. The songs are what you would expect from a band on Fueled By Ramen, give or take a few truly awful ones (‘Doubt’ is terrible, Linkin-Park-meets-dirty-south bologna). However, the band is so up their own asses it drives me crazy. Most of their songs feature lyrics about how deep their song is, and how smart you, the listener, are for comprehending their super-duper deep message (Blurryface is a metaphor for self-doubt and insecurity, its really not that easy to miss). They also talk a lot about how their music is never going to sell for a band whose album debuted at 1and sold 150000 in the first week.

  19. gluttony says:

    Although a bit harsh, this article is very true. I love twenty one pilots but once they got signed to FBR everything just took a fall. You may not think so, but I think the songs on RAB and the self-titled album and Tylers personal where better then any I’ve ever heard. I would read the lyrics and its meaning all the time, some even brought me to tears. But now, listening now to Vessel and Blurryface I feel like the songs are not the same anymore. I think they should just stop there and not make the same mistake PATD made by continuing to make songs after their first and second album and ruining the band making it into a emo-pop band for middle schoolers.

  20. gah says:

    I forcefully, emphatically agree with you. Every time my 14-yr-old daughter plays this inane crapola crayon music, i wish my radio _had_ been stolen. These plastic hammers sing worse than Dylan. At least he wrote about social justice and love using clever metaphors, and recorded with guys like Bloomfield. This “poetry” is lazy. It’s wordy. It lacks cadence. It even lacks rhythm. I’m reminded of Tommy Boy proudly offering, “I can take a crap in a box and slap a guarantee on it. I got time.” These guys are to art what Tom Haverford is to ideas. When I’m forced to listen to this bland, vaguely watermelon rind-flavored gelatin product, I get depressed, because I misplaced my cyanide pill.

  21. molly says:

    I love this band to death. Their first two albums, along with Tyler’s self-released, are brilliant. After FBR, though, everything went really down hill. Tyler is full of himself, but I think it’s partially caused by the fact that the fanbase wants to know nearly everything about the man. The “fame” has gone to his head. I don’t think he realises that he’s not a little kid anymore and that he needs to start setting examples for the fanbase. I mean, for God’s sake, he’s nearly 30. On the other hand, I believe the drummer is drummer is genuine and enjoys the attention but doesn’t need it to thrive. I’ll be seeing them in June, courtesy of my mom, and I’m very excited. Not to see the band perform, oh god no. I’m excited to go to my first real concert, an experience to be had, of course. My mom loves this band to death, almost more than me, and I’m thrilled to have a bonding experience with her. Thank you for this article, it really kind of opened my eyes and made me realise that this band isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  22. Sophia says:

    I found this article to be entertaining and I even laughed some and I wanted to see what you thought about twenty one pilots even though I am a fan of them it’s a good eye opener to see some negative feedback for once in a while since I shared some of there songs with my family and all they did was laugh and I’m aware that tyler doesn’t have the best of voice I agree that it does sound like Nate ruess’s attempt trying to be a gangster some phrases in the blurryface album are annoying and not thought out like:
    (1) yo this song will never be on the radio
    (2) my taste in music is your face
    (3) my name is blurryface and I care what you think
    (4) Domingo en fuego I think I lost my halo
    (5) gangsters don’t cry therefore therefore I’m mr misty eyed therefore I’m
    But if you can get past that the song has a message.

  23. Shane says:

    I actually think you overrated them. -1/5 might be more appropriate. Even -2/5. Can’t turn the radio dial fast enough when they come on.

  24. Eevee says:

    You seem like an asshat. But, via the comments, you seem a humorous and loveable asshat. Like the type of person who’d order Scotch, not whiskey, at the bar – neat, because ice would just spoil it.

    I’ll admit it, I skimmed the article – reading more of the comments because (like previously mentioned) you go from respecting peoples’ taste in music to dissing a whole fan base (and I sadistically enjoy reading comments from people that are ‘butt hurt’). Additionally your personal description cites you as “a lover of all things music” … except these guys and some other stuff. XD

    I’m not a fan or a hater; and since I didn’t read your article full, I can’t honestly agree or disagree. (I googled why they sounded familiar- probably because of their cookie-cutter style.)

    Different point altogether, why do fan bases have names now? I’ve seen it on YouTube a lot as well. Is there some unknown perks to calling yourself a ‘top’? Do the fan police come and punish you should you do something that displeases the band?

    (Pardon any grammatical errors; I’m Dutch.)

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Well shucks, you sure know how to make a guy blush. I am in fact a lover of all things music, but all things music that I love. Make sense? Who knows. Anyway I don’t have much to say here because I only skimmed through your comment. Thanks for reading!

  25. Barcleos says:

    This article made me cringe so bad. I took the time to look through your Youtube channel and that just me cringe even more. You’re being disrespectful to a band that has impacted so many people’s lives no matter what your opinion of them is, this is a fact. If you were truly an “artist” you would know that tearing down other people’s self expression is not only immature, but completely NONSENSICAL. Glad you took the time to write an article, although I have to say it was a great waste of your time. Tyler and Josh’s mediocre music will produce more money than you would in years.

    Additionally, the part about;
    “people who refuse to become functioning adults and have accepted the mediocrity of eating Taco Bell for dinner for the rest of their lives”
    is purely a projection and reflection of who your are.

    You obviously very much like to paint anybody who likes Twenty One Pilots with a brush 🙂 Just because you don’t understand their music doesn’t mean it’s “shitty”, it just means YOU do not like them. From how this article is written, I could tell your are extremely judgy judgy person and I don’t know how people could stand to be around you in real life ( it’s probably extremely tiring! ) I’m not sure if your close minded brain could comprehend anything in this message but I hope you tried!

    I hope your find your passion! Because I certainly hope it’s not this.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hi Barcleos!
      Thanks for reading, and despite being upset with my opinion so much, that you had to go through my YouTube channel to find more to be upset about, thanks for not tearing me down for my self-expression! From how your comment is written, I can tell you are not an extremely judgy judgy person, and everyone around you can all agree that you are a joy to be around…..IF they all like the same things you do!

      Thanks again!

  26. RAMSEY says:

    I caught part of their show on Palladia last night… My 16 yr old son asked me to “change this crap.” I was proud! My first experience was awful…Google “21 pilots suck” brought me here! I enjoyed your review enough to slap on FB & my other feeds. You made a new fan w this one!

    • Joseph says:

      Nobody takes a guy named Ramsey seriously. Let alone somebody who can barely write, and is proud of their son putting down other artists. 🙂

      • Aaron Cooper says:

        So do you take him seriously or not. I’m confused?

      • RAMSEY says:

        I will admit the composition was not my best; late night mobile use can do that to you! With that being addressed, I will elaborate on my “proud” comment. I play guitar, love guitar, and appreciate many types of music…I can appreciate the craft of music and the effort it takes to master it. (For the record, I’m not a master.) My 16 yr old son’s first concert was Bowie, 2nd Depeche Mode, & 3rd was Soundgarden. We’ve had wonderful times @Tool, Arcade Fire, & Muse. Our playlists range from Robert Johnson to TV on the Radio… Lots of variety… He can listen to any music he wants- including the subject of the review.When he declared it “sucks.” I knew he, developed a taste and opinion his own. THAT is the source of pride! Yes, I think these guys blow. Yes, “i’ll never make as much money” or whatever you want to argue… Many people think they stink, count me in that group. As for my family name, that actually made me chuckle. It is my actual name and if you knew me, would understand how far off your comment truly is.

        In the end, isn’t everyone allowed to express their opinions on music without being accosted?

        Best Wishes,


    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading Ramsey, you’ve clearly done your job as a parent well. Also thanks for sharing and being a fan!

  27. Steven says:

    If you don’t tap your toes and snap along to at least one twenty one pilots song you’re simply a liar and liars go to Hell so you better cut that shit out. You’re obviously jealous of their success and want other people to hate on them. Why else would you write this article? And don’t tell me it’s because “you want to express your opinion.” You’re about as deep as a kiddie pool.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      I wrote this article because, in case you didn’t notice, it’s a site that specializes in music reviews. A review is where someone shares their opinion on a particular subject to help others know if it’s worth it for them to check out themselves or at least know what to expect. Apparently it’s a very complex concept.

      Oh and you can drown in a glass of water, so the depth of a kiddie pool is irrelevant

      Thanks for reading!

  28. Kai says:

    My friend just showed me this article. Got to give your props because this made us laugh so hard. Stoping being such an sarcastic asshole, it’s so transparent how much you envy their success. It isn’t even about the music, it’s about how much you hate them.

    We constantly praise songs the idolize misogyny, stereotyping, and racism. When a great song comes out and mentions the TRUTH and somebody comes along that is not one of their fans, people want to tear it apart. People like to tear things down that they don’t understand.

    That is you. Bigot.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      So because I don’t enjoy Twenty One Pilots, I’m praising misogyny and racism? Wow, I had no idea! Jeepers, I better give this album another chance!

      it’s very ‘transparent’ that you don’t understand the concept of opinion. It’s cool though, I’m sure Twenty One Pilots will write a song about it someday.

      Thanks for reading!

  29. Tyler Bender says:

    The way this guy writes probably got a C- in his high school english class. This way the guy talks about other artists probably has never produced something that’s worth listening to. There’s a reason why Twenty One Pilots is getting big. And there’s also a reason why you sit in a dark room and write hateful reviews. Pathetic.

    • Tyler Bender says:

      I also saw that you call the twenty one pilots fans “tweens”. The group that listens to this music is majority 16+. I’m enrolled in my junior year at Berkeley, and I have to say you are completely incorrect. Did you know that MOST of the music industry is supplied by your “tweens” and “teens”. No shit. They spend money on everything. At least we aren’t some hateful guy on the internet that gets the PLEASURE of “ranting” and being incredibly disrespectful to the group and fans. Is this what you’re really doing with your life? Sad, lol.

      • Aaron Cooper says:

        I guess what I’m doing with my life, isn’t as fulfilling as going through the internet with a fine comb, making sure no one has a negative opinion on your favorite band, but I’ll make it somehow.

        Thanks for reading and multiple comments!

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      I always got B’s in English.

      I wasn’t aware that I had to create music worth listening to in order to enjoy high class art such as rap-rock. News to me, but Thanks for clearing it up, and thanks for reading!

  30. Callie says:

    Your music taste sucks.No wonder why you hate on Twenty One Pilots. Twenty One Pilots is a YOUNG band, with their targeted audience is in highschool or college. You’re what? 30? You like different music, for an older crowd. I don’t think your parents liked your punk rock, or whatever music phase you were going through in highschool/college. Adults probably thought your music you liked when you were growing up was shit too.

    Every generation is different, chill the fuck out.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      So my taste in music sucks, but yours doesn’t? that’s pretty weird logic. Also, I had no idea you have to be a certain age to enjoy Twenty One Pilots. Being that’s the case, they suck even more.

      Oh and my Dad enjoyed The Misfits and Minor Threat a great deal. I hope that gives him enough street cred for you.

      By the way, don’t you have homework to do!?

      Thanks for reading!

      • Callie says:

        Thanks for responding!

        Why do you try to insult me based on my age? So just because i’m 17 means I don’t have a valid opinion?

        • Aaron Cooper says:

          Umm it was you that brought up age dear. You can have a valid opinion at 17, but there will be a time in a few years where you look back and say “Wow, I guess I really didn’t know everything, and not everyone with the same opinion was an enemy.” and that my angsty teen friend, is the moment you grow up. Cherish that moment, it will serve you well. I promise.

  31. Anthonee "the pickle" Stickell says:

    Hey A-Aron (sorry, big fan of Key&Peele and couldn’t resist the reference opportunity!), I just wanted to say that I found this review by Googling “21 pilots sucks” and so I immediately felt that we are kindred spirits or sorts when I started reading.

    First off: thank you so much for your very insiteful opinion! I relate very much to it myself; my wife and her work friends have been listening to it for a while now and I can’t stand it.
    That being said, I tried explaining to my wife that I felt the lyrics to Blurryface were pretentious and bland. That they were generic and it was a deliberate attempt to boost ratings and sales for their music. When I hear the song on the radio (immediately before I turn to another station or CD I have in my player) I can only imagine the drunk twenty-something white girls screaming at parties ” OH MY FUCKING GOD, THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!”.
    So I guess in conclusion, my comment is merely a reflection of your review/opinion of a band that will most definitely fizzle out in the next five years
    or so. This is, what I feel, is the worst kind of pop music there is; pop music that sounds deep and thought provoking on the surface, but upon further examination reveals itself to be bland in its lyrical content and generic in its delivery.

    Again, thank you Aaron. This was a fun read, that helped distract me from the confrontation my wife and I have had this morning about blurryface, and was great for cooling off before I screamed in her face in the heat of the moment that her taste in music is shit! (Totally just kidding about that, I love the shit out of my wife and she puts up with my weird and astranged tastes in music daily!)

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Keep up the good writing!

    P.S.- all of you commenting negatively about this review seem miss out on different points made in the article. Maybe reread before you comment further?

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Anthonee! Thanks for reading and commenting! The fact that just about every kid who felt the need to retaliate as if I was picking on them personally, missed the point all together. It proves every single point I made. This music is the result of a marketing team putting together music that encourages feelings of alienation sold as combating alienation. Fans who are passionate enough to feel threatened when someone doesn’t like the same music, clearly have a lot to learn about growing up. Adults don’t care about others enjoying the same music as they do. The just enjoy it no matter what. It’s sad really.

  32. Matt says:

    Ok, so I’m a fan of Twenty One Pilots, more so their first 2 albums but a fan none the less. I don’t care that you you think that they are a talentless band, that’s your own right but you repeatedly and directly attack their fan base in your review. This discredits your opinion due to the fact that sharing your opinion about the band is one thing but belittling others who don’t share your view is just egotistical drivel. It’s unfortunate because your review was intelligently written but sadly your too much of a self-absorbed douche for me to give you an ounce of respect or value for your opinion. I’ve read a few of the responses to your review and the vast majority have no issue with your review of the band but how you incorporate anyone who who listens to them into stereotyped sub-cultures. It’s kind of pathetic. I would have though that self proclaiming to be a “musician, vinyl collector, freelance writer and a lover of all things music” would have developed the social skills to know the difference between an album review and ego driven belittling of others. You have a lot to learn to be taken seriosuly. I get the feeling that this review was written solely for the purpose of getting a rise out of others knowing the popularity of the band and how unsuccessful you are. Perhaps I’m wrong. I’m going to end this by commenting on you being a vinyl collector. This immediately brings to mind throngs of hipsters thumbing through albums at a thrift store, all thinking how cool and different they are when in actuality they are all unbearably dull and exactly alike. Rambling on about the most obscure 80’s album they could find online, wearing a beanie, skinny jeans and holding a $600 iPhone while talking about communal living/grocery shopping because they are SOOOO not into capitalism and material goods.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks for reading Matt! I’m glad that this article made you feel passionate enough to take time out of your day and share your opinion! Did it feel good? I’m sure it did! That’s the thing about sharing your opinion, sometimes it might not be politically correct, tactfully sound, or popular, but it is yours. I’m sure there are people who agree with you on what you are saying, as well as some who disagree but at the end of the day, it’s what music reviews are about. I’m not content with saying “This band sucks. Don’t buy this album” that would be cheap and lame, so instead I expressed WHY I don’t like this band and the obnoxious fan base is a big part of that. While you are here, I hope you check out some of my other articles and rants, or at least what some of the other writers are posting. Lots of great opinions being shared.

      Oh and I would never wear a beanie, my hair is too good to hide it.

  33. Matt says:

    Ha, you are a strange fellow. You slip back-handed compliments into your responses which makes them completely disingenuous. I get the whole “aren’t I cleaver because I have biting sarcasm dripping from my tongue” but it’s not unique. Everywhere one looks there is someone ranting with disdain about carnivores or seal slaughter in Canada or perhaps most important of all: drop-crotch pants. I couldn’t help but pick out your sentiment about “the obnoxious fan base…” So now I’m obnoxious because I like a band that you don’t? Oh that’s right I’m a brainless waste of life because I happen to like Twenty One Pilots. It’s comical that you think that you are that much better than everyone else. Where are you spending your time where your in constant contact with Twenty One Pilots fans to the point where you have developed a downright hatred of them? Where does one get such hubris? I thought it died with Oedipus but in fact is alive and well, manifested into the like of you. I actually like you because I find you entertaining but I probably shouldn’t have said that because your head might swell to the point of explosion. I will certainly look into reading some of your other reviews as I’m curious if you will be able to garner any intellectual respect from me.

