Channel Tres is an awe inspiring individual who has the audacity to represent a culture that is on the influx of what is known as the digital era.

The representational yet adept display of presentational value has Channel Tres on the cuffling of Hip-hop heavy hitters. The standard that that the music industry craves. Channel Tres has a way in which a present beat flow can be strung together to create a synopsis on his self-titled EP out now on Godmode.

The recently strung together on the EP has overlay, as the audio environment lets you hear the artists process of illumination through the use of thimbles, drums, and high kicks. The sound production is groovy on the baseline while still having the nuisance of hip hop music.


The drum and bass get a little narly from the front flow to the back flow that doesn’t allow you to be who you want until the beat drop. The EP has an output that allows for an influx but consistent sound quality. Channel Tres engulfs you in a way to that keeps you in a comfortable zone.

Channel Tres is surly an influencer in what the Hip-hop atmosphere call “artistry.”

The EP introduces the evenly flowed yet sonic rhythmic flow that breaks together an experienced beat that is illustrated by audiophiles alike.