You Absolutely Need Art Of Burning Water In Your Life

If Art of Burning Water did nothing except crank out brilliant song titles they would clearly still be one of the most fantastically demented groups to ever ooze out of The British underground DIY music scene.

Some personal favourites sprinkled across their massively extensive back catalogue include such gems as, “Extreme Noise Error”, “That Headache Is Probably A Brain Hemorrhage” and the utterly tremendous “Does Your Dick Know Your Hand’s Not A Minge?”

As it happens this band is also one of the most ferociously twisted group of anti heroes to ever screech, roar, and howl across the stages of stinking dingy basement venues you could ever hope to encounter.

Brutally seething, causticly abrasive and devastatingly heavy this band of maniacs smashes together elements of early Melvins (think Gluey Porch Treatments era), a dirtier Iron Monkey (with heavier guitars), and an angrier Amebix (without the absolutely pie lyrics).

Furious vocals, massively downtuned guitars, pounding grind style bass and drums that sound like they’re being played with hammers and diving boots.

Art of Burning Water Band

I could talk about how incredible Art Of Burning Water is for an absolute age and bore the tits off of you all or you could just go listen to the best underground sludge filth you’re ever going to hear. Check out their bandcamp account and start with the 2006 album The Voyage of the Pessimistic Philisoph or 2013’s The Humiliation Process, fall in love with their music then go back for the rest of their albums later. Just don’t listen to them while commuting or you’ll headbutt a pensioner or something then you’ll go to jail.