  34. Ryan says:

    I needed to read this article! In fact, I found this article by googling the phrase “twenty one pilots sucks” and when I read that you did the same, I literally laughed out loud and instantly felt a connection to this critique. I live in Portland, Oregon, which is currently crawling with your aforementioned twenty-somethings who seem to relish in their floundering lifestyles as if being an oversensitive, minimum-wage-earning, self important piece of shit is something to be proud of. Every time I listen to the local alternative radio station for more than 30 minutes, that godawful song “Stressed Out” by TOP will undoubtedly be given its umpteenth spin of the day. I never fail to tune out and have even banned my girlfriend from listening to it when I’m in her car (she finds it catchy, I still love her though). I completely agree with you on all fronts and would like to commend your writing! I am an amateur writer myself and would eventually like to pursue opportunities that lead to my work being published. You have a great presence of voice in your writing, this article in particular. I laugh at the TOP fans who are in these comments bitching at you for a critique you have done, because most of them are only really serving to prove your points about the attitudes of TOP’s main demographic. Also, this is a CRITIQUE; your job is to offer an opinion based on your musical tastes and experiences and you did so just fine. Anyway, thanks for making my night and lending a helping hand in venting my frustration about this terrible music; it’s always nice to find a random article online that completely hits the nail on the head, especially if the nature of that article is opinion and critique!

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading Ryan and thanks for the kind words! It’s pretty funny how just about every single kid freaking out over this article manages to prove my point over and over. They completely miss the point of authenticity and manipulation. For example: If this band or their output has really ‘saved your life’, you wouldn’t care about some stranger bashing it online. If you legitimately loved a band, your wouldn’t care if the rest the wolrd liked them or not, it would be a private understanding between the listener and the at the artist.

  35. Joe Mama says:

    I relate to this article on a spiritual level. This group is just sloppy/mediocre lyrics delivered with rap which has absolutely no flow, slapped onto uncreative and boring synth/electronic riffs. (Don’t get me started on their reggae influenced songs). Now, normally I would just ignore a band such as this thinking it’s just another horrible band making it big in today’s music industry, but the fanbase really rubs the salt in the wound for me. The fanbase (AKA the skeleton clique) praise this group as poetic gods but in reality Tyler Joseph is an almost 30 year old man who needs to grow up and stop whining about everything. Take “stressed out” for example. It really bothers me when a man who has made it big in the music industry, is happily married, has a close bestfriend, and a large fanbase who are very loyal to his group. Makes a song about being “stressed out” because his life is difficult somehow. The fanbase also can’t take it when their precious band get a little bit of hate (This page’s comment section is a clear example). When you claim that you don’t like this band I’ve noticed that a lot of their replies will be something along the lines of “Oh you just don’t understand the music because you haven’t been through enough pain”. This is both an ignorant and stupid claim. everyone goes through shit, shutup. The idea that everyone has different taste and we can’t all like the same thing seems obscene to them. To them this band is so good that the only reason you wouldn’t like the band is because you aren’t a special snowflake who has problems. I feel like in a couple of years Tyler will run out of things to whine about and will write music about how he left his milk in the cereal too long so now his cereal is soggy. Hopefully with the bands growth in popularity, there will be more critiques such as you who will call out this horrible music. Thank you for this I’ll be sure to check out more of your stuff.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading Joe! Yeah the fans really ruin this band for me. We all have our opinions on music just like anything else but they take it upon themselves to feel like they are being personally persecuted when someone dislikes the band. Granted, this article was written with a lot of snark and vitriol but it was done in a manner that was meant to be funny or at least entertaining. The kids in the comment section took every single thing to heart. But that’s how this music is marketed, and what the whole point of this article: it’s meant to make the listener feel like it’s them against the world. There is a big difference between being inspirational and pandering, and the kids who feel persecuted for liking this band have been conditioned in a way where the band holds their hand and pick-pockets with the other. “Yeah fans, it’s just me and you! I’ve got you! Just give me your love, praise, and money and we’ll make it against these bad bad people!” it’s disgusting!

  36. Paul says:

    If you think the song “Car Radio” has anything to do with an actual car radio, then you’re missing the whole metaphor and if that’s the case, you probably don’t understand the messages in their other songs either. In terms of them not knowing/loving us like we love them, again, I don’t think you understand this band’s history. Until recently, they were a band local to us here in Columbus, Ohio. Many of us have hung out with them many times, some of us went to college with Ty, and a lot of us regularly went to their local shows.

    Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but before giving them a 0/5 rating, it would probably be helpful to UNDERSTAND the band and their lyrics before making a judgement. The song “Car Radio” is a good example of this as most people, like yourself, automatically think the song is about an actual car radio.

    Oh, and almost all of us long-time fans are not teens or pre-teens–most of us are Ty’s age or older. I for one am 33, about 6 years older than Ty. The newer fans might be in high school but they’re not writing music tailored to them… that age group just so happens to relate to the music and that’s fine but many of them don’t understand the lyrics either.

    • Leila says:

      you wrote exactly what I was thinking but I just couldn’t put it into words. it was actually really hurtful reading this article because of all the hate he was holding towards them. but maybe he is going through a tough time himself so I’m trying to send him love. also, you know Tyler and josh which is why I understand why you would defend them because how this guy described them is so awfully wrong. I don’t know them personally but I know a lot about them from being a fan and they so genuinely care about their music and I hope they NEVER see this article.

      • Aaron Cooper says:

        Yeah I had real tough time. First I saw this band live, then I subject myself to listen to the album to write this review. I think with enough support, or drawing emo comics in my notebook during class, I can get over this difficult patch in my life. thanks for being there guys!

  37. Aaron Cooper says:

    blah blah blah, I know the band’s history, I know what the song means, I know people experience band things etc etc etc. But if I have to slash my own wrists in order to enjoy a band, then I’d be enjoying music for all the wrong reasons. To say that I have to ‘understand it’ to enjoy it, is stating the obvious. “You don’t like Coca-Cola? Well you just don’t understand how it’s made. Do you know how many people have to work at the Coca-Cola factory to make the cans we drink?” it’s a lazy argument from someone who can’t stand that not everyone has the same opinion. If you think Twenty One Pilots write deep, meaningful lyrics that speak to your soul, then that’s all fine and good! I encourage anyone to get out there and find what they like! But don’t preach to me that I’m inferior because I don’t share the same connection. How lame would it be if I made the argument that Van Halen’s “Drop Dead Legs” speaks to my soul and makes me understand humanity’s existence. On paper those lyrics are universally inept. I dig the song and band but I could totally see why others with scoff at the idea that it’s amazing writing. Does it stop me from enjoying it? Nope! To me, it’s STILL a killer song no matter how silly it is.

    That’s the underlying point in my review. Me writing snarky, insulting, harsh words about this God awful album is no different than fans bashing the people who don’t like it. The point is proven.

  38. Dan says:

    I dont agree with you with their music being that bad ! I knows theres better music but theres also worse! And their sound isnt really something different., is something similar to mainstream sounds ! I personally enjoy more the lyrics than the sound ! I could hear them on acapella all day! But one thing i completely agree with you , is the fanbase! Is like 2010 Justin bieber fans! And idk why cause they dont act or have this “look how i hard i try to be hot ” like one direction or JB! I asked a “fan” or “clique” if she knew the meaning behind the songs and she said no but its sounds cool and tyler and josh are hot and more stuff that im not. even gonna write cause its get even more stupid! So yeah totally agree with that part!

  39. Kev says:

    You sad little man. You have the time to write several pages of drivel AND respond to each comment with even more nonsensical crap. You say that people need not have the same taste in music, yet bash on this band and insult anyone who thinks otherwise. Honestly there’s a line between critique and ranting and this page reads more like a little girl’s tantrum.

    Your article is worthless and while you’re certainly free to express your opinions they help absolutely nobody except your ego.

    Good day sir expect me to read your reply but not respond.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Kev, thanks for reading! I’m glad you had enough to not only really the article but also read every single comment! Truly a testament to how important this band is to you. It’s also quite flattering!

    • Leila says:

      preach it, Kev!! sharing your opinion? fine go ahead! but this guy is going to the point is criticizing anyone who listens to it¿ that’s a no. ((and then he says he respects everyone who listens to them?)) like I respect that he has a different taste and music and that’s completely fine!! but going to the extent to HATE on a band?? idk personally I wouldn’t even be able to write those words that’s too much hate for me. like a respected option of a band would go like this “i don’t particularly like one direction (state reasons of why you don’t like the music in a respective way), but I respect them for making music and bringing joy to people’s lives!” I’m sure if he wrote it that way, he would’ve been much more respected. (he also included racist slurs) i also think he’s forgetting the point of music, to make people happy. so if people enjoy listening to them, let them!! (he should also do some more research on them so he could know how much tyler and josh actually care about the music they produce)

      • Aaron Cooper says:

        there was no racial slurs in this review. and you are forgetting that this is a REVIEW. (you know those things where people listen or watch something, and share their opinion on it? I know it’s really complex but I assure you, after reading a few of them, you’ll get the hang of it) There is going to be people in the world who disagree with you, not like the same music as you, and may even have real strong opinions about it themselves. If reading a negative review of a band you like is the worst thing you’ve experienced in your life, I seriously feel sorry for you. Hang in there friend, you are going to need all the support you can get.

  40. Shannon says:

    Bless you for writing this. Like many others, I googled “Twenty One Pilots Suck” because the constant airplay of their songs is a complete mystery to me.

    What depresses me most is that they are being played non-stop on what is supposed to be our local grown-up “alternative” station instead of the teen bubblegum station – which is where they should be quarantined. There is nothing original or alternative about them – they are a godawful pre-fabricated hybrid of shitty pop and adenoidal white-boy rap. It’s clearly aimed squarely at 14 year-olds who are too ignorant and unschooled to recognize what good music is. As someone mentioned in a comment earlier, their songs do indeed sound like they came straight out of a generator. I cannot turn the dial fast enough when “Stressed Out” comes on – it’s probably the single most aggravating song I’ve heard in years. Yes, deep DEEP lyrics about having to get a job and not being able to sit around and play video games all day. I know every decade has its share of terrible bands, but the popularity of this crud makes me want to weep for today’s youth.

    The only explanation I can come up with is that Payola is alive and well. Thank you for letting me vent.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      hey thanks for taking the time to read and comment! When I first wrote this article I was met with PLENTY of butt-hurt fanboys who acted like I defiled their grandmothers, but with the more success and exposure this band gets, the more people are starting to realize how spot on this article actually is! I’m in no way bragging about my writing because God knows that it’s a long way from where I want it to be, but the entire purpose here is calling the band out on manipulation as well as the fans for really lame behavior. I’m sooooo glad you could identify with it.

  41. Andrew Hope says:

    Don’t you just love it when fans name drop their favourite artist as if they were hang-out best buds. Newsflash, cretins, all that money “Ty” makes from you allows him to buy space between him and you. The closest you’ll ever get to Your Favourite Artist is front row at a show, unless you pay even more for that “authentic” back stage experience.

    Can’t stand this band … but I kinda do disagree that what they do is not art. Art is all about the subjective experience, it isn’t so much about a creator in any media telling you what to think or act, even though that’s often what appears to be the case. To anyone who genuinely feels their life was changed by something other people consider shitty, good for you. Subjective reality doesn’t hinge on one or two variables, it encompasses an entire smorgasboard of experience, filtered and distilled by one’s own personality and experience. Plenty of people feel better over something as dumb as an overshared meme, so why not music? Musicians don’t need to be held under that spotlight of aunhenticity in their work any more than Stephen King’s work is reduced by the fact he never experienced storm draining clowns that become giant spider (bad example – King is crap too these days). Subjectivism is the only thing that really matters. If Twenty One Pilots are raking it in and only get “stressed out” these days because of their touring schedule, they can still write songs about being stressed out about other stuff that doesn’t actually bother them. I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t say I was affected to my core by Everclear’s “Father of Mine”, but I feel that song resonated with me. I neither know nor care if that song was written due to the writer’s exact life experience, or whether he just wanted to write a song about that subject and was good enough to make it sound true.

    I agree with you this band is beyond shitty, but why pick on the fanbase? They’re the passive listeners of the shit, not the creators of it.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Andrew! thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

      Yeah the ‘attack’ on the fans is stating one of the many reasons I hate this band. Sure the fans arent responsible for making the atrocious music, but they are the sole purpose of the creation. They make this music to make kids revel in feeling alone and isolated so they can say they relate to them. This Devil’s advocate marketing scheme is low and disgusting, and the kids buy right into it hook line and sinker. I understand that they can still write songs about being poor and stressed while not being stressed, but the stupid kids don’t see beyond that. It actually encourages depression in some of these kids. for what? money and fame. The best part about it is, like the title of this review, they are merely puppets of a soulless industry. men in suits demand they make this horrible music because they know these simple minded kids will buy right into it.

      • Cali Latet says:

        I can’t speak for all of us dumb little kids, but part of the reason why twenty one pilots is a band that I just so happen to enjoy listening to is that I find their songs calming. It’s probably just me being weird (or perhaps musically illiterate, but I like what I like and that’s the end of that), yet I personally find the nasally quality of Tyler Joseph’s voice to be soothing, particularly in their self titled. The message behind the songs aren’t the worst either, so that’s another plus.

        I also disagree with the idea that twenty one pilots encourages depression, but that’s besides the point.

        I’ll admit that this article did wonders for me actually thinking about this band and why I like them, and this comment section taught me a lot about self control and other related virtues, so thank you. Have a fantastic day/night!

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  43. blurryface says:

    I completely disagree with everything you said. I will not fight with it. you are right, it’s your own opinion. and I just want to say that they made themselves big. they built their own fandom. but giving it a 0/5… a bit harsh. I love twenty one pilots. they didn’t click with you. ok. just because of that doesn’t mean you brutally bash on the fandom. I just wanted to say, they take the effort to click with their fandom. completely unlike most big popstars. if you didn’t like them it doesn’t mean you say that we are a bunch of 12 year olds. yes we may be young. but the fandom is all ages. its like you are saying the music you like isn’t liked by someone, so that someone decides to brutally bash on you and your taste in music. you may not be a part of that fandom, but you do like their music. so just saying, next time you put something out on the internet, be aware of what you say. don’t be mean and overly critical. don’t say stuff to anger people. that’s all I have to say.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hi blurryface, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. When reviewing an album, I don’t base it around how it connects to anybody else, I base it on how it connects to me. This didn’t. It was some of the most horrible music I have ever heard, hence the rating 0 out of 5. Take a look at all the comments by rabid fans here, THAT is why I bash the fandom. Instead of shrugging it off and going about their lives, they get so emotional and butt-hurt that it becomes their sole purpose in life to bash anyone who doesn’t like them. It’s not only pathetic, but it’s also sad that this band’s marketing machine is so strong, that kids WANT to feel alienated just so they have something to feel persecuted for. While fans are waging the war, the band and label are counting out their money. Manipulation.
      As for the music I like, I’m an adult. If someone hates the bands and artists I like, I don’t get offended. I shrug my shoulders and continue to live my life. That’s what ALL people should do. You like it? cool. You don’t like it? cool.
      You can cry about MY rating of this wretched excuse for an album, but it won’t change the fact that I rate it 0 out of 5. If I could go any lower, I would.

  44. Andrew Hope says:

    The last comment above (blurryface’s) is why most people on the internet are self-absorbed #outragednarcissists. Next time “don’t say stuff that angers people” (I read “hurt their feelz”)? Who the fuck are you to tell anyone what to write? It you agree that Cooper is entitled to his opinion, which he (like you) is, where the fuck do you get off telling people this shit? Grow up enough to realize that you might not like what people have to say, but they have the right to say it.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading Andrew (as well as reading this hilarious comments) This article was harsh and it’s obvious that it stepped on a lot of toes. But there is a lesson to be learned here. People arent going to like the same music as you do. It’s not an attack, it’s not life or death. It’s just an opinion. Even when the reviews are harsh and painting with a broad brush of generalization, it’s still an opinion. There is nothing to defend. If you don’t like it, shrug your shoulders and move on.

      People who get up in arms over negative comments, need to get out more.

  45. Jared says:

    dude… Jon Gibson is an independent kid that puts remixes up on youtube that he makes himself. He’s not affiliated with the band. Post whatever you want about the music, you do you, but you should at least fact check the stuff you put your name on.

  46. T says:

    Hi, just wanted to say I loved the article and agree with everything you said. While I do enjoy listening to twenty one pilots on occasion I do not think they are particularly talented musically nor incredibly “deep” and insightful. Also I hate the whole “this song will never be on the radio” and “no one understands except those superior enough” gimmick they have going hence my listening less and less especially many of the songs on their most recent album. Furthermore, isolating oneself for the sake of the “outcast image” that many of the children and unfortunately adults who listen to this want to have is in no way healthy and the band and fans should probably address this.

    Great article, respect for being able to voice an unpopular opinion

    • T says:

      My mistake- I would not consider this duo a band because as stated, it is majority just the drums and a backing track so the “band” status does not make sense to me, musical duo perhaps?

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks for reading! What makes their gimmick even more disgusting is the fact that it’s manipulating individuals who clearly have real insecurity issues or they wouldn’t be relating to these lyrics anyway. People reaching out and finding solidity in something that is manipulating them for the sake of money and popularity. It’s slimey and gross.

  47. RenaIrwin says:

    Okay… After reading the article twice, and picking through every comment, I have a few things to add.

