Kanye and Kim's new baby nameEveryone has been speculating what Kimye’s new baby boy’s name is and we have the answer here at Bearded Gentlemen Music. We’ve heard all the rumors just like you have. The names that have been thrown around on social media so far have been name such as: Easton West (not true and also dumb) South West, Erick West, Aaron West, Mike West, Best West and even 808s West. We’ve even heard more outlandish rumors such as animal names: Otter West, Aardvark West, and our favorite Shark West.

People have even gone as far to speculate that Kim and Kanye are naming their baby after an Instagram filter: X-Pro II West, Valencia West, Lo- Fi West, Sierra West, No Filter West, and Toaster West.

We have sources out there that refute the report that Kim and Kanye are not actually naming their baby Taylor West, after Taylor Swift. Those rumors are unfounded, reckless and frankly irresponsible. Some journalists will do anything for exposure. Avoid all stories with this report, they are just being used as click bait.

However, our reporter on the inside M. Milner has breaking news that Kimye’s new baby’s name is actually Beck West. Yes, it’s true! Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are actually naming their baby after the artist known as Beck. The very same artist that Kanye started a beef with at the Grammy’s this year. According to Milner the motivation behind the name is to mend the bridge and settle the beef with Kanye and Beck. Milner’s sources are also telling us here at B.G.M. that Beck will also, be the Godfather to Kim and Kanye’s new baby, Beck West. How fitting is that?!

M. Milner and our other reporter Melissa Vega also have breaking news on the first interaction between Kim and Kanye’s new baby Beck West and it’s new Godfather Beck. Milner imagines this “Beck is always hanging out, asking Kanye if he wants to freestyle with him and Kanye’s always like “mmm sorry I gotta run an errand” Beck is sitting in the kitchen, drumming on the counter. Kim whispers to Kanye “no you tell him to leave, he’s your friend!” Kanye says “I never said that!” Outside, a single loon cries”.

Vega also has further news on Kim and Kanye’s new baby Beck West, she reports that Beck West is already referring to Beck as “Daddy” and that the baby is currently referring to it’s father, Kanye as “Loser,” named after Beck’s seminal 90’s slacker-rock hit anthem of the same name.

So we here at Bearded Gentlemen Music would like to say “Congratulations to Kimye!” and we would like to be the first to welcome Kim and Kayne’s new baby into the world and refer to him by his official name. Welcome Beck West, the world is yours little man and the future is bright; make what you will of it.

Here’s the latest news and updates on Kimye’s new baby Beck West.