Can music truly resonate with a growing human in a mother’s belly?  Who knows.  Throughout my wife’s pregnancy we made sure to introduce baby to an eclectic blend of sounds and vibrations just in case.

When she was about 34 weeks pregnant we went to a Caribou show during the Our Love tour.  We had so much fun that our daughter must have been jealous.  We like to think she was in a hurry to get out and join the party because not too long after that show she decided it was time.

The man behind Caribou is Dan Snaith.  He is a mad scientist when it comes to making music.  In fact, he has a PhD in mathematics.  Since two widely accepted international languages are math and music he needs some other title.  Noise Ambassador? Pythogorean plenipotentiary? Dance Diplomat?

Snaith is to dancey percussion as Nilsson is to vocal melody.

Daphni Joli Mai Review

Joli Mai is the second record for Snaith under the Daphni moniker (unless you count a Fabriclive release it is the third).  Just as Daphni’s debut, Jiaolong, the listener is treated to a montage of sorts spanning various cultural sounds while showcasing elements of their club dance scenes.  With Caribou, Snaith is relentlessly touring and spends a lot of time in different countries.

Daphni allows us to peak through the looking glass into a vibrant underworld of dance music.

Unfortunately for club music, there is a stigma attached when outsiders hear or think of it.  Drugs.  I wish this was not the case because it is not fair.  Not a knock on anybody for their personal choices or anything.  I’m all for responsible drug use.  The music seems to be written off by people that aren’t club goers themselves.  With Daphni you get to experience one of electronica’s most brilliant minds take you on a global tour of dance in the comforts of your own home, car or headphones.

Joli Mai continues to enforce my belief that if you are dancing you will be happy.

Daphni Caribou 2017

The record works on many levels.  It can enhance a room while playing in the background.  One moment you are sweeping the floors the next you notice your working a sweat up while your booty is shaking.  It can take an ordinary gathering of friends hanging out and turn into a full on dance party.  Or it can be an immersive experience.

Dive deep into the intricacies of the web Dan Snaith weaved by strapping on some good headphones.   My favorite is watching my daughter smile while we bump these jams.  Playing legos or coloring always evolving into a cardio workout.  My daughter LOVES to dance (maybe that Caribou concert DID resonate with her?).  Lots of moving around and laughing.  Daphni’s Joli Mai is about feeling good.  I promise it will elevate your mood.

Rating: 4.5/5

Pick up a copy on wax over HERE.