    First off, my taste in music is broad, but I love different things for different reasons. But that being said, from The Beatles, to Bach, to Pillar, to Twenty One Pilots, music is subject to opinion. While all those bands/composers I just listed are ones that I really enjoy. And I don’t really appreciate being lumped in with your rude generalizations. Therefore, I agree with the comment of…

    “Music critique is NOT about being a bully.”

    But because that is what your critique was, I agree with the following question:

    “Then why is nearly 3/4ths of the article littered with rude generalizations about it’s fan base?”

    And while we are on the topic of picking apart comments…

    “You’re about as deep as a kiddie pool.”

    “Oh and you can drown in a glass of water, so the depth of a kiddie pool is irrelevant”

    Depth is not just about drowning. So the second comment is honestly narrow-minded to assume that is the only point. Depth is also about having more room to find and discover things. It’s about having more room to explore. So while you can drown in a glass of water, with a glass of water, what you see is what you get. Same with a kiddie pool. What you see is what you get. And what I’m seeing from this particular kiddie pool hasn’t been very pleasant.

    But let’s look at Car Radio. This is not one of my favorites by TOP, but it’s a good song in my opinion. And while I trust you are smart enough to figure it out, I don’t think you’ll take the time to really get the meaning. So I’ll help.

    “I ponder of something great
    My lungs will fill and then deflate
    They fill with fire
    Exhale desire
    I know it’s dire
    My time today”:

    What I get from this, is that we all have big hopes and dreams. We dream of being great. But even so, all of it hinges on small things like breathing. No matter if it’s a bum or a billionaire, we all breathe. But what will we do with that breath? Our time is so precious, we shouldn’t waste it.

    “I have these thoughts
    So often I ought
    To replace that slot
    With what I once bought
    ‘Cause somebody stole
    My car radio
    And now I just sit in silence”:

    From this, we see that the prior section was just a selection of racing thoughts. Racing thoughts he has about real life, and the real world, that he has to confront because he’s run out of distractions. The car radio is symbolic of distractions. It follows the idea of ‘ignorance is bliss’.

    “Sometimes quiet is violent
    I find it hard to hide it
    My pride is no longer inside
    It’s on my sleeve
    My skin will scream
    Reminding me of
    Who I killed inside my dream
    I hate this car that I’m driving
    There’s no hiding for me
    I’m forced to deal with what I feel
    There is no distraction to mask what is real
    I could pull the steering wheel”:

    This section continues with the thought that if ignorance is bliss, what would be the opposite? Because he no longer has distractions, he has to face his troubles (no mention of what he troubles really are, so it means different things for different people). There is a bit of hinting at guilt for something (perhaps hating someone deeply?), but nevertheless, these feelings and thoughts are plaguing him so much that he’s at the end of his rope. With no distractions left, and his mind racing, he comes to the point that he feels the only way he could escape his own mind is by ending his life.

    “I ponder of something terrifying
    ‘Cause this time there’s no sound to hide behind
    I find over the course of our human existence
    One thing consists of consistence
    And it’s that we’re all battling fear
    Oh dear, I don’t know if we know why we’re here
    Oh my,
    Too deep
    Please stop thinking
    I liked it better when my car had sound”:

    This is where it get to the point that he realizes the fear is unavoidable, because distractions won’t last, nor will they get rid of the real problem. He knows this, but wants to get away from his thoughts. But he can’t.

    “There is nothing wrong with beating around the bush for the sake of being ‘artistic’ but if you want to make a song about being lonely or whatever this douche is whimpering about, why would it be based around someone stealing his car stereo? I’m gonna go as far as saying that the primary group of listeners who find this sort of drivel entertaining, are probably not even old enough to own a car and that song was likely related to a kid who lost his or her radio privileges in the family sedan due to the fact the last thing they chose to listen to on the way to cheer practice was probably Drake.”

    This sarcastic review of that song is honestly a bit offensive. not because “The fanbase also can’t take it when their precious band get a little bit of hate “, but because this is a song that honestly tells about someone’s wish to escape. It’s something that everyone can relate to on some level, no matter if they like the song or not. But comparing real, painful emotions to a bratty whine-fest is a completely unfair comparison.

    “If you are intelligent enough to understand that a pop song is capable of articulating feelings of loss, hope, and redemption, then you should be intelligent enough to know that this band (and record label) is churning out paint-by-numbers alternative pop for kids who aren’t old enough to understand what loss, hope, and redemption really is.”

    Now, this comment is way out-of-line. Understanding loss, hope, and redemption has nothing to do with age. A 60 year old business-man who grew up privileged wouldn’t understand these things as well as a child who had been orphaned or abandoned, only to find a loving family later on. I understand loss because my family has been through a lot. I’ve lost many family members in my life, and I’ve been screwed over in very painful ways. Is it the worst thing that could happen to a person? of course not. But just because something could be worse doesn’t mean that what happened was irrelevant. I understand loss well enough to know that it never gets easier. I understand hope enough to know that it can hold your head above water in even the deepest times. And I understand redemption enough to know that it is a precious thing, not to be taken lightly. Being given a second chance is something anyone can experience, and age has nothing to do with it.

    “Fans of this band who defend them as the coming of Christ are clearly far too young and naïve to feel the things this band is selling them.”

    I find the same things wrong with this comment. Age and naivety have nothing to do with one another. You can be a naive 80 year old, or a wise teenager. It’s individual to the person, no the age group.

    So, all in all, Aaron, though I appreciate the time you put into you critiques ( I enjoy doing in-depth reviews myself, if this comment didn’t give that away already), I found various flaws that I hope you will look out for in the future. However, while I don’t agree with this remark,

    “I can’t help but feel sorry for anyone who actually think Twenty One Pilots are a decent band”,

    I do feel sorry for anyone who has to make what should be a simple opinion on a band into a personal attack on the band and their fans.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks for reading and for the report!

      those songs, this band, and the people who pout when people dislike them, are still lame. but that’s just my opinion.

      • RenaIrwin says:

        It is just your opinion. 🙂 And you are definitely entitled to it.

        And even though you writing doesn’t paint the best picture of your disposition, and even though your opinions in general aren’t the nicest, I enjoy reading them nonetheless. Perhaps it’s the same thing as why people watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians… Maybe being annoyed is fun… I don’t know.

        But keep on writing. XD

        • Leila says:

          dude do you have like any social media I can keep in touch with you? because wow you seem so intelligent and awesome. while I was reading this article I actually did tear up and almost smashed my phone at the ignorance of this guy and I was about to write a hate comment but then I read yous and somehow you managed to speak the truth about tøp without criticizing him and that’s awesome. so do you have like twitter or Instagram or something?

  48. Michael says:

    Haha I love this article, and the comments. I hit up YouTube and searched some live stuff from them, hoping I could prove to myself that I wasn’t just a cynical asshole, because I couldn’t stand KROQ blasting them every 15 minutes. Their first song I heard on the radio was “tear in my heart”, so I figured this was some full band. To my surprise, it was literally a drummer and a vocalist, singing along to their pre recorded backing tracks. No live guitar, no bass, no nothin. He brings out his piano sometimes, big woop. Kids were commenting how great the live performance was, going absolutely ape shit about how it’s the best concert they’ve ever been to. Really? Is this what it’s coming to? People just don’t care if you sing karaoke at your own concert? This reminds me of that south park episode about guitar hero, where Randy brings in a real guitar and plays that Kansas song for the kids and the kids are like “real guitars are for old people!” This new generation of concert-goers are just a bunch of Eric Cartmans. Sad.

  49. Mike says:

    The problems I have with this article is that you back nothing up with facts. You don’t explain why you have such a distaste for their music, instead you use middle school insults and you generalize and stereotype a fan base in a very harsh way, and just trash the band and its fans the whole article. maybe if you dissected song lyrics and explained why you didn’t like them I would have been able to see where you were coming from, but instead you just resort to things like making a bad joke out of one of their album titles, calling it Mediocre at Best. You don’t go into why, you just make a silly comment about how they should be paying you to listen to it. This whole article filled with its turd jokes felt like you have something personal against this band, and like you were just on a mission to get a rise out of this fan base by attacking them and their band by using harsh insults. Literally, make an article talking about the actual music and ill take you seriously. But this talking about everything other than the actual music giving no factual backup or explanation to everything angry drivel just felt like it came from someone who thinks he’s so sophisticated and high and mighty the way he attacks the people who like this music. Go into actual detailed explanations and ill take you seriously.

  50. Aaron Cooper says:

    Hey Mike! trust me, I’m not sophisticated or high and mighty, I not only listened to this album willingly for this review, but I also saw their mediocrity live. It wasn’t was one of my proudest moments and it makes me sick to the stomach to admit that to the world. Obviously you know where I’m coming from because you are on the internet “defending their honor”.

    I don’t like TOP because they are really bad musicians, who write and perform mediocre songs with lyrics that could be found on any emo 14 year old’s facebook status’s when they don’t get their way. Vocals sound like Kmart version of Eminem.. I could go on, and to be honest, if you would have looked past your anger and bitterness, I covered my opinion on why I think they are terrible, pretty well.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to write a comment! It’s flattering!

  51. John Goal says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  52. Prefer to remain unknown by these "mature" people says:

    Wow…can we take a moment to be mature and realize the utter stupidity in ranting online about opnions. Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of you are running for president and don’t need to feel the pressing weight of backing every retarted word you say.

    I like Twenty One Pilots, mostly their older stuff.

    Try listening to “Save” or “A Car A Torch A Death” or maybe “Taxi Cab”

  53. Laura says:

    First things first. You write for a site named “bearded gentlemen music” which is about the most hipster thing I have ever heard. Your vitriolic rant made me laugh out loud. Did the barista forget to add an extra shot of espresso to your soy milk latte the day you wrote this? Saying there is nothing likeable whatsoever about this band’s music gives the reader the impression that you didn’t actually listen to it or you are so pretentious that you thought it would be impressive and edgy to completely lambast a popular band with a devoted fan base. I love and respect a wide variety of music and while my favorite bands might be Pulp, The Smiths and Joy Division (along with a great admiration for countless bands from the 1950’s and 60’s) I can most certainly appreciate at least a single element of even the poppiest of music. You can’t find a single element of twenty one pilots to appreciate? Your intense loathing of their music seems embarrassingly personal. Did your ex break up with you while one of their songs was playing cheerfully in the background? Maybe at that same coffee shop? Maybe you even wore your favorite ironic socks and they went unappreciated.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Laura, first things first, thanks for reading and welcome to! What made me laugh out loud, is how you name drop Pulp, Smiths, and Joy Division (and nameless bands from the 50s and 60s) like it “earns” you credibility LOL Watch out folks, this kid likes the good stuff! So what you are “lambasting” in this review, is pretty ironic in itself. Second, if you actually read the review, you’d see how I listed WHY I don’t like this abomination of an act, and being “poppy” has nothing to do with it. It would be redundant to list those things here again but I urge you to take a deep breathe and give it another read. I can’t find a single thing I like about this band and I’m not apologizing for it, regardless of how popular on unpopular that opinion is. If having a higher standard for the music I listen makes me pretentious, then so be it. Twenty One Pilots are still the worst band I’ve ever heard, and as you can see with all the comments here, my perception of their fan base must be spot on. Thanks for visiting the site!

      • Sophia says:

        So wait I don’t understand why you wasted your time not that you have much of a life anyway to write this article on why you hated tøp when they’ve done nothing to you. I mean really if you don’t like them that’s okay just ignore them and now you make yourself look like a fool when your bashing on there fans who you don’t even know personally and labeled them Whiney teenagers. Not all of them are teenagers there actually adults too who like there music but most of them come for healing because there suicidal and or depressed. That makes you look racist,disgusting and evil. I mean really that’s like me writing about about why I hate BMTH if you don’t like them don’t put the effort into listening to them or writing about them because it just make you look jealous. Plz don’t be mean

  54. Laura says:

    Name dropping? Earning credibility? Ha, oh man. Those are your words not mine, man. I just listed some bands I love that aren’t necessarily mainstream before going on to explain that most legitimate music critics will have constructive criticism of a band, not just whine about them. I could have mentioned some of the more universally appealing musicians and bands I also like (Belinda Carlisle anyone? Elvis? Outkast?) but that wasn’t the point. The point was since you seemed to have missed it is that most people who love music and especially those who critique music, can formulate a constructive critique and not just piss on the page. But thanks for assuming I desperately wanted whatever your idea of “street cred” is. One thing you are good at is making assumptions. And you know what happens when you do that right?

    • Michael says:

      Laura, you don’t have to give a band “constructive” critique if your job is a music critic. You have every right to disagree with this article, just like Aaron has every right to post it. However, you are indeed proving that most TOP fans are young, naive, and extremely whiny. One day, you’ll look back and be embarrassed that you ever bought a twenty one pilots CD, just like i’m embarrassed that I ever bought a Limp Bizkit CD.

  55. Anon Dudette says:

    Kudos for expressing your honest opinion dude! I don’t exactly “hate” the band, I just gotten to that age where I don’t care about newly-released bands that are targeted towards middle/high schoolers. I’m waaay passed the “angsty” teenager phase. I think that’s another way of saying that I’m an old fart who’s slowly turning into my mom haha! But I do understand why a lot of 14-15 year olds like TOP. From personal experience, I didn’t fit in with the R&B, hip-hop crowd, which was what the majority of the kids listened to. After “discovering” MCR, Chevelle, Alkaline Trio, to name a few, it felt cool to be different from everyone else. It almost felt that I was rebelling against the mainstream culture (G-Unit, and 50 cent were really popular in 2004). Their lyrics did have some effect on me, and at times, I had to explain to an adult, such as my mom, about why their songs were “not stupid” [I could see why my mom thought I was weird when I told her that Panic at the Disco was the best band of my generation]. It was the kind of music that captured what a lot of 14-15 year olds were feeling and I can say that it parallels to today’s generation. Perhaps the TOP fans are sick of hearing about Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Justin Biebs in the media. Just like how I was tired of people talking about how 50 cent made a new movie, teenagers are probably tired of hearing the mainstream- bubblegum-pop-dance-rainbow-infusion trash on the radio. I sympathize with them. But I’m quite positive that they outgrow the “emotional/no one understands me” phase and listen to other better music with meaningful lyrics. AND they’ll be the ones who critique the younger crowd’s music choices to the point where fans will call them out and defend their bands! Haha circle of life. You just gotta have faith in the new generation Aaron ;D

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks so much for commenting and taking the time to read the article! I feel exactly what you are saying, but sadly I think most people don’t realize that most of the vitriol in the review/rant was mildly exaggerated. Even though I meant 99.9 percent of what I said (or feel like I do anyway) it’s meant to be entertaining. Truth of the matter is, to me Twenty One Pilots are worse than just saying they suck and forgetting they exist. I dislike them so much that it literally felt good to actually write such a negative review. The bashing of the their fans is about how naive most of them are for thinking the band is anything more than puppets of a soulless industry. This band are told what to say, when to say it, and how to say it for the sake of making money off a certain demographic. There is nothing wrong with that on some level. ALL mainstream artists are out to make a living with their talent (or lack thereof) and more power to them for it! However, I don’t like to see people taken advantage of, especially if they are children. To see these kids freak out and take every word I said as a personal attack, proves that point. We all listen to bad music, art is subjective, like I said in the article. Thanks again for a thoughtful response!

  56. May says:

    As a teenage fan of this band I can say that the fanbase has nothing to do with the quality of the music. Do you consider all the music you listened to a enjoyed as a teenager terrible because of your age? Unlike 90% of the crap they put out on the radio at the moment about girls and breakups, Twenty One Pilots actually have some beautiful thought out lyrics, with strong meanings behind them. See if you had only took a minute to truly listen to the beautiful lyrics behind each song this article might not have existed. This band is only beginning its journey of success and they have only made it too the fame they have now through straight talent and dedication. But really, it doesn’t matter that you have your own opinion on something, I’m not saying everyone must love TØP, but keep your opinions to yourself if you’re just going to use that opinion to be an obnoxious idiot towards something that can mean a lot to people just because it seems like their fanbase is full of screaming teenagers which is clearly not the case as you are unable to see.

  57. Don says:

    Honest critics are not welcome in some parts of this world, seems.
    Big up Aaron for pointing out what others trying to cover up and try make it pass for something else.

