Photo Credit: Omar Kasrawi

It feels like yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday at what would become one of my most beloved music venues. Now in its 25th year of hosting kick-ass bands, the Mercury Lounge continues to book artists you’re glad to catch on a whim. Or in my case, waiting patiently to see Reignwolf for a long while.

10 years later, I’m still excited to attend their shows with butterflies as if I’m about to see a crush.

This Saturday, Reignwolf brought the crowd to life with their charismatic presence and insane stage dives into the audience. As soon as they hit the stage, the crowd goes wild and they begin their electrically charged set playing songs from the new album Hear Me Out as well as singles such as “Are You Satisfied?“. One of the best feelings in the world is the bass reverberating through your body, making you smile as the band does their thing. Discovering artists through any medium is extremely fulfilling, especially when you have talented friends like Omar Kasrawi capturing the band’s essence. After seeing pictures of Reignwolf, I had to see what they were about and they did not disappoint.
Catching them last fall at Irving Plaza along with Bones Owens, there was no way I couldn’t fall in love with this band. Their ferocious and loud as hell sound, their songs are beautifully addictive, sultry and gut-wrenching. They’ve recently debuted their full-length album “Hear Me Out” after releasing a few singles which I think is interesting because it keeps their fans excited and invested in their mysterious persona.

Each song on Hear Me Out conjures different emotions from start to finish. Making it a beautifully listed album from start to finish.

Hear Me Out can be played as loud as possible. Be it on your commute or at home with your favorite drink. More important is how you can just let it play through. One minute they’ll pull at your heartstrings with their distinctive sultriness of ‘Ritual” or “Keeper“. Then they’ll win you over with “Wanna Don’t Wanna” the next. Hear Me Out is a headbanger’s delight you can belt out to your heart’s desire.

While Reignwolf may be important for their IDGAF attitude, their fan interaction creates a comforting, home-away-from-home feeling.

Reignwolf is comprised of songwriter/singer/guitarist Jordan Cook, bassist S.J. Kardash, and drummer Joseph Braley. After listening to “Hardcore” about a thousand times, it became my favorite and I made it almost obligatory to see them live. The best way to describe Reignwolf is “face melting goodness”. S.J. ferociously slinging his bass, the raw energy of Joseph on drums, and Jordan singing and wailing on his guitar. Even when standing on Joseph’s drum kit, Jordan never misses a beat.
Shows like this are worth the wait and the insane time. Despite someone acting up at the show, I always appreciate how people at shows protect each other no matter what. This is what attracts me to live music. Seeing the crowd enjoy the band and each other’s company. After this show and debut album, I can say Reignwolf is worth every praising adjective you can possibly think of.