This new feature is called No Place Like Home. The point of it is to interview bands about their hometowns and why they love where they’re from. When traveling it is always best to have a local to direct you to the spots worth spending your time and hard earned money.

When one of our readers travels to a place that is foreign to them they will have some solid recommendations from an awesome source, one of their favorite bands!

I know I look forward to checking out some of these places and am sure that there are many others who would be interested.

Eventually the intention is to have a full blown travel guide here at B.G.M.!

A classic scene you can bring to mind easily is a child running towards the front of the line of the coolest roller coaster they have ever laid eyes on. The adrenaline is pumping and anticipation is through the roof. When they finally are up next there is only one thing they must overcome before experiencing the rush of a lifetime. The height restriction. I am convinced Earthless had a similar prerequisite before making their newest record, Black Heaven. In this case, their “height restriction” may have read:

Must have rhythm section that can keep up with blistering guitar that is not allowed to be any less insane than Alvin Lee a la “I’d Love To Change The World”. Must be able to create instrumental tracks that CAN stand alone but don’t because they are layered with soulful vocals like butter melting on a stack of flapjacks.

Earthless was already well accomplished in most of that prerequisite.

They have been making spaced-out rock journeys for nearly two decades. The major difference with Black Heaven is over 2/3 of the record includes guitarist Isaiah Mitchell’s vocals. This shift adds another dimension to an uber talented band and no doubt will broaden their fanbase.


Black Heaven was made at Rancho de la Luna Studios in Joshua Tree, California. That setting comes through in full force while listening. The six tracks sound like they were meant to be a soundtrack for blazing down an open desert highway in an old muscle car. Even though they conjure flashes of rock behemoths of the past (Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and more) they are still the same psychedelic speed monsters that scramble brains with the best of them.

Back to that whole “height restriction” thing I was talking about earlier.

The appeal, no doubt, will be more widespread with Black Earth due to the classic rock leanings. Earthless dip their toes in many rock genre pools with this record. An open invitation to hop in and take the trip that belongs in a world animated by Ralph Steadman. The only prerequisite for the music listener is crank the volume to ten and enjoy the ride!

Rating:  4.5/5

Black Heaven dropped last Friday, 3/16/2018 via Nuclear Blast and you can pick up a copy on some slick classic black wax over HERE.

I want to thank Earthless bassist, Mike Eginton for being so kind and taking part in this feature!

Photo Credit Xavier Benoit

Where does Earthless call home and how long have you been there?

Earthless’ home is San Diego. We started there about 17 years ago.

Are there any attractions you would consider touristy that you would also consider a can’t-miss for visitors?

The beach. There are really nice beaches from Mexico to Oceanside. There’s the Self Realization Center in Encinitas, which has beautiful gardens to walk through. It’s right above Swami’s which is a relatively famous surfing spot.


If you are hosting friends or family for a weekend, where would you bring people for grub?

In my opinion, we have some of the best Mexican food outside of Mexico. I usually take people to El Cuervo, which is a taco shop close to downtown. Another option is Las Olas, which is a sit-down style restaurant. Kearny Mesa has a ton of excellent Asian restaurants. You’re good pretty much anywhere over there.

A key to any hometown is a local watering hole. Any spots that you like to go for drinks? Breweries, dive bars, distilleries…whatever floats your boat.

Live Wire is an excellent bar in the North Park area. Strong drinks and a killer jukebox. The Tower Bar is a cool little bar that has bands playing several nights a week.

Music is life. What music venues should people be checking the calendars for shows to catch?

The Casbah is the best in my opinion. That’s pretty much Earthless’ home. There’s also The Soda Bar, Space, The Belly Up, Til-Two Club, Brick By Brick, and North Park Observatory. There are quite a few.

After working up a sweat at a good show are there any late night spots to grab a bite or a night cap?

I usually hit El Pueblo or Filibertos for food. Those two are close to where I live.

The morning after can be rough. Where is your go-to for breakfast and/or coffee?

Personally, I like the Spice House in Kearny Mesa. Good greasy spoon breakfast.

To get out of town life, what are the nature based options surrounding your city? Any good hikes, camping and other fun outdoors stuff to do?

Yes. The beaches are great along with the entire coast. There’s the Torrey Pines Reserve which is nice to walk through. The desert is amazing. Just a couple hours outside of the city. Borrego Springs is really nice. There’s also Palomar Mountain which is nice hiking and camping destination.