  58. not your bussiness says:

    well I wanted to make you brown if you know what I mean but then I thought this guy is already a PATHETIC…you first attacked them for not having a certain genre…you are definitely not successful in whatever it is that you do…cause you have no imagination no creativity…because in today’s world people that won’t let their fucking minds go further than what it is supposed to are just a loser even though they don’t know it yet cuz they’re dumb as shit
    so if twenty one pilots is not about fuckin breakups and dudes getting laid or whatever the shit you’re used to listen to,don’t listen to them…cuz you’re not intelligent enough for that…you are just a boring person….so if you don’t get it when Tyler is talking about his demons,it’s probably bc your only demons was not getting laid…and thats what happens to a guy that dosent stand for anything in his life…
    I am not even a native english speaker so I am not really able to deliver what i mean.But i thought you need someone to inform you how pathetic you are

  59. TOP H8ter says:

    HAHAHAHA this is the best thing I’ve ever read! This band is right up there with ‘Frozen’ as far as I am concerned. Personally, coming from a highly educated and musical background, these guys are just amateurs with their heads up their arses! I thought it might just be me, given I am not a fan of rap, so I made the effort to listen to some rap… NONE of it is as bad as these two dweebs! I look at articles and quotes regarding these two guys… do they even know how to speak in a coherent and logical sentence? Half of the stuff they make and say sounds like they have pulled it out of their f*cking arse, they must have in order to fit their head so far up it. There is a difference between true musical talent and… well… this. Even if you re-mix songs, there are still standards and these guys can’t even seem to make that seem original and interesting. If you ask me, it is like listening to a bunch of fifth graders, who don’t play instruments, make music. Sure everyone has their own personal taste and it ain’t great to insult a fan base man (they’ll just get defensive and NEVER listen to your words of wisdom… as I am sure you have found the hard way), but I agree with the idea of this band being worse than lame, it by far has to be the WORST band I have ever listened to… ever, in all the years of my life and musical experiences, this is right up there with SHIT! you score it 0/5, sorry man but I don’t agree, it gets -5/5, it doesn’t even deserve nothing, it is worse than nothing. Rant over.

  60. sofi says:

    as an eighth grader (wow that’s a definite turnoff right there haha), I was kind of annoyed at first seeing this article. then I read it and realized that I’m a privileged thirteen year old with no problems- exactly who these songs are catering to. after listening to blurryface again, I still liked it, but I was able to take the songs into perspective and not blindly enjoy them because they’re “alternative” and they “understand me”. thanks for the wake-up call, aaron

  61. ANamelessGhoul says:

    A week ago (ooh, prepare you popcorn,a long story’s coming) I was reading this site’s Top 10 most annoying songs of 2015 (I mostly agree with that list), when I saw this article in the ‘Top Posts’ section. Twenty one pilots was a band, that I heard that a few times before, but haven’t really listened to them …until I read this article.

    Yeah, after reading your review I was convinced that they’re an awful band, but I was also courious :”Are they really that bad”. I started to listen to their new album anyway. I tought ”it might be good for background music for work”,you know, but I was surprised, cause I liked it. it was actually pretty good the listen. Not ”amazing” or ”great”, but I think it was better than an avarage pop album.

    Of course some things you stated ar true, the song Doubt really sounds like it is from a remix album. The chorus sounds awful, full of boring electronic beats, and the Joseph’s voice is full of annoying, and unnecesary effects, and whole song feels so weak and bad as whole.It might be the worst song I EVER heard. Lyrically it is interesting though.

    But,(as always there is a but) the rest of the album was pretty good,as I stated before, Heavydirtysoul is an energetic and fun song to listen to, it blows to your face, grab you in like a hurricane, Stressed Out has a good ”flow” and beat, it somehow combines electro-pop and hip-hop very well, and it’s relaxing to listen to( at least for me).
    I’d also like to mention Not Today, Goner, Hometown, Tear in my Heart, The Judge and WDBWOT as better tracks, the rest was meh, also I like Joseph’s vocals (on tracks where it isn’t touched), because it is truly passionate, it adds some kind of ”personality” or ”passion/emotion” to the album, which is missing from a lot of pop album. The whole ”Blurryface” alter-ego/ charachter felt stupid for the first time for me, but I enjoy it a lot more now, mostly because after I read after the most song’s meaning, it well-connects the track with each other, and adds some weight to all the songs. The lyrics are OK.

    Oh and the fanbase, well, umm… how should I……half of them are pure cancer. FilthyFrank could learn from them lol. They’re too Overdefensive, at least for me.

    For me it was a good album, and a greater surprise, It made me encourage myself to listen to their earlier albums and Holy shit, I’m impressed! I felt something like this when I first discovered Ghost (B.C) or when I first listened ”A night at the Opera” by Queen! On Vessel they have some many well-written songs, with unique, full-of-surprises-with-great-moments and tempo-changing music. Ode to Sleep, Guns for Hands, Semi-Automatic, Holding on to you, and I could go on. Josehp’s voice here is raw, great and truly passionate, Dun’s drumming is great too.
    Their self titled was different, but at least as good as Vessel, or even better! It’s among those albums that really made me emotional, made me think. Both Vessel and the self titled is lyrically, and musically better than Blurryface, I mean much-much more better! Also, I didn’t felt those albums ”soulles” as the title states. On Blurryface well, yeah, It was maybe less ”soulfull” than these albums.

    Looks like my comment got long enough, pardon me. I’m sorry that you, Aaron, couldn’t just ”click” with these guys, but I’d like to thank you.

    Thank you for sharing this article with us, voicing your opinion, I disagree with you, but without your writings I might not start to listen to them.

    Also, sorry for any grammatical error I made, I’m hungarian.

    (I’d also like to say to give them an another chance, and listen to this: , it is still sound soulles to you?)

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey ANamelessGhoul, first off I want to say thanks for reading my article and taking the time to comment! Second, I want to say that despite hating this band (and how most of their fans react when they hear that bit of trivial info) I’m extremely happy that you got something positive out of such an ugly review. Of course this article is harsh, ugly and unabashed, but it’s still MY personal opinion. I would seriously hate the idea of someone changing their minds on enjoying something just because I shared my thoughts on it. I have listened to just about everything this band has released and there isn’t one single song that I enjoy. I full on stand behind my review but I’m glad someone took something positive from it instead of feeling bullied or threatened. Thanks so much! this comment made my day!

      • ANamelessGhoul says:

        I wouldn’t call it ”ugly”, but yeah it was harsh, but, it’s your personal opinion, and I respect it, thought, I think the title ”Puppets of Soulles Music Industry” is bit clickbait, because in the article you only described how annoyingly bad was their music for you, BUT that doesn’t make them ”Soulles/Sell Out Musicians” . I still think that there’s a lot of personality and emotion coming throught their music, but hey, each to their own I guess. I’d also like to mention that the word ”cancer” covers only about half of their fanbase, the other half are actually pretty intelligent, kind, people, who you can discuss music, message of TOP’s songs and such, so yes, the fandom is not that terrible as it first seems.
        I’m glad I made your day with my previous comment, have nice day!

        Also, I’m reading the comments here right now, and holy crab, you created a nice shitstorm. I love reading them, congratulations!

  62. Maya says:

    Oh my god, you are such an idiot. You obviously have only heard their newest album, Blurryface. Give a try at Regional at Best or Vessel. I hate how people are so quick to judge. I personally dislike Fall Out Boy very much and love Twenty One Pilots because their music is inspiring and has gotten people through very tough situations. Try listening to “The Run and Go”, “Truce”, “House of Gold” or “Oh Miss Believer”. <———My personal favorites. Or if you like super fast rap, try "Doubt" or "Heavy Dirty Soul". I am a huge fan of The Beatles and also, Queen. I like to listen to all of an artists songs before I judge them and offend a few million people. Plus, if I were to mention your name to someone, would they know who you are? Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph get a lot of money and they are top in the charts. What do you get out of making fun of people who have a ton more followers than you? You should see their performances where Tyler jumps off of pianos and all of his fans sing in unison, you can never hear anything as beautiful as that in your life. Tyler is an excellent basket ball player and Josh is probably a thousand times better on the drums than you could ever be. Watch their interviews, watch their vines, look at their tweets, and listen to their music before you say retarded things. You say this is your opinion, and I respect that but I believe that before you post harsh comments on a band realize that the majority of people have a completely different opinion. I am sorry if I made typing errors or whatever but I'm upset Ignorant people like you are even allowed on the internet.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks for reading! If you actually read the article, you would have seen where I said I HAVE listened to their other albums. Even saw them live. I couldn’t care less if any of these dudes are good at basketball or make funny Vine videos. I’ve listened to their music and MY opinion is, it sucks. it sucks hard. If you enjoy it, more power to you! I was presented with an album to review, and this article is my review. The end.

      • Cali Latet says:

        … They are good at basketball and they do make funny Vines (I think. I’m really only sure about the first statement)

  63. Anna says:

    That’s funny. I don’t fit your description of their fan base: I am neither a teenager, not even twenty-something, I am close to 40, have a career, own a place, and don’t eat Taco Bell for dinner…. and I just came across the song “Stressed Out” today and kind of liked it, then read your review and am kind of puzzled: where does your hatred come from? And is this a regular way to write reviews? I mean: I tought that reviews should focus and criticize music while you criticize their fans, their collaborators, even their background (over priviliged white kid? what’s the problem? you are white too? are you jealous about their money? did you check the bank accounts of all the musicians you like and their families?).

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Anna, thanks for reading and feeling passionate enough to take your time to state your opinion in this comment section. Opinions are weird because not all of them are the same. However, they are always fun to share whether we agree with them or not.

  64. Miles Ray says:

    Badass Reveiw. I’m glad this article exists for validation. Thought i wasn’t the only. These guys are hacks.

    Better up and coming is

  65. anon says:

    This is one of the worst pieces of writing I have ever read – just mindless spew of words and hatred all just for attention. I can’t believe you thought something like this could pass for an article. For a jealous 12 year old’s comment on twenty one pilot’s instagram, maybe. For a self proclaimed ‘lover of all things music,’ you sure are very picky about what you like. How sad it must be to have to shit on everything other people like to make yourself feel good and powerful for having such superior taste in music. The thing is these days people have access to so much music they are fans of everything, and twenty one pilot’s sampling of all genres (except country) is why they are doing so well. Also I noticed the way you degraded the band for having a largely female teenage fanbase. I don’t know if you realize how much you are contributing to sexism today by making is sound like having a female audience is something to be ashamed of, yet it’s cool for a bunch of guys to like you. That doesn’t even make sense to begin with, because twenty one pilots actually has a very mixed fanbase, agewise and genderwise. You also say how twenty one pilot’s music has simply been created because they are soulless puppets of the industry. But that is actually shown to be completely untrue. Their style of music has been very consistent from the beginning – it is even similar to Tyler Joseph’s self released album No Phun Intended, at which point he wasn’t signed to a label at all, and he was just doing it for himself. Your point is invalid. They worked their way up from playing tiny shows to selling out arenas, have become very successful than a lot of people will ever be. Have fun being an asshole while they win awards, sell out arenas and produce fucking great and revolutionary music the whole time.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for such a passionate response! Good eye for pointing out the error in my bio. It should say “Lover of all things music that’s good”. Twenty One Pilots isn’t good. Also your attempt at *trying* to make this article seem sexist was kind of endearing. Thanks for reading!

  66. Lauren says:

    This article mostly made me sad not because your opinion is different to mine, but because it’s so obviously poorly researched. You say that you went to a show and listened to all of their music and it wasn’t to your taste, that’s absolutely fine. But the rest of your judgements on the band seem to have no basis at all, for example if you were going to try to lampoon the lyrical content or try to paint them as soulless industry puppets, you clearly didn’t bother to look into the history of the band or Tyler Joseph’s personal history (which any writer would surely do if they wanted their critique of those things to be valid instead of coming across as an ignorant solely opinion-based hate piece?). If you haven’t been told already, they started from the ground up as a grassroots project totally in Tyler’s control until they were noticed by record labels, and even afterwards he makes all of the decisions relating to the project. In interviews as well as in the lyrics Tyler talks about his mental struggles, and reducing things like depression to the whiny faux problems of tweens is incredibly insulting to someone who has struggled with it for most of their life (the lame joke about the Car Radio lyrics did get a laugh out of me though, because it was so terribly far off base, so kudos for that). On top of that, making fun of the fanbase for being largely comprised of teenage girls is not just lazy and unoriginal but also sexist, especially when in the same article you accuse these kids of never having heard a Beatles record. Who do you think made the Beatles as popular as they were in their time? Do you know anything about Beatlemania or did you just throw that line in for an extra kick of unfounded music elitism?
    I’m not trying to change your opinion at all because you clearly have decided that you hate them and can’t find any redeeming qualities about their work, but really, Aaron. You could have tried harder if you want people to respect your pieces of critical writing.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Lauren! First off thanks for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. I seriously appreciate that. If you have read any of my other reviews on this site, you will understand that this one isn’t exactly 100% serious. It feels really lame to explain the joke without sounding like Fozzie Bear but long story short, this article is SUPPOSED to be juvenile and opinionated but in a humorous way. (notice it’s in the “Rants” section and NOT in the “Album Review” section?) While I do in fact despise this band, the ‘digs’ at the fanbase aren’t meant to be taken personal. I have researched the band, listened to all of their albums and saw them live. I even state that in the article. I don’t buy it one bit personally. If a pop song can fix a kid’s depression, it’s not depression. Trust me, without getting too personal here, I’ve battled plenty of personal demons and been in some pretty dark places. I’m sure there are plenty of people young and old alike who take refuge in the music they love but it should NEVER be the end all be all when dealing with metal issues. That way of thinking is naive and dangerous! Again, this is entertainment (or trying to be?) so please don’t take anything here as gospel! Have fun, laugh at my expense, your expense, the band’s expense! Sharing our opinions should be fun, not a war zone. I urge you check out some of my other reviews and maybe you’ll see where I’m coming from. Thanks again!

  67. Stillawake says:

    Unlike so many others who commented, I did not stumble across this article from googling “Twenty One Pilots Suck”. I found this article and all the comments fascinating. I’m a huge fan of Twenty One Pilots. I’m not a teenager or in my twenties. I’m a single mother of three, two of which are teenagers. My teenagers enjoy Twenty One Pilots, but aren’t the type of fans that will go nuts if they read this. My children enjoy listening to all kinds of music, and because of me, this includes Twenty One Pilots. Being mom, they had no choice. My youngest very much enjoyed singing along to Blurryface in the beginning, but after awhile became annoyed with having to listen to the same music day in and day out ( thanks crazy mom). I’m guessing alot of the people who dislike Twenty One Pilots rely on the radio for music. Thus, have been forced to hear the same songs over and over. Much like my daughter, they probably grew to dislike them. My older children found the songs “ok” until they really listened to the lyrics. My oldest daughter used to put her headphones on to drown out the relentless mini Twenty One Pilots concert I plagued her days with. Brings me back to my childhood of being forced to listen to my parents music. I guess my children weren’t paying much attention to the lyrics all this time. After awhile, they found themselves stuck in the car without headphones and had nothing else to do but listen. They really listened. Songs they had said were ok, or hadn’t given much thought of before, were being labeled beautiful and awesome. Not because they liked Tyler’s voice, or Josh’s drum solos. They began to understand what it was Tyler was saying. My daughter was moved by how Tyler was telling his listeners to focus on this music instead of the nightmares in your head. That if you let him, he will convince you you are “lovely” and take you away from the evil thoughts in your head. This did not cause my daughter to want or have evil thoughts in her head. She just loved the idea of people having that escape. That is why she said the song was beautiful! My son commented on a different song that apparently he was able to relate more to. A song about not understanding life and how it wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. He pointed out the lyrics and how sometimes people are the cause of their own catastrophes in life. He said it was awesome, laughed at the irony in Tyler’s lyrics, and actually held a mature conversation about the things he had been doing wrong and how he needed to make better choices in life. If you knew my son and the insanely difficult time I’ve had raising him over the years, you would understand how much that one conversation created hope for us. I’m not trying to convince anyone Twenty One Pilots doesn’t have fans of crazy teenagers that probably dont even know the lyrics to their songs and follow them because they’re cute and funny. That would be silly. They’re cool. They’re super cute. The music is dark and their parents probably don’t like it. Of course they do. One of the reasons I’m a huge fan, is what the music is saying to these children! I’ve watched their fans in live concerts, and they are being somewhat controlled by these two guys. These two guys are doing this for a reason. A reason alot of people including their fans don’t understand. Something Tyler has openly admitted throughout his career. My younger brother introduced Twenty One Pilots to me. I had never seen them before and he was playing their music from his phone. I loved it. I was hooked. I couldn’t stop listening and haven’t since. What Twenty One Pilots is to me is something bigger than anything I’ve experienced. Im not upset you guys are being pathetic and rude on here. Im not going to go throw things and cry you insulted my favorite band. Im just trying to help you understand why so many people are fans of this not so perfect music. At least, why I am. Sure, Im in love with the songs. Only, Im in love with them because of what they mean. Because of what they have given me. Given to so many people who are clearly starved for it. How Tyler felt writing his earlier music is moving. How he makes people feel is inspiring. Watching the emotions on all those people and having a similar reaction myself to his songs is something I never imagined I would be able to understand. I was definitely not given the opportunity to have what so many people I’ve known had growing up. That’s hope. It’s not something everyone will understand. That statement may be annoying to the people who don’t have the same connection, but It’s true. Aaron, you say you have zero use for this band. That’s wonderful. You are one of those many people I was so curious about, growing up. I wished I had that security you already have. You remind me of my older brother. He too is a sarcastic bully who thinks his opinions need to be heard. Nothing wrong with that. He’s successful and Im proud of him. He also doesn’t get Twenty One Pilots. He used to say he liked one or two songs until I bugged him to listen to more. Now he makes fun of them too. Just like you said you had fun at the concert. I bet you would have enjoyed it more had you not been surrounded by a bunch of insane cult members becoming overly obsessive with this nothing special to you band you were watching run around being goofballs. Those goofballs are giving people hope. Maybe its something you alreadg have or maybe its something you need and didnt get from them, but regardless, thats why. If my brother hadn’t happen to play their music that night, I would never have made it to the end of the week. We all go through shit. I know. Others more or less. For me, Twenty One pilots gave me something to distract myself from doing what I wanted to do that night. My daughter found it so cool they are helping people. She doesn’t know how close to home that is. I listen as often as I can, because when the music stops, thats when my thoughts come back. He’s not trying to fool people out of money. Just like you aren’t getting off on pissing people off . Thank you. I read your article and every comment word for word. Tonight, you were my distraction. It blows my mind how angry and hateful people can be. How unhappy the world is. It doesn’t have to be. My little girl doesn’t know how harsh the world is
    Yet. All the mean things these people said about you. I hope my children won’t have to be a part of that cruelty. Aaron was just trying to be funny. Like my brother always was. He’s such an ass! I hope people stop hating on you for this article. I hope you stop hating on them for needing help and or just being an innocent kid who doesn’t have to listen to the lyrics yet.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Stillawake! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to write out such a thoughtful and well worded response! I also appreciate that you understood how this article is meant to be more humorous than vitriolic. It might bash the band, poke fun at the fan-base (I’m clearly not part of) and come off really harsh, but it’s meant to be entertaining. I gave the band multiple chances by listening to their albums and going to their show but I just don’t like them or their routine. To me it’s contrived and manipulative, but that’s MY opinion. I’m not trying to convince anyone otherwise. If you (or anyone for that matter) have read my other work on this site, you/they will understand that authenticity is one of most important factors in enjoying music for me. Even if it’s a genre, band or song I don’t care for, I can respect it if it’s coming from an honest place. I don’t feel that honesty with this band. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m not, but that’s my opinion. Instead of writing a long drawn out boring article talking about something I don’t like and shouldnt be reviewing, I chose to do something at least a little bit more entertaining! It’s not meant to reflect any other person’s opinion, or represent the site itself, just ME. Thanks again for understanding, getting the joke and explaining why you disagree! You are awesome!

