There are songs from each year that anchor it in the mind’s ear; forever reminiscent of a time, place, or person. Listening to it draws on the memory of a feeling, a room, a conversation, a daydream, a specific moment in the day.

For me, 2017 was full of both anxious waiting and excited travel, miles on the road and in the air, accompanied by swelling soundscapes, heavy notes of nostalgia, and adventures emotionally, mentally, and physically. But besides the current state of the nation – and even including how insanely stressful it has been to navigate – since about April, I dare say 2017 has begun the best year of my adult life. And the following songs have been its heartbeat, its soul, its soundtrack.

Best Albums of 2017 Here

Honorable Mentions Here

Best Songs of 2017

Jessica Manning, “Homestead”

The Japanese House, “Saw You in a Dream”

Now, Now, “Yours”

Overcoats, “I Don’t Believe In Us”

Alvvays, “Not My Baby”

Phoebe Bridgers, “Smoke Signals”

Mimicking Birds, “Sunlight Daze”

Sylvan Esso, “Die Young”

Foster the People, “Sit Next to Me”

Manchester Orchestra, “The Gold”

Hundred Waters, “Wave to Anchor”

Big Thief, “Mythological Beauty”

Typhoon, “Rorschach”

Astronaut Husband, “Changeless”

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