Hardcore punk band Turnstile literally kicked off their latest tour in support of their sophomore LP Time & Space Monday night, April 9th at the Cleveland Agora Ballroom. Lead singer Brendan Yates stormed the stage as the band played the first notes of “Bomb”, jumping, kicking, and punching the air, the crowd responding in kind.

The giant tidal wave of people receded and intensified, occasionally releasing a person onto the stage where they would sing with Yates, dance, and eventually take a flying leap back into the sea of sweat.

Yates seemed to exert himself so much he would take mini breaks, crouching down in front of drummer Daniel Fang, his back to the throng of people while bassist Franz Lyons and guitarists Pat McCrory and Brady Ebert kept the energy alive. After the pause, Yates would throw himself back into the arms of the crowd, pelting their faces with lyrics, straining his neck as he hollered into the mic.

As songs like “Gravity” and “I Don’t Wanna Be Blind” played, the savage merry-go-round of guys and girls that would enter and exit the stage grew in intensity and number. Monitors and mic stands were knocked over every time someone would muster up the courage to jump the stage and surf back into the crowd. While most were lucky to be caught by waiting hands, some crash-landed onto the cement floor, only to dust themselves off and dive back in to try again. The insanity didn’t seem to bother the group, seamlessly maneuvering around people as they continued to play.

While the Turnstile set mainly focused on newer music from Time & Space as well as the more recent EP, Move Thru Me.

But the band allowed one throwback, playing “The Things You Do” off their debut album, Pressure to Succeed. Between songs “Moon” and “Drop”, Brady Ebert experienced a technical difficulty with his guitar, though that didn’t stop the band from pausing the show.

Turnstile closed out their set with “Keep It Moving” which featured Franz Lyons on lead vocals. The set ended as abruptly as it started, leaving fans in a mid stage-jump haze, cheering for Turnstile to return to the stage.

LA’s favorite post-hardcore band Touché Amoré opened for Turnstile where singer Jeremy Bolm released a brand new song, “Green”, teasing more new music to come from the guys possibly this year.

Culture Abuse, BIB, and Razorbumps also supported the show on this tour stop.

Full Turnstile Setlist:

Bomb / Can’t Get Away / Canned Heat /Real Thing / Big Smile / Gravity / Generator / Pushing Me Away / The Things You Do / I Don’t Wanna Be Blind / Fazed Out / Moon / Drop / High Pressure / Blue By You / 7 / Keep It Moving