  68. Jack Darson says:

    shoutout to all twenty one pilots fans who have read this blog: this person has simply stated an opinion. Granted, it’s a very foolish opinion and he might not have the actual ability to find meanings within songs that are practically MADE for meaning, but it’s a simple opinion, and he did it in a trolling childish way. This should NOT bother you. If a worm told an eagle that it got a 0/5 in it’s flying technique, do you think the eagle would be offended? no. Because worms can’t fly, just like this person can’t understand the Twenty One Pilots songs. And that is okay.

  69. Craig says:

    Dude, say whatever you want about top but looking at your picture you need to lose some weight. Maybe getting your body healthy will help your mental outlook too.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Good lookin’ out!

    • Hey “Craig”,

      Please post pic of self here along with a mental health assessment so we can make sure that you are indeed in shape and in great mental health. I would hate for you to be over stepping your boundaries here. We just want to make sure that the person judging someone on these attributes is indeed qualified.

      I think your assessment of Aaron is way off. Let’s not get personal okay bud.

      Jon ( Site Owner / Senior Editor)

  70. Sk3l3t0n Cr3w says:

    have you have ever had a loved one die? have you ever been picked on? have you ever attempted suicide? yah, I didnt think so. come back and talk shit about T0P after you’ve went thru some shit. you’ve clearly never experienced any really problems in your life like most kids these days. you don’t even know what life is all about.

    • michael colon says:

      I have had all of that and ya know what….I still think their music is shit. They’re pandering to people’s base emotions knowing that it will amount to $$$. You are literally their focus on how to make a quick cash grab. Lemme know when your best friend OD’s, your father passes away from irreversible cancer, your daughter comes home crying because someone has been picking on them, or whenever a close family member commits suicide. That’s just the tip of my shitty life iceberg and yet I’m not flocking to shitty bands that sing (and I really use that term loosely here) about those issues because I know that they’re just pulling on heart strings to make a quick buck.

  71. Stillawake says:

    You guys are ridiculous.

  72. Ruben Yebran says:

    They’re a great band but even more important, they are amazing human beigns. All my respect to Tyler and Josh. Truly love u guys.

  73. BlurryFacesUNITED says:

    Really dude? You wrote a 1000 word article about The Beatles and a dedication praising Prince but diss Twenty One Pilots? Really? First off Prince is only popular because he died. No one admitted to liking that shit until it was popular to get on his post mortem dick. That kills your credibility right there. Next, The fucking Beatles? What are you like 70? Twenty One Pilots have wiped their asses with better songs than The Beatles ever have. Singing about pot and magical mystery tours doesnt speak to people. Twenty One Pilots write songs people relate to and feel emotionally connected with. Has anyone related to some shitty 60s song about smoking pot? No. You are just a hipster who knows nothing about legitimate art.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      I don’t think I even have to respond to this.

      • Laura says:

        I have to agree with you Aaron on this one (i.e your response not your original article). And also with your “lol” about the comment with the eagle and worm scenario. 🙂 Although actually it’s a fun scenario to imagine.

        PS At the end of the day people can and do like whatever music they like and that’s a wonderful thing. I had commented a few months back and came back today for the fun of it because some of the comments are very entertaining. I still laugh about your assumption though that I was looking for “street cred” as you put it, by my mentioning loving Pulp and Joy Division and also liking twenty one pilots. I’m a physician in my mid thirties and I don’t think it’s odd at all that I would love Pulp and Joy Division. You might have assumed I was much younger and eating at Taco Bell every night (though I have no issue with Taco Bell) but my question to you would be this: can a person who didn’t grow up in a certain era not truly appreciate art from that era? If a teenager told me today that he loves Skinny Puppy I hope my first thought wouldn’t be “ha! he probably got the band shirt he’s wearing from Hot Topic and has never even heard their music!” I would like to think I’d say, “nice, me too, what are your favorite songs by them?”

        Lastly, in case anyone assumes I’m ridiculing people who shop at Hot Topic, I have nothing against Hot Topic either. When I went to one as a 13 year old more than 20 years ago, I was ecstatic that such a place existed. I haven’t been to one in years but I wouldn’t make fun of someone going there, whether they are 10 or 50.

        • Neil says:

          Here is a funny story that involves two Hot Topics you addressed. So when I was 16 I loved the band Yes, specifically the earlier albums. My mom was a huge fan and got to see them early in concert with the spaceship and according to her they strait up killed it. So she was my gateway to Yes and a lot of other music, as well as my much younger step Dad, much of which I was exposed to very young and pre internet. Here is how Hot Topic fits in, so when I was 16 I also bought this awesome….yup you guessed it, Yes T Shirt from there. It was this crazy plumb purple color, and had the psychedelic stylized Yes logo, it was awesome. So yes yes yes I think persons born in any era can appreciate any art form, and from any era. I do think that experiencing things when they happen and in the moment gives the context needed for certain social movements, if it applies, or just in that general “ya had to be there” sense. Some folks say the original Woodstock experience was amazing, some not so much ha. Maybe it was some very bad, or very great acid, but otherwise I think it’s just perspective. Here is an example: a song, photograph, painting, play, etc created during the civil rights movement that deals specifically with the issues of that time, someone not of that time obviously didn’t experience things from that perspective, they couldn’t if not alive at the time (time machines?), but they can still appreciate it and possibly even relate, which in that example is sort of unfortunate. So I hear you, archeologist that love caveman paintings will never know what it’s like to fight a dinosaur, but they can learn, appreciate, and really really really love em.

        • Aaron Cooper says:

          Thanks for returning and commenting again Laura, repeat business is always good!

          • RenaIrwin says:

            Okay… I’m back as well… XD This comment section is just so hilarious. XD

            But do people have to be 70 to like the Beatles? Speaking as a 16 year old Beatles fan, I think not.

            And Prince has been popular for a long time, whether teens from the past decade or so listen to his music constantly or not.

            BlurryFacesUNITED, you need to think before you comment, Love.
            Just remember: Stupidity isn’t very becoming

    • Zack says:

      Dude, I’m a big fan of twenty one pilots, but even I know what artists like Prince and The Beatles did for the music industry, besides, they are completly different sounds and come from different eras, people back then relate to those songs mostly, not now. Oh and If you think the Beatles only wrote songs about smoking pot as you so bluntly put it, then maybe you should actually listen to some of their songs and educate yourself before spewing copious amounts of shit.

    • faeker says:

      you’re kidding right? Prince is only popular because he died? I guess all his songs written probably before you were born going gold and platinum didn’t matter them. Jesus Christ the kids of this Era are fucking retarded and you sir are on the front lines.

  74. Neil says:

    ok so I hope this doesn’t come off to dickheadish:

    first off about the band:

    My wife, (yea she just turned 30 last month) ended up giving this band a try when they popped up on Pandora, based off whatever band or combo she had playing at the time. I am 29 and we defiantly like music on complete opposite spectrums, although sometimes a band like lets say Wilco comes around and we both end up licking them and usually I’m surprised like “Really you dig this?”. But I have to understand that everyone likes different things and just like how I can listen to T Swift and appreciate parts of it but despise other parts, I think that’s what makes a good critic. I also acknowledge that if I put on some CAN or Zekes Marquee for example, she literally no matter how hard she tries cant stand to listen to it, like I mean literally, she’s given lots of music a super honest attempt and its sonically just disturbing to her so I get it on both sides. So 21 Pilots bugged me a lil at first but then has grown on me quite a bit, still not my favorite tho. They remind me of a dark or more demented (not lyrically but the actual sound of the music) Fun, and I honestly cant stand Fun at all, although the production value is amazing and they orchestrate some very big sounding tunes, I can feel lots of time went into it so I have some respect. So I somewhat agree with you although I think your highly exaggerating…..your a writer haa, its in your blood right? I also tend to exaggerate a lot and embellish, and get way to worked up and say things I don’t mean. I also say things as a joke and people take them the wrong way…all the time actually…and it seems some of that has occurred in this comment chain. Ok now with that said and sorry for the rant for such a small point but:

    I am not with or against ya dude (Aaron), picking sides just aint my style, but I do have to say that going down thru the comments it seems as if your trolling your own comments section, of your article haa, I mean this goes back some time I noticed and its like your watching these comments just waiting to hawk in with a rebuttal, and I cant imagine how many other comment sections you are pa-trolling. So I just wanted to comment that I might be reading too much into that fact but dang dude just a suggestion you might be able to speak your mind more freely if you didn’t seem so passively aggressively defending yourself. You start a lot of your statements with “thank you for your thoughts..” and statements of the like, half of which seem genuine, some that defiantly don’t to the point where I cant even tell. So coming from a guy who never does internet social kinda things or leaves comments this is a bit sad….just as sad as my need to read this article which I don’t even really disagree with you about, and then write this rant….so I humbly admit I’m in the same boat as you man this this comment, and everyone else who commented, but dang dude I just had to point that out sorry…..keep on speaking what ya feel tho for real

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      hey Neil! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I think most people fail to realize that this article isn’t really serious. There are plenty of exaggerations here (and in the comments section) and even though I DO despise this band, I really don’t care what others enjoy. We’re all free to like what we like and don’t have to give a reason for that! As for trolling the comments, I make it a point to reply anyone who takes the time out of their day to read something I wrote and felt something enough to actually make a comment. Even when it’s a negative comment or a roast it’s flattering. This review was meant to be entertaining. Please take the time (if you have any) to read some of my other works on this site and you will see there’s no trolling. It’s exclusive to this one. In fact sometimes it really bums me out that of all reviews, articles and think pieces I’ve written, this one gets the most hits and it’s not even full on serious! Anyway I hope you do check out some of the others and enjoy those on some level. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment!

      • Neil says:

        Yikes man, I have to humbly admit I came off like a super condescending dick in my reply. So first off my apologies on most of what I said, especially about you trolling and not seeming genuine. Believe it or not this was the very first time I have ever left a comment on any site whatsoever. I love reading through comments section and spend just as much time reading them as I do articles sometimes. I am aware of the fact I rant on and on in run on sentences to the point of not even making any sense. So although I’ve always been tempted to leave comments, I tell myself “No, you’re going to make a fool of yourself, and although you don’t know any of these people, better to pass on this” HAH soooooooo looks like I went and did that on my first attempt. I am the guy who goes through life and is conflicted about everything, especially when it comes to how I feel about my perception of things I experience. I try to see everything from every possible point of view just to make sure I am not the “other guy” who just only see’s one way or refuses to acknowledge any alternative there might be. So this was a great lesson in that if I had reread the article and comments I had ran across, and let it soak in a little longer I defiantly would have realized I was off the mark. You responding to these isn’t you trolling your own comments section, and its actually really cool that you take the time to respond and from what I am now seeing as with good, honest, intentions. In my opinion when two individuals or groups disagree of course people are going to seem defensive, in fact they are, and what’s the problem with that, and why even discuss things with people who don’t agree with you if defending your side will be seen as negative, when its totally natural. Really defense is a bad word for it even, because it implies there was offense, and as you said to someone in the comments section something along the lines of, “Well if your offended, then that’s on you”, which in this case I totally agree with you. Anyone who read this had the freedom of choice to read or not read it so your opinions that someone else choose to read should never be seen as you being offensive. Be different if someone went to a concert with fans and said “skeleton crew…or clique that’s right clique…” (insert preferred vulgar insult), or I guess even if what you said was valid and truthful, still you’re not going out of your way to bash anyone directly. An ironic note of this too is that if you were talking about a band I love and actually am fanatical about, I probably wouldn’t have commented, and if I did would it would have been in defense or to give my opinion, and chances are would have left out any of the personal stuff, so funny that a band that isn’t at the top of my list at all is the one I get caught leaving “foot in my mouth” comments on. I’ll go ahead and say that I play music, and what we try to do is very experimental and improvised and the few people I have been able to get (force) to listen to it I always ask for their opinion this way: “Please give it to me strait, I want honest criticism, don’t worry about hurting my feelings, I just want it as transparent as it can be”. So if it were my music being critiqued, then I would appreciate the honesty and not get mad or worked up over it. Who knows what spawned me to leave this comment and say things without thinking them out but thought I should reply with an apology, or explanation at least that hopefully didn’t come off as an excuse. On the funny note tho, and it probably shows how nice you really are cause you didn’t call me out for any of my bad spelling, typos, complete lack of punctuation, and just general dumbassness. After reading my comment I was like wow this deserved to have someone to come along and poke lots of fun at me, so feel free, that goes with anyone else who stumbles across this. I mean I said my wife and I (see WIFE AND I and not me and my wife, I am trying haa) were both licking Wilco, so if anything this comment will be good for a laugh. So thanks again for reading my novel and responding, and once again sorry for the off base negativity in the last comment. I also feel bad that this 21 Pilots one has been the article you got the most reception on, that’s how it goes tho ha. I read your review of Radioheads new album and now I can’t wait to hear the whole thing, and see how I feel about it too. I am a fan of Radiohead and my personal favorite without hearing the new one yet is In Rainbows (I think that’s what its called), so it will be interesting after reading your thoughts how this one will stack up to the rest from my point of view. Who knows mabey I’ll leave a 4000 word comment haa, jk jk don’t worry I won’t this is the last edition of Super Rant Enthusiast. I like the way you describe the actual music, you seem to grasp explaining sonic things in a way that translates very well when read. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to chat with people in text form about music and I’m like “You know the part where the drums go TING TING TING, I think it’s the high hat, and the synth is like WEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRR WEEEEERRRRRRR….” and the other person is either like WTF or Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaa I know what you mean (and the don’t ha). Ok done.

        • Aaron Cooper says:

          haha I appreciate the post Neil! Do NOT apologize! your original comment wasn’t off! The thing is about writing negative articles, is you are kinda opening the door for defensive comments in return. When the article is as exaggerated as this one, it’s not a door, it’s floodgate! I take no offense to anyone calling me out on any of the stuff I said. If I was worried about that, I wouldn’t have written it! So even if you WERE seriously rude or obnoxious, you had pretty good grounds for it. That goes for anyone else commenting on this article! I appreciate the kid words about my writing and explaining music. Im a musician myself and I try to bring that aspect into all my reviews on some level but without alienating anyone who isnt a musician. Also, thanks for checking out my Radiohead review! I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Feel free to comment a novel on anything I write! like I said earlier, it’s flattering when someone takes the time to comment. As for your music, I would like to hear your experimental stuff! I love that sorta thing! I’ll be in contact with you and maybe you can hook me up with some mp3s or something? Thanks again man!

