Do you like space rock? Bands from Arkansas? The band Hum?

Well if that’s the case then you are going to love the space rock band from Arkansas, I Was Afraid who kind of sound like Hum. I mean they don’t really sound a whole lot like Hum, but I was just trying to get you hooked into checking them out because they rule.

I Was Afraid dropped a really excellent 4-song EP called Lonely Frontier earlier this year that you should check out. It is free to download, but you should give them some money because they deserve to be rewarded for such excellent music.

Anyway, I Was Afraid deserves some coverage, but basic interviews are kind of boring so instead I asked the band’s vocalist / guitarist, Darby 10 random questions and below are the results of our conversation. Enjoy!

Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers who would your rather be killed by?

Ok, honestly I’d rather be killed by Jason because he’d obliterate me. He’d lop my head off or just eviscerate me. Michael would probably just stab me in the chest and I’d bleed out. I wanna get it over with so I’d go with someone who’d give me instant death.

Would you rather have a lower back tattoo of Bette Midler’s face or a neck tat of Elton Johns face?

I would absolutely want an Elton John neck tat if I had to chose between the two. Elton had the sauce. He’s an LGBT trailblazing icon, he wrote fucking “Bennie and the Jets”. Legend.

Which movie is cooler? The Rock staring Nicholas Cage or Con Air staring Nicholas Cage? Or Face Off Staring Nicholas Cage?

Honestly,¬†Con Air was pretty cool, but Face Off is bonkers. Who even thought that was a sound plot for a movie? Like okay Nicolas Cage is now John Travolta and vice versa because they switched faces or something… I didn’t even watch that movie so I could be totally wrong about what it even is.


What do you want for Christmas?

I want a roomba and granite counter tops.

Would rather where a leopard print button up shirt or a zebra print button up shirt?

Leopard print button up for sure. I’d look like a 1985 couch from my grandmas house in zebra print.

Which album do you like more? Metallica‘s St. Anger or Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy?

St Anger goes fucking in. Lead pipe snare tone. People talk shit about St. Anger but it went double platinum.

What’s your moms favorite color?

My mom is stylish… her favorite color is probably gold.

Are you bummed that Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Deep didn’t win Oscar Awards for their performances in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

Right now in this publication I formally challenge Johnny Depp to fight me. I’ll whoop the bandanas off him. I don’t like him at all.

I was Afraid Live

Tell me what makes I Was Afraid so fucking awesome?

We’re so awesome because we refuse to break up. We just keep building our chakras and gathering our ki for our final attack.

Tell us about more kick ass bands in your scene.

My favorite band Headcold is about to release a full length album and they just happen to be from Little Rock Arkansas and we’ve toured with them a few times. Keep your eyes peeled.