And just like that it was over. After eight booze-fuelled years one of London’s premier DIY punk bands, Death Pedals has decided to call it quits, but not without releasing a third and final self titled album.

third death pedals album

Death Pedals, produced (as always) by bassist Wayne Adams, is the distillation of the band’s output to-date careening from the full on garage rock blasts that peppered their debut The Carvery through to the extended psych punk of Meat House and into braver, heavier new territory.

It’s Death Pedals’ best album yet.

with classic Death Pedals tracks like “I Am A Loser” and “Vacant TV” effortlessly sharing wax with slower more intense jams (“Lower”) and filthy pummelling hardcore (“Shower Of Shit”). Elsewhere, “Dr Tom” is an excitable rumble of drums and riffs whilst closer “You’re A Fake” is the kind of goosebumps inducing end to a career few bands are ever capable of.

We caught up with the Death Pedals lads whilst they prepare for their final few gigs to chat about the music they love, the music they hate, and the albums you really should check out.

So fellas, first things first, and I know this is a tricky ask but: what’s your all time favourite record?

Wayne Adams (Bass / Vocals): Nirvana – In Utero

Probably In Utero by Nirvana, well its definitely the album I’ve listened to the most ever. It’s just such a awesome raw (for the mainstream) album, but also has these amazing hooks throughout, and Albini totally nails the recording on this one. It’s definitely responsible for me delving deeper into noisier music when I was young!

Alex Brewins (Vocals / Guitar): 13th Floor Elevators – The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators

I picked up this record in my early teens and it’s pretty bashed up now as 20 years on I still play it all the time, might need to get a new copy! Folk, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, psych, garage, punk, noise, it’s all there. The first track is a total banger, the whole album is a freak out, Roky Erickson’s voice is incredible, it’s one of those records that takes me to a different place every time and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it…………

Thomas Brewins (Drums): Chemical Brothers – Exit Planet Dust

I first listened to this after stealing it from Alex’s CD collection when I was about 14. It merges the guitar lead music of the time with the dance music of the time creating a new sound that sounds fucking ace. Riff heavy with looped drum grooves. My. Cup. Of. (Builders). Tea.

Stuart Plant (Guitar / Vocals): Fucked Up – David Comes To Life

Right, I hate doing these. Not sure if I have a favourite but since you’re holding a gun to my head, it’s probably Deftones Around The Fur. Or Glassjaw’s first record. Or Fucked Up’s David Comes to Life.

Now, I know you’re all pretty vocal about bands you hate so let’s have your most overrated albums.

Most Overrated Albums

Wayne: Nirvana – Nevermind

HA! It just ain’t that good, and Butch Vig is a plonker.

Alex: Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols

West London fashion boutique does ‘punk’. Can’t stand the album and I can’t stand the band, although I have met the drummer a few times and he’s a thoroughly nice bloke.

Thomas: The XX – XX

Is that seriously all you can muster from a drum machine? Floaty, wimpy, moody, shut your eyes and just feel it. Hate it. No bangers and definitely no mash.

Stuart: Slaves – Take Control

Slaves. Whatever their album is called.

And finally, give us a more obscure record you’d urge folks to check out?

Underrated Albums

Wayne: Demon Fuzz – Afreaka!

Christ, err sooo many out there but if i had to choose one….. errrr just because I’m listening to it loads at the moment – Demon Fuzz – Afreaka! Weird Funkadelic type stuff from the late 60’s. Incredible production, awesome songs – perfect Sunday morning music.

Alex: Scul Hazzards – Landlord

I was fishing through my records the other day and put this on for the first time in maybe 8 years, forgot how much I liked it, was on constant repeat back then and was definitely a Death Pedals kickstarter. From Melbourne I believe but spent some time living in London which is when I first came across them playing at Rip This Joint nights. Shellac and Jesus Lizard influences, not bands I was too familiar with at the time so these guys totally opened my ears, and this record sits happily alongside any of theirs. Would love to catch them live again……….

Thomas: Jogging – Take Courage

There’s a band called Jogging, not that well known so not underrated globally, but certainly on the underground scene I’ve not seen much of them since the one gig we got to play with them that made me buy the album.

If you search in Spotify you’ll get a bunch of shite EDM music on jogging playlists for nutters that jog to EDM. If you search on Bandcamp you get a fucking great record. It’s noisy, a bit mathy but not relentlessly mathy, and genuinely puts me in a great mood – and I feel cool at the same time.

Stuart: The Men – New Moon

Oh jeez that’s hard mate. No idea. New Moon by The Men. I think that got criticised a lot. I like that they have done a different sounding record each time. I do have a niggling worry that they will eventually turn into Mumford and Sons though!

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