  75. Kian Russell says:

    Wow dude! Everyone hates you! Well, I’m a fan of twenty one pilots and I picked up on the satire. Everyone has their own opinion and honestly, your sarcasm was quite funny. Keep up the good work! Many a time have I had to sit there for hours defending my opinions in a comment section and it sorta sucks. Anyways sorry almost everyone here doesn’t understand satire, sarcasm and exaggerations

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Kian! Thanks for reading and commenting! Yeah I do seriously hate this band and there’s plenty of the fans who are obnoxious (check the comments section haha) but at the end of the day, this was made for entertainment. I’m glad you get that it’s not full on serious in it’s execution. I hope you check out more articles from myself as well as the other writers on this site! Lot’s of different people with different opinions, but all tasteful and entertaining. Thanks again!

  76. Sk3L3T0N CR3W says:

    heres the thing aaron. everyone knows you are a douche. you are a sexist racist douche. this shitty article reveals so much about who you are as a person that I truly feel sorry for you. so you bash this band for not being talented. have you ever played a guitar or drums? its not easy. have you ever lost a loved one? it hurts. have you ever felt alone or insecure? it sucks. you are the kind of guy who plays sports just to try to get into the pants of cheerleaders. you are probably like 5 feet tall and go around picking fights. have you ever told someone you were sorry for offending them? no. you are a piece of shit who would do the world a service if you would just kill yourself. the world would be a better place. I promise.

    • michael a colon says:

      you keep calling him out for being a rude prickly, but what exactly would that make you then? you’re doing the exact same thing to him that you’re batching about him doing to that shitty band. their music is shit. I’ve replied to you before explaining why do I won’t bother doing so again.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks for reading. I’ve played guitar and drums (among other instruments) for over 20 years. I’ve lost many loved ones. I’ve felt alone and insecure (like most people in the world). Had no idea cheerleaders wear pants but seeing as I dont play, watch or attend sporting events you’ll have to give me a pass on that one. I’m 6’2 and pretty passive. I’m humble enough to take full responsibility when I offend someone and sincere apologies are at the top of the list. You don’t know me to know if I’m racist or sexist because there’s nothing in this article that lends itself to that accusation but I’m flattered you thought about me enough to make that assumption. As for killing myself, I think I’ll stick around for a little while, I’ve got a lot more articles to nail. Thanks for reading!

      • michael a colon says:


      • Laura says:

        Aaron I’m not so sure you consistently dole out apologies when you’ve offended someone (at least not here and perhaps you meant offline) but the rest of your comment makes me think you sound like a pretty bright, interesting and all around stand up guy with a good sense of humor to boot (I especially enjoyed the cheerleader/pants comment). And it’s always refreshing to hear about men who love music and aren’t obsessed with sports and machismo.

        PS Male cheerleaders actually do wear pants. Don’t they? So some cheerleaders wear them at least. I thankfully was spared from a high school with a football team/cheerleading squad so I guess I can’t speak with absolute certainty. 🙂

    • Laura says:

      I have to say that without a doubt telling someone to kill himself or herself is essentially a wretched thing to tell someone and something that I imagine the guys in the band of discussion whom you so admire would be pretty disgusted by. Aaron clearly has some thick skin but others…not so much. Especially teenagers or other particularly vulnerable people. I would utilize some additional frontal lobe function in the future and refrain from making a comment so simultaneously cruel and immature to anyone unless they have threatened your life or the life of someone you love.

    • Cali Latet says:

      How does this article prove that the writer is racist, sexist, etc? He seems pretty well spoken, tbh. Although I disagree with 99.99% of the article.

      And there was no reason to attack him like that. you’re on the Internet, the writer could be anyone. I could be anyone. Anyone can be anyone.
      And please, don’t tell anyone to kill themselves, that’s not funny, and it’s extremely ineffective.

      Have a nice day.

  77. ANamelessGhoul says:

    Whoa, what happened here? This comment section have become 100% cringe, it’s not even fun to read ’em anyomore :/

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      it’s sad isn’t it? *sigh*

      • Tedward says:

        Great Article Aaron. Provocative, saucy, and guaranteed to get the teens fuming.

        the problem with teenagers, is well….. how do i put it…..teenagers know nothing about life. but they think they know it all. I have two teenagers myself. and i have been subjected to this band through my 16 year old emo daughter. now this emo thing, well back in the day, they were known as goths. so this is all nothing new. now this emo cry-myself-to-sleep music…. it is hilarious/annoying to grown ups, but it’s oh-so painful to you children and kidults.

        still reading, my teenage angst-filled neophytes ? good. now get comfortable, and stop looking at your phone. you see, when you *really* have gone through some ‘shit’ … i’m talking decades of it…not just during your growing up years, i’m talking your adult years too. in case you’re not getting the point, as i do appreciate that tenagers are rubbish at listening, and are easily distracted, with short attention spans: watching friends die….losing jobs…losing family members…. travelling the world….getting married….getting divorced….screwing yourself up on drugs…..screwing others up on drugs….. hurting people….badly….doing jobs that wither your soul for years because you have mouths to feed…..(that’s sacrifice, junior) making arch enemies…… getting betrayed…..being triumphant despite it……(are you getting the picture yet) then, and only then you will start to understand a bit more about ‘life’. right now, you understand a tiny fraction. you are a dependant soul living in the family nest, chirping your thoughts to an uncaring world. Oh no! no wonder you’re so emo! but don’t worry. you WILL grow up, eventually….you WILL seek meaning in your existance. I hope.

        it’s true that (most) grown-ups don’t think much of this band. both guys in this band, by their own admission, grew up in white middle-class America, and haven’t really lived that much at all – yet. So pardon us, Junior, if we can’t take them, or the Clicky Bones Crew, or whatever you kids call yourself, seriously.

        it’s not that we don’t understand them, or you.. it’s just that you don’t really understand anything much at all, yet. But you will. Life is a long journey.

        *picks up walking stick and hat, and shuffles away*

        • michael colon says:

          I gather from your comment that you’re probably a bit older than myself but my fine sir, you hit the angst ridden nail on the head. sub 20 year olds think they know the pains of life but I can guarantee the ones reading all of this have not. in my less than 40 years of probably lost more than most people my age and yet…….this music is still shit to me. I thank you good sir for your excellent commentary

        • Shannon says:

          Nicely put Tedward. While there have been a few thoughtful posts sprinkled here and there, I’ve mostly been agog at the over-the-top responses to what was meant to be a light-hearted snarky review.

          I suspect many of the people who’ve left enraged comments are not only lacking in life experience, but also musical exposure. I have many pop-music guilty pleasures, and yes, taste is subjective, but I don’t think anyone who has explored a wide variety of musical genres and eras could possibly categorize this duo as passable, let alone good. In a few years I’m pretty sure many of the people who have posted outraged comments here are going to be extremely embarrassed they ever listened to these guys.

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            First off, Tedward, Michael and Shannon, all three of you are awesome! Thanks so much for reading, responding, continuing to read and responding!

            Second: What Ted and Michael said is spot on. It’s not really a ‘war on teenagers’, we were all stupid kids at one point (trust me, I’ve defended some pretty horrible bands in my day ha!) but the constant battle of retaliating comments kinda sorta proves the point of the article: Twenty One Pilots is whiny privileged emo music made for whiny privileged emo kids. and hey thats cool! art is subjective, but one must understand that music like this isnt meant to diagnose, treat, or cure depression or serious mental problems. Like it all you want and maybe it can help you through something, but kids (or adults) should NEVER get to the point where they’re relying on a pop group to mentally evaluate their mental stability. There’s NO difference between Twenty One Pilots than One Direction: it’s a product for the sole purpose to make money.

            Third: this review is supposed to be funny. Sure it’s harsh, abrasive and maybe even a little mean, but it’s meant to be entertaining. No matter how positive or how negative a music review is, it’s a form of entertainment. By getting offended, freaking out and encouraging that I should kill myself not only confirms what the review says is true, but it also makes you look like a garbage human. Is that really who you want to be? the guy who gets upset because someone doesnt agree, so you encourage him to kill himself? come one now.

            when I wrote this piece I knew I was gonna upset the fanbase, and of course I was asking for heated comments, but I didn’t intend for people to be personally offended. It’s just something I DON’T do. click on my profile and read some of the other reviews and articles I’ve done here. I pride myself in being an advocate for those to like what they like, regardless if it’s trendy or popular. Music is supposed to bring joy, not torment.

            Thanks so much for reading guys, and even more thanks for sharing your opinions (like adults lol) and bringing something positive to this conversation.

          • michael colon says:

            you gained a new reader with this article aaron. I’ve enjoyed a lot of your articles since this one. perhaps one day my own group will come under your critical ear. I just hope we would do better. thanks for being a straight up blogger.

          • Aaron Cooper says:

            Hey thanks! I appreciate that Michael! I would love to hear your band! I’m all about indie music. unlike Twenty One Pilots, most indie bands are authentic! Keep it up! looking forward to hearing your stuff!

    • ANamelessGhoul says:

      I don’t know why you all replied to this comment, but you did, so I’m gonna leave my toughts here too.

      All 4 comments were interesting to read, and however I disagree with you, I can understand your points. This band is just not for you, and that’s perfectly fine, and I think that’s the beauty in music, that everyone can find what they enjoy the most. Everyone has different opinions and if they are threatened or convinced otherwise from an article like this then their opinion is not strong enough.
      If you scroll up little bit you can see that I started listening to them thanks to this article! It’s been a few months since that and ironically I’ve became a huge fan of them.(I didn’t let Aaron’s opinion convince me, sorry). I really like their weird genre-hopping ”Schizo-pop” sound, I think it’s innovative, it’s refreshing, it’s like a combo of Gorillaz and The Prodigy and I think a lot of their tracks are timeless(no, I don’t count Stressed Out here)! Well, at least for me:P. But that’s just my opinion.

      As for the fans, yeah I wanna change my previous view of them. I only have problems with the attention seeking tumblr girls. They’re just giving the band, and the fandom a bad name. If you dig a little deeper, you can find a lot of mature people, and hell, even a lot of older people listens to them, discuss the lyrics etc. and I truly believe that TOP’s music helps people. Yeah some people are more sensitive than the others, but if a song they enjoy helps them to get throught whatever problem they have… than that’s ok I guess?People react different to a certain song/band/music etc. (And by problems I mean some serious one. The ”I’m 12 and I’m depressed can’t taken… seriously”

      And I just strongly disagree with the comparation with TOP and 1D.

      But hey it’s music it’s subjective, I hope I didn’t upset anyone… I don’t feel safe on the internet nowadays.

      *prepare for possible rage*

  78. Hi says:

    Aaron Cooper,

    “…has no bearing on how they should be judged as a human being.”

    *human beings, not ‘a human being’

    “I can’t help but feel sorry for anyone who actually think Twenty One..”


    “I seen Twenty One Pilots”

    • You SEEN?!?! Whose your junior high English teacher??


    There are many, many more.

  79. Hi says:

    “I was accompanying a mildly attractive lady…”

    Have you seen your bio pic, Aaron? I mean, looks are subjective, but holy crap. Are you smuggling 21 mozzarella balls in your cheeks?

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Dang, you sure told me good. Ugh. Thanks for that, I’m gonna join a gym today and get in better shape. This could be life changing! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment THREE times!

      Oh and Twenty One Pilots still suck.

    • michael colon says:

      If fixing grammatical errors is all you can do in regards to replying to this article then I believe that would indicate that you too think thathat 21 pilots suck. Way to make yourself look less than most people by attacking Aaron’s looks too. When trying to refute someone’s argument it’s best to not act the way you’re mad at the person with whom you disagree with.

  80. Cali Latet says:

    I just read all of the comments because I am a useless human being and wow what a roller coaster of emotions. I love this comment sections.

  81. Karl S. says:

    Thanks for posting this and good read. A few tracks from “Blurryface” have hit the airwaves and they are just…meh. Decent production, but the bland vocals and mishmash of different styles (Is it reggae? Rap? Pop rock? Electronic?) just don’t translate into anything that exceptional or memorable. TOP seems like the type of band whose fan base mainly consists of those born after 1998, are experiencing somewhat of a social/identity crisis in their adolescence, and who scream and call you every name in the book if you daresay a single negative thing about this aggressively average duo.

    They made an appearance on “Conan” in 2013 and I thought nothing of them; how their popularity has skyrocketed since then boggles my mind.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Karl! Most people don’t even realize that this article is exaggerated for entertainment purposes, but when they do freak out and take it personal it kinda confirms how childish some fans can be. Oh well what can ya do?

  82. Brendan says:

    Just a quick question Aaron Cooper since you hate 21 Pilots I figured I’d want to hear yo tear down more bands: Linkin Park , Three Days Grace and Five Finger Death Punch which are some of my favorites.

    • michael colon says:

      we get it. you like shitty music.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Brendan, I don’t like any of those bands either, but I’m not going to tear them down here. I was presented with a Twenty One Pilots album and this is my review on it, that particular band, as well some commentary on some of their fans. It’s not meant to be taken personal. If you think I just rip apart bands I hate with this site, you’re going to be disappointed! Check out some of my other articles here! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment

  83. James Teische says:

    Hi, Aaron. I’m a 15 year old who deals with this music all day long. I can’t even escape it during summer vacation; it’s literally on every radio channel. I read this article and thought it was actually pretty funny while still being true about the band itself – in my inexperienced teenage opinion, they try so desperately to make themselves seem like down-to-earth depressed emo teens, but it has become blatantly obvious that their egos are so inflated they can’t even see how ‘poppy’ they have become. The very first time I heard one of their songs on the radio (no idea which one), my sister mentioned it was her favorite band, and I was disgusted. She has always been one of those pop-obsessed kind of girls, so it was pretty common for her to like music such as TOP, but I honestly thought it was some of the worst music I had ever heard. I almost never enjoy pop music in general, because I am an aspiring pianist and love the romantic and baroque eras to death, but this style of pop music in particular really grated on my nerves. I kept hearing their song ‘Stressed Out’ all over the place soon after. It sounded like they were just making up the words and rhythms as they sang (which is similar to piano improv, but usually piano doesn’t sound as horrible). There was no unity in the song, just a guy singing a lame chorus over and over and then spewing out some pretty bad rap. I couldn’t believe music like this was even on the radio, much less playing every 15 minutes. I looked at the lyrics for some of their songs and noticed they are basically all the same – TOP tries to write some deep, inspiring message while still sounding like a catchy song, but in the end the ‘music sounds like generic pop with bad guitar and the deep’ messages turn out to be extremely obvious with just one listen. For example, “my name is blurryface and I care what you think” = “I’m insecure and struggling with who I really am.” Not that hard. It’s basically the same crisis of every teenager ever, and is no deeper than the poetry I wrote in middle school. But for some reason, people think they are such depressing and meaningful lyrics. I am not saying anything against people who like their music; I certainly disagree with their taste in music, and sometimes I try to convince TOP fans that the band isn’t as good as they think, but it really is just about personal taste. I think that’s where your article went a little off track, which is why so many commenters flipped out at you (although, personally, I thought your generalizations of the fanbase were pretty funny). Honestly, to anyone who has fallen in love with TOP, I just feel bad for you – there are soooo many more bands, musicians, etc. who are way more meaningful or at least sound better than the strange, meaningless mashups of alt-rock/pop/whatever music that TOP pumps out without a second thought. Maybe even try listening to piano or orchestra, you might actually enjoy it. I honestly have no idea if TOP was any better before they came out with the blurryface album and stuff like that, but if they were, I am sincerely confused as to how a band that was originally good could plummet into the murky, rock-bottom pits of pop music that they currently dwell in. If anyone is waiting for them to get better again in the future, good luck. I will not be waiting with you.

    Also if anyone is going to bash me for writing such a long comment, being stupid, having bad grammar, or anything else, keep in mind that I’m just a really bored teenager with nothing to do right now. Thanks for reading.

  84. Spencer Bennett says:

    Um…i dont want to argue, but let me say this. Tyler Joseph, the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots, had depression when he was a kid, and attempted suicide. Now he writes music to help people overcome their depression. Twenty One Pilots is a beacon of hope to many, including myself. I respect them, and their authenticity. Also, they aren’t Indie Rock. They fall into a small category known as Schizoid Pop. Im willing to have a civilized debate, but dont freak out on me please

    • michael colon says:

      schizoid pop? really? they’re pop music. that’s it. as far as the depression and suicide……a lot of people had that shit as a kid. didn’t mean they had to go out and make bad music later.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Spencer, Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I’m well experienced in depression and emotional distress, and I can’t speak for anyone who sees this band as some sort of beacon of hope (good on them for finding something that helps!) but sadly I don’t feel this band is authentic at all. The lyrics do more pandering than encouragement. There’s nothing wrong with creating something for a certain demographic but to me, the lack of conviction when dealing with serious issues a lot of people face, is far more dangerous than helpful. Especially to naive youngsters who sometimes confuse angst for mental disorder. There’s a certain dishonesty and heartlessness that comes along with playing upon someone’s emotions for the sake of selling records to kids that I take issue with. If this band helps people through difficult times, that’s fantastic but anyone battling depression or any kind of emotional disorder, need to seek medical attention, not evaluation from pop stars. Anyway, that’s just MY personal opinion based on my experiences. It’s completely fine if you disagree! this is just one article on a site with a million others! Thanks for reading, hope you have a nice night!

