It’s impossible to think that I discovered Interpol basically through a public access channel when a whole new musical movement was about to change the course of my life.

Ever since I saw “Slow Hands” I was bewitched by the entire band and the video concept smashed instruments come back to life and it’s all filmed in reverse. I was entranced by Daniel Kessler’s electric footwork while playing his guitar, Sam’s fierce drum playing, Paul’s addictive baritone voice, and now departed Daniel D’s low slinging bass playing.


It’s almost too bittersweet to even be able to write about the closing of the staple that the Greenpoint venue, House of Vans is and forever will be; especially when your favorite, life-changing band – Interpol gets to play the closing party. Walking along Kent Avenue, you see the billboards for Lyft representing each hood from Uptown to Coney Island – there’s a call to action to support your local neighborhoods which is what House of Vans basically embodied.

To me, House of Vans has the representation of that awesome friend who is always down for a beer and an adventure.

The one who always has good stories to tell. As the lights lowered, the crowd began to cheer as each band member appeared on stage; Honduras began the delicious summ. With roaring guitars and insanely awesome hooks, I was completely mesmerized by them. From start to finish, it’s so impossible to stay still; you could feel the bass and drums vibrate through the crowd. It’d be pretty interesting to hear about the origin of the punk haze pop band’s name.

To celebrate their new album, Marauder, Interpol debuted a mix of their well known songs along with new tracks from their sixth studio album which was released the very same day and of course, it had been on repeat since 12 a.m. on the 24th. Beginning their high energy set with “Number 10” the second single of off Marauder, the crowd couldn’t help but sing along to the infectious lyrics.

“your secret’s safe with me”

There’s always something beautifully, addictive to Bank’s baritone voice which proved to still be the vocals that melt like butter.

Interpol Live House of Vans 2018

Continuing the set with classic such as “All the Rage Back Home”, “Roland” and especially with”NYC” – they took me back to the days where I would listen along as I walked the streets of Lower East Side during a snowstorm and it’d be the most wonderful, comforting feeling. Listening to “If You Really Love Nothing” as they all played cohesively, it’s amazing to think that they matured in such grand ways, sonically and lyrically.

Marauder is not only a seducing album but it speaks of heartbreak, growth, and continuing on with what life throws at you. Even as each member went and pursued their own solo project, they came back together stronger and more artistically diverse.

As the post concert depression wears off, each listen to Marauder becomes interesting and more intricate.

It does not have one song that is worthy of a skip. Interpol was the perfect choice to close out House of Vans as they have been a true New York City band.

House of Vans will truly be missed as the photos of fun memories continue to be shared and posted – we will always remember the friendly faces, the crowd singing along, and the smiles shared in joy while dancing.

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