Favorite Album, Overrated Album, Underrated Album is a new feature where we ask our favorite bands / artists what their favorite album is, their opinion on what the most overrated or over-hyped album is, and what their secret hidden gem / underappreciated album is.

I often find that the bands I like usually have good taste in music and are just as big of music nerds as I am, so this new feature is self-serving in a way because it’s a new avenue for me to discover new album recommendations from some of my favorite musicians. I figured if they make cool music they also like cool music too. Right?

Well, there’s no better way to start off this new feature than by asking one my favorite bands, Spotlights to list the above mentioned albums.

I’ve written about Spotlights a few times now, but in case you still don’t know. Spotlights are a husband wife duo consisting of Mario and Sarah Quintero. They are based out of Brookyln and they make some seriously heavy, dreamy, glorious doomgaze, post-metal type tunes. Their latest album Seismic was one of my favorite releases of 2017. Spotlights also just recently released their live performance they did with Audiotree, which proves they are just as good live as they are on record.

Favorite Album, Overrated Album, Underrated Album with Spotlights

Full Disclosure: The interview was conducted back in October of 2017, but I’m the editor / publisher of this dumb site and I never get time to write up the things I want to work on. So the band’s album picks may have changed.

Sarah Quintero (bass / guitar / vocals)

Favorite Album: Zozobra – Bird of Prey

I really love Caleb Scofield’s songwriting and bass tone. Out of all of the bands he’s in and has been in, this is my favorite and I REALLY hope they play shows again.

Overrated Album: Bon Jovi – All of them.

Underrated Album: Molly McGuire – Lime  

This band should have been huge! The record was produced by Ken Andrews (Failure) and came out on Epic Records in 1996, yet not too many people gave or give it the credit it deserves. Jason Blackmore is one of the best songwriters and guitar players, EVER. GO LISTEN TO IT!

Mario Quintero ( guitar / synths / studio drums / vocals)

Favorite Album: The Cure – Head On The Door

I can’t say this is my all-time favorite Cure record, but this record has to be the most formative record for me.  I listened to it NON STOP from age 10 to well, now. Learned every song on guitar, and used to play along with it while recording on a separate boom box. I still find new things that I like about the use of synths and guitar effect. Also, Robert Smith has to be the world’s most underrated, rock guitar player. I think there are scores of bands that have been influenced by him whether they know it or not.

Overrated Album: It’s too recent.. I don’t wanna get in trouble 😉

Let’s just say, there is a lot of hype over some really lazy music these days.

Underrated Album: Mew – And The Glass Handed Kites  

Even though I think this album did pretty well overseas, I think Mew deserves WAY more attention than they have gotten in the US. This record is an absolute masterpiece beginning to end. It’s an inspiration to us in so many ways. If you haven’t sat back and listened to it loud, you’re missing out.