      • Spencer Bennett says:

        If you did your research, i dont know if you did all the way back to their beginning, they weren’t pop stars. Listen to songs from their Self Titled album. That was a really inspiring, thoughtful album.

  85. Clique as Frick says:

    I really really hate you. So much. Not only did you put down a truly amazing band that is authentic with a singer/song writer who is an artistic genius, but you completely mocked everyone who is a fan of them. It’s okay to state your opinion of them, but it becomes not okay when you go beyond that, insulting countless people By making ignorant assumptions. You are such an a**hole. Yes, I take personal offense because you literally addressed all TØP fans as a whole. My entire family and many friends love them and they have impacted my life in an amazing way. For you to blatantly bash them and peg their music as 0/5 is extremely rude and disrespectful as they put their heart and soul into every song they create. You can reply with some self-absorbed snarky crap trying to degrade me and what I have to say, but it will only confirm how pathetic you are: writing this shallow trash you call a music critique. Why don’t you do the world a favor and write an article about water being wet, because that would be more useful than this garbage.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Click as Frick! thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to check out my other reviews on the site!

    • Spencer Bennett says:

      Cmon, man. Telling people how much they suck or how much you hate them doesn’t change anything. Dont be rude. Just calm down, and explain rationally the problem you had with the article

      • Clique as Frick says:

        I know, I know.. I just get upset when I see or hear stuff like this. I know I overreacted but that is, for the most part, exactly what was going on in my head after I read the review. It’d be better if I could talk to the guy in real life and I would be cooler about it and be able to explain myself better.

        • Aaron Cooper says:

          Feel free to write how you feel, in any way that satisfies the need to express yourself. It can be pretty and flowery, or nasty and ugly as long as it’s true to YOU.

          Sometimes people even write their feelings in the form of articles and get hundreds of hits a week! 😉

  86. Carlitos says:

    I would maybe liked this band if they admit they are homosexuals. I’d rather listen to Ariana grande then this crap.

  87. High says:

    At least they are trying to be different.

    Most pop nowadays just give in to repeated choruses. I doubt they wrote the song… Or maybe they did, I’m not sure.

    I won’t argue with you. You made good points and there is such a thing as freedom of speech.

    P.S. Why do you sell t-shirts though? Are you popular or something? I’m not sure because it is the first time I saw this website.

  88. Angela says:

    Let me begin by saying this: I thought your review was well written and thought provoking. I, myself, thought little of the band after listening to only “Stressed Out,” which was a perfectly tailored song to the young masses. I won’t get into how much I like this band yet as that remains to be seen, but I do find their success interesting.

    Upon further investigation, I learned that both the artists were a homeschooled duo from Ohio that used to go door-to-door asking people if they would listen to their show. I learned they grew up with such strict Christian households that they weren’t allowed to listen to rock music or watch R rated movies. I can’t remember which one it was, but he almost got kicked out of his parent’s house.

    With this in mind, it has become clear that this emo vibe was actually an acute expression of the bottled up emotions of his childhood. He spent an entire life being forced to conform and told right from wrong. He is fed up with it and is trying to break away from it. In fact, there may have been a time when he was suicidal (I can’t prove this of course). Although he undoubtedly was able to popular in part due to white male privelage, his experiences were likely a fruitition of struggle.

    With all of this said, the quality of the music and the reason behind its existence are two seperate things. I am not well versed in the music industry besides the few bands I bother to listen to for more than one song. However, I am fairly certain the band is not pretending to be emo. They believe each word they express with their rapping, hip-hop, screamo, and somber vibe. It is a reflection of their own perspectives of the world.

    Going back to our opinions of this band, I personally find some of their musical choices odd and frustrating. They way the mix rock, piano, screamo, hip-hop, ukulele, etc. does not always work. I think they are largely overrated and will likely fade from the public eye like many popular musicians. However, with all that said, I do enjoy their lyrics compared to so many pop songs in the top 40. Most of those songs are about dancing, having sex, love, and a variation of the former. After listening to these 100 times over, they get old fast.

    In my opinion, I do not think this band is a modern day Beatles, but they do have talent in the lyrical department. I have not heard many bands in the main stream recently covering topics like suicide, violence, and insecurities. Of course, I’m sure their are many un-mainstream bands that have these topics that no one has heard of. Regardless, thank you for allowing me the opportunity for much rambling. I appreciate your opinion. I hope you enjoyed mine.

  89. AJ says:

    Before I start I want to say that I completely respect your opinion. You don’t like twenty one pilots? Fine. You hate twenty one pilots? That’s fine as well! But I’d just like to let you know that their fanbase is not what you insinuated them to be. Yeah, I’m a teenage girl. But before I knew who twenty one pilots were, I had done the run around in music. I explored maybe every genre you can find, including country. That aside, I’ll have you know that I am a 12th grade girl with several AP classes, so I am definitely not what you said their fanbase was, basically you said we were stupid teenage girls. You also said that I might not know what good music is, and I think that I do considering that I have heard more than enough terrible music in my admittedly short lifetime. And I admit, not going to lie, that I questioned their music for about 10 minutes, but then I remembered just how intelligent Tyler Joseph is. Now, I don’t mean any disrespect. I just simply did not fine the comment you made on their fanbase very amusing. Thanks.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      I also questioned their music for about 10 minutes, but then I listened to their entire catalog and saw them live and I was convinced their terrible. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

      • AJ says:

        Lol that was kind of funny. But again, I totally respect your opinion on them. I certainly don’t expect EVERYONE to like them. I also respect the fact that you listened to at least a fair amount of their music (or so you told me) before stating your opinion. Anyways, have a great day, night, or afternoon!

  90. Nigger faggot gay retard says:

    Kill urself Aaron

  91. Anonymous says:

    What is your opinion on logic. He is a rapper

  92. Marah says:

    I just stumbled across this post and really appreciate it. I’m a senior in high school, and only know a handful of people who share my opinion on Twenty One Pilots. I honestly just don’t understand what’s so appealing about them. So many of their songs sound like they dumped a whole bunch of genres and lyrics into a hat and picked at random. I’m a musician myself, and I would never be satisfied with the poor output they produce. And their covers, sweet jesus… I lost the tiny amount of respect I had for them when I saw their sad attempt at covering Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye.” They took such a beautiful song and drove it into the ground, I was appalled. I mean, I get that their music jives with the “horrible atrocities and hardships” that today’s teens apparently suffer, but c’mon. Don’t pay these losers just because they pretend to know and care about how you feel, they don’t. The only reason they write songs of those topics is because they know all of the emo tumblr teens will relate and go to their concerts.

    Anyway, you’re post was spot on and really well written. I’m glad to see I’m not the only person in the world who can’t stand Twenty One Pilots.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey! thanks for reading! Yeah there’s plenty of pandering with this band. I’m sure they’ve dealt with hardships just like most of us have but this whole thing just feels cold and corporate to appeal to the superficial ‘loner’ crowd. That’s fine too, there’s nothing wrong with knowing your target audience but it makes me sad to see kids with real issues relying on such heartless drivel to bring them through it. Looking to a glorified pop star for life affirmation is a very bleak and depressing road and I think it’s important for people with real issues not to get too caught up in something that’s prime directive is to take your money.

      With that said, if you like this band, rock on to it! This is just MY opinion, and not meant to sway anyone away from enjoying something.

  93. Andrew Johnston says:

    As a 35 year old hater of most pop music, with an eclectic taste across all genres except country and western and opera, I stumbled across 21 pilots about a month ago and have bought their blurryface album – haven’t heard this one you are reviewing.
    I found this article after being shocked to find out they had such a large fan base of tweens =/…made feel a bit awkward.
    I think I’d be completely with you if this were about plenty of other pop rock bands out there…but I think you might be missing the point with a few things, and actually incorrect about a few as well.
    For one – reading a rolling stones article on them, it appears that they were the guys handing out CD’s and free tickets at the mall, playing to local crowds and working hard to get where they are now.
    Secondly, while there are 4 or 5 songs on the album I always skip that’s about the same as any other album I buy from anyone – some songs just don’t work for me.
    Thirdly, you mention car radio as an example about him whining about someone stealing his radio and having a big emo cry…but you’ve actually missed the whole point of the lyrics (which are far from a pandering to the masses and emo’s cookie cutter lyrics IMO….I mean surely they’re a sight bit better than “it’s getting hot in here so take of all your clothes!” and anything by any boy band ever).
    These lyrics remind me of Rage against the Machine (pretty much my favourite band) in Fistftul of Steel where he sings “Like radio is silent. Though it fills the air with noises”. Once this guys car radio was stolen all of a sudden instead of being blasted with meaningless shit – he’s got time to think about things more deeply –
    “It is faith and there’s sleep
    We need to pick one please because
    Faith is to be awake
    And to be awake is for us to think
    And for us to think is to be alive
    And I will try with every rhyme
    To come across like I am dying
    To let you know you need to try to think”

    Lastly – there are some really musically brilliant songs on this album with great production value, one of these is hometown which brings in some nostalgia from the 80’s with their synth sounds and an underlying rhythm that really moves everything along nicely. The Judge is another song that I would almost expect to hear on something like a Mumford and Sons album.

    I almost couldn’t be bothered writing this, and I kinda get the feeling that if these guys were a discovery of yours amongst a few other individuals, and not currently part of the 15 minutes of fame the tween driven pop industry hysteria inevitabley brings forth – you might actually have a different opinion about them, but it has probably been tainted with a brush that you may not be able to remove anymore.

    Also, who knows – becoming popular may well be cause them to make decisions they wish they hadn’t and they may also be pretty pissed off that all there fans are 12 year old girls. I know I would be =/

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey thanks for reading and the comment. Unfortunately I’ve given these guys quite a few chances up until this remix album. I listened to everything they have available as well as seeing them live. My opinion of them still stands. If you dig them, that’s cool! God bless ya for it, but they are not for me. Thanks for reading and taking the time to post your opinion without resorting to name calling and death threats haha

  94. Brenda says:

    You criticised Top for not getting straight to the point with their songs, yet this was the most dragged out ‘review’ I’ve ever read. Majority of it wasn’t even about Twenty one pilots, which made it hard to follow and painful to read.

    I also feel being that being a critique of new music isn’t the best job for you. You don’t seem to be able to differentiate good music from bad, most likely from a progression in music that you weren’t able to comprehend.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      hey thanks for reading such a ‘dragged out’ review and still having enough energy to post a comment! Thanks for the critique on my critique, I’ll be sure to continue to reviewing Twenty One Pilots releases as they’re available!

  95. Trent Jameson says:

    Yes, they’re ass and the reason people like them mystifies me as much as why Kanye is regularly celebrated as a “genius”. Seriously Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome at work. They sound like your average 10s corporate approved industry act, over polished, perfect vocals, over produced, synthetic, safe as houses and ultimately lame. Contrast them with what we had in the 90s, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Nirvana etc and I’m led back to the same question, why do people like these Walton esque, squeaky clean, over produced, generic acts? This decade absolutely sucks on about every cultural base, it’s a musical dark ages, and don’t get me started on the rise of nationalist right wing movements, it’s like we’ve gone full circle backwards in time with tepid music crying out to be replaced by a new form of rock n’ roll and the rise of authoritarian blockheads. They actually suck and there are a million other bands way more deserving of the success they currently enjoy, there are a million bands people ought to hear who are actually doing new and innovative things but will never get heard because they don’t conform to this decade’s ultra conservative tastes, which I’m sure will be remembered as the worst decade in quite a while for music, film, the general corporatisation of all culture and public spaces/services.

  96. Kelly Michelle says:

    It’s a funny thing, I’m a 40 year old wife/mom who is into all kinds of music from The Beatles to Foo Fighters to Band of Horses to Dixie Chicks. I pretty much hate most top 40 music. I learned about twenty one pilots because my 2 youngest daughters became obsessed with them about six months ago. They are 8 and 11. I had to make sure what they were into was appropriate. I had heard their music because my daughters played it nonstop, but never really listened closely to it until I started doing my “mom research”. As someone who appreciates music with deeper meaning, and who has also struggled with mental health issues as some others have commented, I got hooked on their music. I’m not in eighth grade and I’m not a millennial, I’ve been married for almost 19 years, I’ve worked at the same decent job for almost as long. My oldest daughter started listening too. She IS a millennial, 20 years old. Now when we’re all in the car, we have a blast singing along to twenty one pilots. I think that anything that can bring together families in a positive way is a great thing. I actually LOVE that my young daughters like this music. After watching a bunch of interviews with them as well, I couldn’t pick better role models. The guys are funny, silly, genuine, don’t swear, and I’ve never seen them even talk about drinking or smoking. Sometimes they are peppy and silly, sometimes they are obviously tired and worn down. They are real. They are super close friends too, they model good, supportive relationships. I like the fact that they are so open about struggles. They are hard workers, they worked their way up and they don’t care if their songs are #1 or they make a ton of money. That is not why they are doing this. They care about people. They’re good dudes. So many musicians are cocky douchebags, singing about meaningless stuff. They are what so many musicians aren’t – genuine, humble, not concerned with trivial bullcrap. They certainly are not some stupid little pop duo. This band has the sweetest, nicest, friendliest fans in the world. Maybe some of us are a little messed up, maybe we deal with some stuff that’s pretty heavy and have been in some pretty dark places. I understand you were doing a music review, but isn’t music about more than just the music? It is to me, and a bunch of other people who find comfort in their lyrics. It’s so much deeper than the music, but if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. They’re not for you. Basically all of that just to say that they do have fans who aren’t in middle school or pathetic 20 somethings. We’re not looking for perfect music, we’re looking for something to relate to that is bigger than us. And I enjoy every second of singing along to twenty one pilots with my girls. Looking forward to taking my little girls to their first concert when they come back to town.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Kelly! First off, thanks so much for reading and taking the time to leave such a well worded, perfectly written rebuttal to my article. This particular piece is in no way meant to keep someone who enjoys their music from enjoying their music. It’s simply MY opinion (which is why it’s classified as a “rant” and not an actual “review” ) Although I’m firm on my stance with this band and what they do, it’s completely cool that so many DO get something out of their music or any music for that matter.This article was meant for entertainment purposes only. Experiences, health, and taste aside, they are just not for me. I also want to send big kudos to you for being supportive of your children’s taste in tunes. That’s awesome parenting….just please don’t feed them Taco Bell for dinner each night 😉

      • Kelly Michelle says:

        Aaron, thanks for being nice to me! I was a little scared posting my opinions… I do appreciate your kind words in regards to my parenting, it is my #1 priority in life. And I only let them eat Taco Bell occasionally!! 🙂

        • Aaron Cooper says:

          Never be scared to post your opinion! Have you forgotten how this very article is hating on an extremely popular band? haha Thanks for reading, and I hope you check out some of the other articles I’ve written here 🙂

    • Erin says:

      So well said Kelly! Thank you so much for speaking up for the mom’s. I am 42 and saw them in concert with my 20 year old daughter this summer at Red Rocks in Colorado. My 10 year old son is a huge fan as well, and I’ve promised him the next show. It is amazing to me to have found a band that all three of us can enjoy and we each have our own reasons. Mine mirrors yours to a t, so thank you so much for the beautifully written response!

  97. Kevin says:

    The sound of the band isn’t bad but the singer is awful. One of the most annoying vocal tones and deliveries I’ve ever heard. Dude is just trying way too hard to sound cool but just ends up “over-phrasing” every line he sings. The result is a whiny, pretentious mess. I can’t decide who is worse, this singer or the guy from “Fun.” If those two ever did an album together, it would be the biggest piece of whale turd ever produced.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      everything about this band is the worst ever. I can’t think of one redeeming quality at all. I don’t like Fun. at all but at least he can at least sing somewhat. ugh. thanks for reading!!

  98. M says:

    At first when I read this, I was slightly salty. Not even gonna lie. This used to be one of my favorite bands, and luckily they faded into the background so I could focus more on other artists and genres. And boy do I realize something: they kinda suck. They’ve been steadily sucking since 2009, which was their debut. And it was a great pop fusion debut in my opinion. It was very lyrical, well constructed, and overall a very enjoyable listening experience. Hell, I still love listening to it. But their last two albums have been trash. Vessel would have been good. It could never be great or as great as self titled, but it had potential. It was ruined by the production. For some reason, they really wanted to emphasize their glitchy beats and mechanical production. And sometimes it really did pull through on tracks like Car Radio and Trees. But it was pretty bad. Blurryface was a ton of good ideas thrown into a blender, churned, thrown on a pop artist’s lap, and then produced. Like Vessel it had some really great moments. But by god did it have several glaring problems. In no particular order, here are my problems: terrible tracklisting, questionable production, poorly used genres, good lyrical ideas with extremely poor execution, the wallowy nature of his struggles and emotions like good god how can one person wallow so much without someone telling them to stop why doesn’t he write with others so this won’t happen sweet Jesus. But let’s extend the critique outside of twenty one pilots land by looking at contemporaries. Specifically Mutemath. Man are they good. I just found them and already I can notice the work they put into their material. And putting them side by side makes you realize that twenty one pilots is kinda bad. Their production is very weak, lyrics are weak, and they don’t realize when a project is shit.

