As the crisp, cool fall nights begin – it’s always a pleasure to walk along the streets of New York City with some good classic rock.

Strange Majik is just that, beautifully strange and enticing with a 70’s styled sound blended with blues, funk, and AM radio rock. David Pattillo aka Strange Majik is a multi faceted producer and blues rock icon in New York City. He is an Emmy nominated producer who has worked with Norah Jones, The Alabama Shakes, Robert Plant, and many others mixing the hit TV series “Live At The Artists Den.” His collaborations include up and coming singers Valerie Broussard, Fiona Silver, Melanie Charles, and Kennedy (The Kennedy Administration) on his 2015 release Lights.

Strange Majik’s newly released LP titled, Channel T is the album you want to listen to while you’re having a delectable whiskey drink.

Ranging from high energy songs like “Wonder Wheel” and slowing the pace to a sexier, electric songs such as “Channel T” and “Got The Feeling”. Couldn’t help but smirk as “Got The Feeling” played – there’s something sultry and somewhat psychedelic, somewhat Hendrix-like. That goosebumps feeling of hearing the classic rock and blues beautifully blend within the entire LP, you can tell that Patillo is willing to take chances not only lyrically but melodically. The way the LP is structured is what helps the listener appreciate his fantastic range of his authenticity. The minute you hear, “Lady Justice” can’t help to think of the cool girl that’s a mystery but seduced by her charm,

“She’s just like Lady Justice and she lives with no regrets”.

strange majik live

Just as interesting Strange Majik’s music is, his aesthetic is also to be appreciated with a visually  pleasing instagram – he’s not afraid to rock crazy outfits as he shares his New York City adventures which gives me major fomo.  He is currently producing the new solo release of Ed Kowalczyk (Live). All the while he continues to blaze a 3 1/2 year-long residency at Tribeca’s Belle Reve performing Tuesdays for downtown New Yorkers. Rock and Roll is still very much alive with the help of Strange Majik.

Be sure to catch Strange Majik at the deliciously retro Tribeca gem, Belle Reve.