A Place Both Wonderful And Strange, is daunting in a charming dark way that makes you keep them on repeat.

The Brooklyn-based “occult electronic” duo consists of Russ Marshalek and Laura Hajek. Since 2014, they have been on an thought provoking journey that has been musically influenced by David Lynch and their love of Twin Peaks. They’ve opened and performed with the likes of The Crystal Method, Father Murphy, True Body, Pictureplane, Tamaryn, Azar Swan.


As the fall begins giving New York City a new transformation, A Place Both Wonderful And Strange brings us new EP titled The City Smells Like Cat Spit – their entire EP is something enchanting that will be kept on repeat. Their new EP begins with a heavy and dark song “Kristae ( The Strawberry Girl)” and an accompanying video that matches perfectly to the vibe of their song.



Just like their  their full length release What I Speak I Create released through Sony Records / The Orchard.  The City Smells like Cat Spit  is refreshing with its eclectic mix of seductive tracks such as “W*tch (Mevius Tour Version)” – it blends alluring, siren like vocals with heavy synth beats. As each track progresses, there’s complex and provocative tones that will still sound something unknown to you, but in a good way that’ll make you want to listen again and again.