    And to the hurt fans: grow up. Learn to accept criticism of the things you love. Critically think about your music and expand your mind. Look up better bands like Mutemath, The xx, or hell even Other Lives. You’ll be surprised at what you can find. Be willing to look at other genres as well.

    Much tough love and care,


    • Joe says:

      I will tell you why I love Twenty One Pilots music. They simply make catchy music that not only appeals to me but many fans all over the world. I like genres of reggae, hip hop, alternative rock, folk rock, electro pop, dance, etc. Twenty One Pilots is one of only a few bands I’m aware of to creatively fuse different genres of music all together and I know their all over the place but that is a big reason I love this band. They can’t really be categorized. Almost every musical act stick to only one or two genre of music but not TOPs. They really caught fire when their Blurryface album was released. I can’t think of any fairly new bands or artists that started off this year playing mostly small concert venues to playing sold out massive venues all over the world like Twenty One Pilots are accomplishing now. The last time I saw a music act go from a small following and suddenly blow up everywhere was Lady Gaga. As you know Lady Gaga has among the most loyal fans and I don’t doubt Twenty One Pilot fans are any different if you noticed from the replies here how the band has personally positively affected them. TOP’s have these faithful fans called skeleton cliques in every city they play in. They number in average from 200 to 500 fans that show up extremely early. Some arrive before even sunrise at every concert in every different city TOPs play in to ensure they get a good spot up close to the performance stage. Twenty One Pilots are probably even more popular in South America and Europe than here in the states. It is only your wishful thinking that this band will fade into obscurity but more likely the truth is Twenty One Pilots is a band that will be around for a long time because of their hardcore fans. There are of course going to be people that hate certain bands but you can at least acknowledge Twenty One Pilots is doing something right to achieve such huge success over the course of the year. They are starting their US tour beginning 2017 at mostly arenas that average 18000 seats. Most of the tickets are already sold out on their tour coming up in the states after a successful South America and European tour in which it was completely sold out. I know this band is not your cup of tea but you can’t deny the fact that Twenty One Pilots is way more admired by music fans than disliked. These two average midwestern boys came from nothing to greatness over a span of a few years and you can’t ignore how impressive their rise has been, especially when they did it in this ever changing music industry which I believe makes it ten times harder to find success more now than ever before from years past.

      • M says:

        My friend, I completely understand why people like twenty one pilots quite well. I used to be a hardcore fan and my brother and several friends still are. I appreciate their approach on the genres, even if I think the execution is poor. Read parts of my review again. I thought that their debut was good. I thought Vessel was good and even had several enjoyable moments, even if I was harsh on it. And Blurryface used to actually be one of my favorite albums! Hell, there are still tracks (Message Man, Heavydirtysoul, Goner, Polarize, Hometown) that I still hit every once and awhile. To surmise, I thought their commercial albums were good ideas with bad execution. On the contrary, I hope they remain successful and continue to grow musically. So long as they put out good content. But their first two albums on a major label have been bad and have fallen flat on me. I’m glad people love them and I’m glad I can see the beauty in some of their tracks.

        I really hope their next album is really good. I really do. Because while these last two have been okay, I know they can do better. Tyler Joseph at the very least showed that on self-titled. And Josh Dun showed that on Vessel and Regional at Best.

        I apologize for making my original post so heated. I really do like a lot of their work, and that comment was written in the heat of the moment. Still stand by it, but it was poorly worded.

        With love and awaiting a response,


        • Grace Smith says:

          I’m glad that you’re finally one of the first people I’ve seen who RESPECTFULLY state their opinion without insulting someone or MANY people…I do agree their’s a few songs in Vessel and Blurryface that kinda fell flat.

          I kinda think that one of the reasons (if not the main reason) for those songs is because actually A LOT of them were songs in their older albums that were fantastic, but Fueled By Ramen basically forced them into remaking each song to “suit the audience”, which is kinda stupid, because the original versions of those songs were GREAT!

          With Blurryface, however, I again agree that some of those songs kinda fell flat. Even TYLER JOSEPH admitted that he was slipping too far into generic pop in that album. So that’s why for their next album in 2018, Tyler and Josh plan to go back to the style of the first two albums (Self-Titled and Regional At Best), which many fans including I are VERY excited for.

          With much respect, have a wonderful day! Stay Alive |-/

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  100. Dammie says:

    Lol yeah your post made sense up until the point it hit me that for some odd reason they probably definitely still have a higher net worth than your nuclear family combined(you and your 19 cats)
    Get a life,text me at 555-0121 if you’re serious about making something out of your life.Your success story would be great on the newspapers
    “Vinyl collector who would never amount to anything due to career as blogger gets to finally twirl on his haters as he butlers for more successful teenage girl”

    Cute blog,try again

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Aww thanks for reading Dammie! Are Twenty One Pilots paying you to defend their honor on random blogs? Oh…you do that for free? Unfortunate 🙁

      Also, I’m allergic to cats, but thanks for the attention!

  101. 5FingerDEATHFuck says:

    Another snowflake crying in his organic tea because millions like what he doesnt. go back and listen to your nerdy hipster shit only 2 other people have ever heard of and leave real music to the adults.

  102. Amy Smith says:

    I know I’m late on finding this article. Granted, I’m a newer fan of Twenty Øne Piløts. I respect that you have an opinion, but calling the fanbase idiots isn’t alright. Yes, there are some extremely annoying members who get annoyed at you for typing the number 21 instead of the words.

    From the sound of this article, you probably have not listened to their songs. So they’re not for everyone. However, as a previous comment said, Lane Boy is a song about wanting to write their own music and not caring what the industry wants from them. Pop music is a soulless industry, but TØP has tried to turn that around for themselves. Tyler has gone through some things in his life, a lot of emotionally related things. He writes about those experiences so people like him know that somebody has heard them, and somebody is there to help. I respect that you don’t necessarily like TØP, it isn’t my place to judge. But I believe that you should never, never say anything about something you haven’t really tried. It’s like a child telling you they hate eating tomatoes when they’ve never eaten one.

    My last point is that you are stereotyping the kinds of people who listen to them. Not all of us are idiots. Not all of us are just young people who want attention and complain about nothing. It also doesn’t sound like you have ever dealt with depression. It’s a real thing, and it can be serious. This doesn’t mean you should be drugged for it, but it does exist. While depression does seem to be more commonly known these days, the people without it still make up the majority of the U.S. Unfortunately, some of these people have not known what it’s like suddenly waking up one morning and not finding any joy in anything. They don’t know what it’s like to walk your dog outside in the sunshine and feel even gloomier than as if it were cloudy. They don’t know what it’s like to constantly want to cut yourself, to always be depressed as soon as you stop distracting yourself with work, household responsibilities, or listening to music. As soon as the noise stops, the quiet takes over and so do dark thoughts. TØP has written and played original songs that express that pain well, and let those who have depression know they aren’t alone. I can understand though, how a person not experiencing these things may not like Twenty Øne Piløts because their songs seem too dark, too depressing.

    You sound a bit like how my father might have sounded if I had liked these guys when I was a teenager.

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Amy! Thanks for reading the article and taking the time to share your opinion! From the sounds of your comment, you didn’t read the entire article. I specify that I not only listened to every single release of theirs but also saw them in concert. So I believe you should never skip portions of an article and have hot takes. It isn’t my place to judge but standard reading and comprehension will come in handy. It’s like eating the top bun of a cheeseburger and saying you will never eat meat ever again.

      I’ve also dealt with depression. It is real and it can be serious Which is why it’s important not to gaslight teenagers who aren’t mature enough to tell the difference between angst and mental illness. I can understand where you’re coming from though because these songs are so juvenile and fire on the lowest common denominator, it’s easy to confuse “speaking to one’s soul” with basic familiarity. That comes a long with experience. Further more I feel depression is so serious that it shouldn’t be diagnosed or treated by mass produced pop music.

      Thanks for reading and the comment! I hope you take a look around and read some other articles here!

      Oh and you’re old man sounds like a cool guy 🙂

  103. Alan the Manly says:

    I never really liked them until earlier this year, I was invited by a friend to their Emotional Roadshow concert with floor tickets and was blown away by how good of a live show they put on. Especially for a two-man group. Lots of energy irradiates off the stage. They put out a live show better than some bands I’ve seen with five or six guys. On the subject of calling entire groups of listeners for a band more or less brain dead? I dunno man. Seems pretty low to me. This was one-third review and two-thirds bullying, to be honest. But it’s your blog. Lol. You do you, man. Just thought I’d leave my comment because, why not?

  104. Emo Nonsense says:

    Just accidentally took my stepson to this nonsense “concert”: postmodern, fragmented, emotionally discordant, cacophany of bad reggae, terrible rap, and decent singing but terribly didjointed song writing that will not allow itself to hold a melody for more than a moment like a crying tweenie bopper digging thru vines eating ho hos n fighting off depression. it was a complete sledgehammer to the face of sensory overload in the worst sense, and in a way, it seemed unethical: like these weird lonely fan-children were kinda worshiping two lost heroine addicts spinning in circles who forgot where they put their cardboard box houses.

    • Grace Smith says:

      Ok, I can get that you don’t like the music Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun make, but do you HAVE to insult the fans? Like, ya know, calling them “weird lonely fan-children”…I mean, honestly I don’t disagree with the weird and lonely part~but “FAN CHILDREN”? How do you even know that they’re all children? In fact, my 46-year old father LOVES Twenty One Pilots.

      And if you’re wondering, YES, he has a STABLE JOB, GOOD INCOME, and is a LOVING FATHER whos cares for me and my five siblings.

      Now, I can guess what you’re going to do next to lash back at me with something like “Ew, go away you 12-yr old nerd” (I’m not 12 tho I’m older than that) or “Get a life, b***h.” or MAYBE EVEN you might say something like “You father has no taste in music and needs a life desperately bc he’s 46, he shouldn’t be listening to this whiny schizophrenic pop”.

      If you are angry at me for saying this stuff because you regret this music existing, then I’m sorry. And just a quick question outta curiosity~Do you even understand what their messages are? Because there ARE messages in there…they’re just really hard to decode.

      And yes I do agree there’s obsessive 12-yr old fangirls who scream “Marry me!!” every time they see Twenty One Pilots, but I can ASSURE YOU those kinds of fans DO NOT represent all of us. Not at all. Again, sorry if you’re upset for me disagreeing with you, but I don’t support others stereotyping, generalizing, and ,worst of all, INSULTING fans. I get how you can despise Tyler and Josh (Because just like ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING, they WILL have haters and enemies), but I DON’T get how attacking the fans for it makes logical sense.

      When you said how their music is “fighting off depression”, you’re actually right. Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, rapper, ukulele player, bassist, pianist, accordion player, tambourine player, and even the synthesizer (it’s like a launchpad sort of), was dealing WITH DEPRESSION for YEARS ON END.

      How did he escape and survive? Through his music. Who cares if his voice is slightly high and nasally (which by the way he was born with so..), or if the lyrics are depressing, or even if sometimes it’s too loud and fast and hard to understand~THIS MUSIC HAS AN IMPORTANT, RELATABLE, and LIFE-SAVING MESSAGE.

      Now, I know that you’re gonna say “Pfft, how can music save lives, idiot?!”…..If you don’t believe me, I and thousands upon thousands of fans of Twenty One Pilots can testify to how they stopped us from taking our lives away. NO, it didn’t make me instantly drop a razor or bottle of pills, I can admit to that. But I can tell you this~
      I was thinking of slitting my wrist, under the pressure of my parents getting divorced, my siblings and I on low food supply, and school expectations, while my sister Anna was blasting Twenty One Pilots from her laptop. The song is called “Friend, Please.”

      So while I was thinking of this awful opportunity to harm myself, the lyric from this particular song went “I know you want to leave but friend, please don’t take your life from me.” That hit my heart hard. I realized in that moment that I wasn’t alone, and that it would affect people around me if I killed myself. So I didn’t hurt myself.

      Soon after, my English teacher started playing Stressed Out every day in my classroom. I thought it was a cool song, so I looked up the artist. Intrigued, I started browsing through their other songs. Do you want to guess what song I found then? “FRIEND, PLEASE” Once I knew it was THEM that created that song, I instantly became a fan, and still am. And NO, I DO NOT fangirl over their looks if you’re wondering =_=

      For the last time, I apologize for this little rant of mine. I just don’t appreciate when people say things like others are “two lost heroine addicts (which neither Tyler nor Josh are) spinning in circles who forgot where they put their cardboard box houses.

      You can dislike their music. That’s fine with me. But you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT insult both the band and the fans with crude language, stereotypes, and untrue facts. That’s just ethically wrong. Sorry for ruining your mood, just something I thought I should say. Have a wonderful day and I hope you have a good life! 🙂

      • Aaron Cooper says:

        If you ever begin entertaining thoughts of suicide or self-harm, talk to someone. Never rely on the advice of a pop star.

        • Grace Smith says:

          I never said to rely on a pop star for mental health problems. I did just mention that their music DOES help in a certain way…but not for EVERYONE. I know that music isn’t the solution for everyone and that’s fine.

          Besides I’ve tried getting help and it hasn’t helped much~I still have nightmares on a daily basis and struggle with self-harm. All I’m saying is that for me and thousands of others~but not everyone~Twenty One Pilots’ music has been a major support for us, mainly for the messages left in each song..I know you’ll probably lash back at me with some remark or insult, but honestly at this point I’m too tired to care.

          Have a nice day!

  105. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with your article entirely.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Well I just thought I’d share.

  107. Benski says:

    After reading this article and feeling good and then the comments and feeling bad, I feel like I kind of “get” auto-erotic asphyxiation.

  108. Paul Jolley says:

    I’ve gotta say that it takes guts and a lot of effort into writing a review like that. Excellent and well done! 🙂 I’m also impressed with how you handled the comments. It’s super cool to see someone so dedicated to answering basically everyone’s questions. Sorry you got bashed on by some immature people, then again I’m guessing you knew what you were getting into. I’m glad you’re still here in this life writing reviews and dealing with your depression. I think you are a talented person and have a lot of potential just like others out there. I look up to you in your writing style and I hope to continue to learn from it. English has been the hardest subject for me growing up and it still is to this day so I apologize if my comment contains run on sentences, improper grammar, incorrect spelling, etc.

    I also really liked how you later stated in one of your comments and admit that you were a bit harsh in your review. I believe in getting to know people as much as you can if you feel offended or hurt by their work. At first, I felt like people could get offended, but that’s their own choice. I believe that everyone has free agency, meaning they can do whatever they want, but are responsible for their own actions at the same time. Basically, I’m trying to say that I enjoy making friends and I dislike hating human beings. Of course not everyone feels that way, but I really found that I was able to get to know you just a little bit better by reading your review and all the comments to this point. And from doing that I can see that you’re a good person. We can all still be friends when we don’t like the same stuff, especially music. Of course, music brings us either together or far apart and it is very powerful.

    Now you’re probably wondering why I took the time to reply to this. Well, I’m currently touring in Mexico and I couldn’t sleep and I found myself here so there you have it! Haha. Also, I wanted to ask you if writing this review has given you a lot of viewership and your music campaign has increased. Because I honestly think this might be one of those clever ways to gain popularity. Then again I’m sure you wrote this review because it’s something you were asked to do. And something you enjoy. I’m going to India for two years and I’m planning to continue in pursuing a music career in piano and percussion. Potentially seeing myself as one of those musicians in the pit on Broadway. In all honesty I’m not the best at Composition. I much rather enjoy performing and getting to know as many people as possible.

    If you took the time to read all of this thank you. I appreciate that someone listened to me go off topic and talk about my life. Hope you’re able to keep finding what you want in life.

    Thanks for writing the review!


  109. Jon says:

    LOL you poked the ant hill with a stick!

    I tried to like them but they seem to ruin every song by going into a rap that doesn’t seem to really have any meaning. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to rap on occasion, but not pop’s lame version of it.

    What I can’t figure out is that he says he raps because he just doesn’t have time to sing it all. Here’s a thought…add another verse! Or stop repeating lines! Or even make each chorus slightly different!

    Anyway, I was searching for “21 pilots is horrible” and this popped up. Very entertaining. And to those of you who are offended, grow up! The real world has lots of different opinions and if you spend your time being easily offended, it’s going to be difficult to ever be happy. Good luck!

    • Aaron Cooper says:

      Hey Jon! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I appreciate it very much! This is a pretty ugly article but it’s meant to entertain more than ridicule, but some folks fail to understand that and that’s okay ha! Hopefully, you’ll check out some more of my articles (as well as the other writers here for that matter) I’m not as harsh in others haha

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