Do you like knife fights, technicolor death goo, and mysterious briefcases? Then our premiere of ROBBERY’s “Red Dawn” will make your day!

Here is a short bio to get to know ROBBERY a little better:

“ROBBERY is a four-piece, post-punk band from Oakland, CA.  After both recently leaving Brooklyn for Oakland, Gina Marie (Breaker! Breaker!, Young Ruins) and Aleksander Prechtl (Zulus, Battleship) teamed up to start a new band.Marie had been playing drums in bands for years and was looking for a chance to get out front and sing/scream/let loose.Prechtl had been singing/screaming up front for years and was looking to get behind a kit, so the two swapped their usual band roles and joined up with long-time Oaklanders Bean Bae (Battleship, Little Queenie) and Oscar Michel (the Gris Gris, Little Queenie, Karen O and the Kids) to form ROBBERY.”

ROBBERY Oakland bandI recently Bandcamped their rambunctious 4 song demo and it brought me back to the days of drinking shitty beer in the backyard of a punk house watching someone smash lawn furniture and vomit, all while people are going berserk to the band playing inside; trust me, these are fond memories. It is hard to describe this band due to the mingling of influences brought by each band member, but ROBBERY is janky, no-wavesque, weird rock with a hurtling rhythm section that is wildly vandalized by a brash guitar and frenetic vocal tauntings.ROBBERY’s sound is reminiscent of something that could have been found on Kill Rock Stars, Troubleman Unlimited, or some of the noisier/more off-kilter releases on In The Red records.

The “Red Dawn” music video, directed by N. Ellis-Brown and AK Simpson, is an action packed death rodeo that makes Rambo look like Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Our protagonist, a one-woman army, takes on an entire gang of rugged and villainous punks guarding a special suitcase. Amidst the extreme Gatorade-slime violence, “Red Dawn” rallies on providing the perfect soundtrack to the messy warfare. Watch the awesomeness below!


ROBBERY Links: FacebookBandcamp