Never really one for looking back, I’ll say 2017 is done, let’s look forward! I did some research and it turns out there are already some 50+ records that I am personally look forward to. So without any further ado, let’s look at the 15 most interesting releases that will or might happen next year according to yours truly with a little help of the Interhole…

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15 Anticipated Heavy Records of 2018

Tool – TBA

Very highly anticipated, perhaps the most anticipated record since Guns ‘n Roses’ Chinese Democracy, it seems like something will finally happen in the Tool camp next year. Personally, I don’t mind them taking the time if it will result in a perfect album like Lateralus or 10.000 Days.  Let’s just hope we’re not pranked once more. Oh, and of course let’s hope it will be worth the wait, and not an actual sonic turd like GNR’s disasterpiece.



Arctic Monkeys – TBA

Personally I am looking very much forward to a new AM album. Their last was a pretty much flawless piece of semi-dark poprock songwriting, and it is always a pleasure to find out what Alex Turner and his guys have cooked up this time. I can’t wait to hum along to these new tunes next spring!


Giobia -TBA

I was very freaking stoked with Italy’s Giobia announcing a new album in 2018 on their Facebook page in December. Their latest album Magnifier is a marvellous piece of psychedelic music, exploring a range between heavy acid rock, postpunk, and drones. Their adventurous spirit cannot be confined to a single genre so it is extremely exciting to think of what might be in store!


Weedpecker – III

Ok yeah they have a stupid name, and no I didn’t think much of their previous outings, but hell this new album rules. Stickman Records (Elder, Motorpsycho) will release this in January and that should already say something in terms of quality control. Expect long, Floydy jams reminiscent of Elder but much more hazy and fluent and less “guitar-god”. This will be one for in the bong next year, and very hard to miss at that.


A Perfect Circle -TBA

A little more likely than a new Tool album (they already released a single) is a new APC record. Would the one exclude the other from happening? Could the fans even mentally handle two Maynard albums in one year? Let’s just hope our rock gods feel generous enough to blow our minds twice. In the meantime I’ll just be here drooling in anticipation…


Antemasque -TBA

Already announced in 2016, this At The Drive In offshoot’s sophomore album featuring Travis Barker on drums and Flea on bass should have been released a while ago. I guess ATDI reuniting postponed that a while, but 2018 should make up for that. Personally I thought the S/T record was an exciting, refreshing album that channeled The Mars Volta’s genius creative energy into short, catchy songs. Let’s hope that is exactly what their new one will do too.


Cult Of Luna -TBA

Cult Of Luna have some BIG shoes to fill after their killer 2016 collaboration with Julie Christmas. I guess my letter to them begging to keep her on did not help because word is that they are in the studio by themselves to write a follow-up more in line with Vertikal than Mariner, in that it will once again just be the band being their awesome selves. If it comes anywhere close to either one of those albums you won’t hear me complaining though…


Sumac / Keiji Haino – Collab

No less than two albums will ex-Isis (the band) mastermind Aaron Turner unleash upon humanity in 2018, and this collaboration with Japanese psychedelic music guru Keiji Haino seems the wildest one, and therefore the most interesting. We won’t get another Isis (the band) record anytime soon, but having to do make do with a live and kicking Sumac is no punishment.


Refused – TBA

Man I was disappointed in Freedom when it came out. The more because the highly anticipated follow-up of legendary post hardcore monument The Shape Of Punk To Come wasn’t nearly the kick in the head their reinvigorated live shows had promised us. Well, I’m still a little in the christmas spirit so I’m willing to give my Swedish post-heroes another chance…will they get it right this time?


Dommengang – Love Jail

Dommengang might be the least well known on the list, and that is well undeserved. Their debut album Everybody’s Boogie was such a nicely sedative psychblues album, and it makes me very curious indeed as to what they have cooked up this time. With a new album on Thrill Jockey and a European Tour with Golden Void coming up the future looks bright indeed for these New York beatniks.


Between The Buried And Me – TBA

What can we say about another Between The Buried And Me album? Have they ever let you down? Even if their formula has gotten quite well known by now their execution of it is so absolutely flawless that it is always a pleasure to welcome new tunes. To me BTBAM is the Queen of progressive metalcore. They are ambitious, technical and over the top like no others. Let’s celebrate these masters’ return next year!


Baroness – TBA

More interesting than the question of what color their album (title) might be is the question of what direction their sound will take? With Purple these Savannah progressive sludge lords succeeded in melting their heavier past with the catchiness of their previous album Yellow & Green. Will they opt for heavy or perhaps more introspective this time, will they be able to “shock” us once more? I guess we’re going to find out!


Birth Of Joy – Hyperfocus

Dutch Hammond-heavy psychrockers Birth Of Joy are definitely getting ready for an international breakthrough with their fourth album Hyperfocus. It will be released by the German label Glitterhouse, famous for bands like Wovenhand, Afghan Wigs, and early Monster Magnet, and followed by extensive international touring. Sonically you can expect a more straightforward -focussed as you will- approach without letting down any of that psychedelic stuff we’ve grown to love. This is definitely one to watch in 2018.


Abrahma – TBA

French progressive sludge rockers Abrahma might be France’s best-kept secret in heavy music at the moment, but they have Gojira-sized potential. All of their previous albums were fantastic examples of how to still write awesome stoner rock and stay away from cliches at the same time. I am 100% sure that this new album will turn a lot more heads than last time and that Abrahma might even become a household name for French sludge metal. They would deserve it.


Mountain Dust – TBA

Canadian heavy organ-rockers Mountain Dust had one of the most listened-to albums on YouTube last year with their debut Nine Years. 2018 will see them return to the international stage with a new record and a European tour that will take them to a couple of very significant summer festivals. This is another band that really deserves a break next year, so watch out for Mountain Dust in 2018!