This new feature is called No Place Like Home. The point of it is to interview bands about their hometowns and why they love where they’re from. When traveling it is always best to have a local to direct you to the spots worth spending your time and hard earned money.

When one of our readers travels to a place that is foreign to them they will have some solid recommendations from an awesome source, one of their favorite bands!

I know I look forward to checking out some of these places and am sure that there are many others who would be interested. Eventually the intention is to have a full blown travel guide here at B.G.M.!

If you are playing metal buzz word bingo while reading reviews there are some clear front runners you would want to have on your board.  Brutal, crushing, gloom, tortured, devastating, and relentless are some of my favorites.  While listening to At The Heart Of The World’s debut record, Rotting Forms, those all instantly popped into my mind.  Their industrial onslaught is dark and terrifying.

Joshua Greene’s lyrics and desperate cries project a hellish landscape that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

In a weird way, the combination of Danny Porter’s massive riffs and synth hooks make this ugly realm seem somewhat dance-able. It’s not guaranteed that your mind and body will able to distinguish what to do while listening to Rotting Forms.

Your brain likely will have you petrified with fear while your mind races contemplating your very existence.

But your body won’t be cast under this trance.  In fact, you might involuntarily (and in my case awkwardly) be shaking your booty across the living room while leaving traces of sweat dripping down the walls.  It’s a pretty damn catchy record despite the fact it is most definitely a cathartic work of sadness.  It feels like No Spill Blood but REALLY pissed off.

Rotting Forms was released by Glory Kid on 1/26/2018.  The pressing included 50 cassette tapes w/ screen printed arigato pak jackets and 100 compact discs w/ screen printed arigato pak jackets.  You can snag a copy on your desired format HERE.  Maybe throw a slick shirt in your cart while you are at it.  I can’t wait to see this band live!

Rating: 4/5

I would like to thank Joshua Greene and Danny Porter for being so kind and answering the questions for this edition of No Place Like Home.


Where does At The Heart Of The World call home and how long have you been there?

Joshua Greene: We bask in the gloom of Portland Oregon. I have lived in the city for roughly ten years but grew up in the Pacific Northwest.

Danny Porter: I’ve lived in Pacific Northwest since 2011 more or less, I’ve been in Portland for a year now and was in Seattle before that.

Are there any attractions you would consider touristy that you would also consider a can’t-miss for visitors?

JG: I feel like most people when visiting Portland choose to try and experience the most vapid things we have to offer like “lets wait in line for 3 hours for a donut!” We have some of the most beautiful forestry and trails at the tip of our fingers but no one cares about that so go get a fucking donut somewhere.

DP: Whoa, so much hostility towards donuts, but yeah I agree. The city has great stuff in it but if you don’t live in the PNW I think getting out of Portland to near  by mountains and such would be more rewarding. Also it’s like a 2 drive but they filmed the exterior shots of The Shinning at the Timberline lodge on Mt Hood. I guess that’s kinda tourist but cool. I would recommend going in the winter to get the full effect from the snow

If you are hosting friends or family for a weekend, where would you bring people for grub?

JG: if it’s breakfast I would say juniors cafe because the food rules and the drinks are stiff. If dinner I would say namaste because the food rules and the drinks are stiff.

DP: I agree Namaste is great, I also like Back to Eden for breakfast and el nutri taco anytime

A key to any hometown is a local watering hole.  Any spots that you like to go for drinks?   Breweries, dive bars, distilleries…whatever floats your boat.

JG: We have no shortage of breweries and distilleries. I am more a fan of the dark shit holes with half functioning pinball. Highwater mark is one of my faves, it’s also one of my favorite venues.

DP: I don’t like fun, so I don’t go out

Music is life.  What music venues should people be checking the calendars for shows to catch?

G: Currently our venue scene has had a much needed renaissance. When it comes to punk, metal and goth highwater mark, the know, Black water and the tonic lounge are awesome venues ran by actual punks that know what there doing. The problem you run into is that there is usually 5 or 6 shows you want to see any given night.

DP: Its weird living here now because I remember coming to Portland on tour a bunch of times and now none of the clubs we played at exist anymore. But I agree with Josh all the places he mentioned are great

After working up a sweat at a good show are there any late night spots to grab a bite or a night cap?

JG: My favorite late night place has got to be the hot cake house. It’s old school Portland and you can see some crazy shit at 3 in the morning on a Tuesday.

DP: I go home

The morning after can be rough.  Where is your go-to for breakfast and/or coffee?

JG: I would say the over look cafe but they are tearing it down and building condos, so, I don’t know. Probably the jubitz gas station by my house.

DP: My favorite coffee shop in Portland is Jet Black. Again, didn’t realize josh had such strong feelings about donuts but I would recommend Doe Donuts if you can catch them before they sell out for the day

To get out of town life, what are the nature based options surrounding your city?  Any good hikes, camping, and other fun outdoors stuff to do?

JG: I truly love thousand acres dog park. It’s out by the sandy river, it’s beautiful, massive and easy to avoid other people/ human interaction.

DP: Thousand acres is awesome, my dog gets a look of pure joy every time I take him there. The gorge in general has great hikes. The Ape Caves on Mt St Helens is an awesome underground lava tube that is pitch black through the whole thing. Summit Lake is one of my favorite hikes I’ve done, Mt Rainer in general is amazing. Seattle and Portland are both great because you can pretty much just pick a direction start driving and you will hit some epic shit.