Hands Like Houses Dissonants CoverHands Like Houses are a staple among the newer wave of post emo rock groups, but when a band revamps a sound that should have been shelved after Saosin stopped screaming; well there you go.

A lot of people like this sound that Hands Like Houses are associated with and that is great! Listen to what you like, I always say.

But in the confines of the music critics brain, I truly think Hands Like Houses is talented enough to go beyond their comfortable compositions and still maintain musical composure.

Sort of like when Dead Poetic wrote the life giving New Medicines as the follow up to the dreary emo cry-fest Four Wall Blackmail.

Or something like that.

Hands Like Houses’ “Introduced Species” from their previous record, Unimagine really showed some gutsy chops and moving forward with that moxy would’ve taken this new album, Dissonants to stronger heights.

Although strangely for me, Hands Like Houses’ Dissonants doesn’t get there.


Hands Like Houses SexyI’m not one to actually try and sound overly intelligent when it comes to matters of comparing the past to the present, but when the past is more compelling than what we presently have, it’s easy.

Hands Like Houses have a line up of band members that could potentially not just write good albums; rather they could now write a great album. Their own version of Juturna.

It can be frustrating to see potential and yet witness the next level never reached. Immediately at first listen with Dissonants, you hear an ear pleasing set of songs. Although, if you have been around long enough and know anything of Hands Like Houses influencers, you might see what I am getting at.

People will definitely like Dissonants and that is cool, but I feel like people should be getting a much better effort from Hands Like Houses. The songs are good with a clear potential to be great. It is unsatisfying to get another record that will be buried deep along with so many others within the same vein. Maybe next time, or we can just wait to see how the new Saosin will turn out…

Rating: 2.5/5

Jeremy Erickson

This Canadian grew up in the great state of Montana, so naturally punk and hardcore music served as a proper soundtrack to his early life. Now living in the arctic tundra he enjoys vinyl collecting, bearding, Canadian brew and long walks on the beach he makes up in his mind.