First things first: This has been a cray cray year! War, civil unrest, too many untimely deaths, obscure trends, insane technological advances; and to top it all off, America will now have an ugly orange ogre leading their country! A—mazing! This is ‘UGE!


President Elect Drumpf: not a fan of Pavement

Also there was a lot of music that got released. Some awesome, some ok and lots of trash. Let’s see where that takes us…

O-P-I-N-I-O-N. That spells opinion. That is what this is.

Okay, now that we’ve got that settled, let us begin this year’s new and exclusive B.G.M. tradition of bashing and trashing 10 of the year’s worst pieces of noise-crap.

You see, every year there are “artists” who think they are producing songs that we – the people – want to hear. The sad part about this is that most of us will hear it, love it, buy it, and fall for it.

Most of us. What we call “the mainstream” is something that not most of us consider the best part of music. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps that most prominent is when a band or artist gets sucked into it through the lure of the almighty dollar; thus their creative soul seems to die with the purchase of every new Ferrari or over priced pair of gucci-gold sneakers.

Then, as the major label gods force their creative hands to appeal to the masses… I think you get the picture.

Therefore, we get terrible music that most of you think is awesome. Not your fault. Well, its kinda your fault.

But, at the end of the day, I always say, you like what you like.

It is still fun to make this list though!

So I present to you, in no particular order (remember kids you can’t organize vomit)…

The top 10 most annoying songs of 2016

1. Green Day – “Bang Bang”

Yes, Green Day sold out a long time ago. Yes, this new song sounds like many other generic Green Day songs. Uninspired, unmotivated, and boring. Overproduced, even well produced, but more of the same. So boring it is annoying that they made it. Granted, Green Day has put out some great stuff, but this is just recycled noise. Too bad for them, because they still seem to have so much energy! Oh well, we have Blink… or do we?



2. Blink-182 – “Bored To Death”

First listen was pretty good. But listen 336 was not so good. Thanks radio at work!:(

And that lyric, “Life’s too short to last long” ??? Ok…I guess it is…?

Yeah I grew up with Blink-182 and have always liked them, but let this be a prime example of what mainstream radio can do to decent songs: ANNOY the crap out of us by playing them way too much!

Ok I’ll say it: I miss Tom! Travis still rules.



3. Twenty One Pilots – “Heathens”

IF 21P weren’t already everywhere, leave it to Hollywood to up the ante even more. Sorry world. I just cannot go on with life without saying that this duo needs to either stop… collaborate and listen; or just stop. Whatever, they already outgrew their little “ya need to make money” sob story song, so good for them. Not jealous, because if I could make money creating music, I would hope that I could at least make it.



4. Rihanna – “Needed Me”

If Rihanna thought that doing a song that copied Radiohead meets lots of weed, then this it it. I haven’t yet figured out why I can’t just not care and let it be, but some things just unnecessarily annoy me for no reason. When we get mashed up copy cat songs that fill the airwaves with invisible brain trash, that just doesn’t sit right with me. Am I the only one? Probably.



5. – “Boys & Girls”

Um… kinda sounds like they got some kids instruments from Toys “R” Us and started messing around, and found a beat. Then, was like, “I have some of the dumbest lyrics ever conceived!!!” and that is how this song came to be. Of course, they got Pia Mia to sing the chorus to really solidify the top radio spot, because if the dude sang those words, well…we have had enough super disturbing sound bites in the media this year!


6. Bastille – “Good Grief”

He made the list again! When you make the catchiest song ever and also accentuate your accent through your singing voice like an obsession that knows no end…well you will end up on this list. Because it is the right thing to do. Also, this video deserves the biggest WTF ever! Or maybe that is just what these “millennials” want…?



7. Disturbed – “The Sound of Silence”

I guess technically this is a 2015 release, but it has run its course far too long. Disturbed should stick to their “Ooo-wah ah ah aaahs” and super shredding! Not an entirely bad move, but it was obviously done to revive their career, and to get the metal head dads to pay attention to them again. All the while, they simultaneously ask in complete naivety, “Is this Cher??”


8. Radiohead – “Burn The Witch”

I know that there are now over a million people that want to burn me for even thinking about putting Radiohead on this list… but, have you heard this song? Of course you have, but still: have you heard it? JUST BECAUSE it’s your beloved Radiohead, it DOES NOT mean that it’s automatically a good song. Just saying. Phew, I’m glad I got that off my chest, even though this may potentially unleash the trolls of doom. Here is hoping they won’t leave their mom’s basement…



9. Miike Snow – “Genghis Khan”

Mike has one I. Ok? Music has an end, and he found it and then went past it. I thought that in general, music was supposed to make some sort of sense, even if it takes art to multiple layers, and an attention to detail to decipher; but this is just literal vomit that somehow got recorded. There are lots of lyrics and I imagine some kind of meaning, but I am not a sorcerer guru who sees words in pink trails of misty pixy dust, and speaks the tongues of insane shaman voodoo freaks…? Never mind.



10. Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj – “Side To Side” 

Well, with much pain and agony, I have finally decided on the last song that annoys us to the gills. This. I don’t wanna tell you why, because then you might become curious and actually listen to it. Don’t. Please do not intentionally victimize yourself for the sake of irreversible mindless pointless entertainment. Let music hold onto some dignity. Please. Thank you. (PS – As a father I am ashamed to post the video, but I guess that is part of the deal. NSFW unless you work inside a trash can).


Is it over??? Can we leave yet? See you in 2017. Try to keep your ears clean. By that I mean do not let the radio dictate what is considered good music. Peace…

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