sneeze rot coverUs here at Bearded Gentlemen Music are extremely honored and thrilled that Glory Kid is giving us the chance to share Sneeze’s new EP, Rot.

Although the Boston-area trio still drips with the acclaim earned from 2014’s Wilt, it wasn’t enough.

They had to feed their anxious fans as quickly as possible.  Thanks to Glory Kid, they’re treating fans and newbies alike to six brand new rippers, all of which were laid down in just three days.  The result is raw and thunderous, propulsive and compelling. Rot captures the band in their true, purist form.

The way Sneeze makes straight up punk rock has me reminiscing about spending time on long drives in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  On many occasions, the only thing keeping me awake on an overnight haul was blasting …Trail Of Dead’s Source Tags & Codes.

Still, in a genre which can be considered over-saturated, it’s refreshing to hear Sneeze’s take.

They make music that’s both driving and powerful and delivered at an upbeat pace.  Their lyrics are fun and playful.  Make no doubt, if you’re looking to start a sweaty sing-along with lots of smiles, Rot‘s the perfect record to put on the turntable.


With song titles such as “Movie Sex” and “Sleep Breath,” it’s obvious the band’s clearly having a good time and not taking life too seriously. Which isn’t saying they don’t care or aren’t hard workers. I’m more speaking to their irreverent sense of humor and the “fuck it, lets drink some beer” vibe they give off.  My perception of them is further supported with their hilariously rad t-shirts for sale.  Get one of those and this wicked piece of wax over here –>  *BUY Sneeze’s Rot

The next time I visit Boston, I expect to see Sneeze shirts for sale next to all those Ortiz and “Wicked Pissah” shirts. After all, these guys are a treasure.

Rot is set to come out this Friday, September 2.  But you don’t have to wait! Thanks to the kind folks at GLory Kid, you can scratch that itch of anticipation and stream Rot right here!

For our more global readers, you don’t have to live in Massachusetts to get a taste of Sneeze’s live act. This fall, they’re touring the States, mostly along the east coast  If you live nearby any of these venues, don’t miss out!


09.14 – New Brunswick, NJ TBA
09.15 – Baltimore, MD @ Skramden Yards
09.16 – Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hit’s the Batting Cages
09.17 – Richmond, VA – TBA
09.18 – Nashville, TN @ The Black Cat Ballroom
09.19 – Murray, KY @ Terrapin Station
09.20 – Bloomington, IN @ The Void
09.21 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean Downstars/
09.22 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Free Clinic
09.23 – Akron, OH @ Kling Thing
09.24 – Buffalo, NY @ Dreamland
09.26 – Manchester, NH @ Fuzz Hut
09.27 -Cambridge, MA Out of the Blue Too
09.28 – Amherst, MA – UMASS
09.30 – Providence, RI – TBA
10.01 – Burlington, VT @ Anime High School