Grizzlor Cycloptic Album ArtI am still new to the Bearded Gentlemen Music community so I want to take some time to share a slight obsession I have.  That obsession is Connecticut’s own Grizzlor.  The best way to get you all caught up with this crew is by referring back to an older blurb I put together for their first couple of EPs.

“The ten tracks that New Haven, Connecticut’s Grizzlor released this year are some seriously spaced out crunchy tunes.  The songs are spread out over two 2014 releases.  We’re All Just Aliens is a self released digital album with six songs.  When You Die was released by Money Fire Records and contains four songs.  Both albums are dirty noise rock that will take you for quite a trip.  If you follow the band on Instagram you will notice they have an infatuation with images that appear to be old sci-fi movie poster art.  Large insects snatching up frightened women.  Men screaming in agony while half of their face is melting.  Astronauts in the heat of battle.  All of these visuals are perfect companions to the other worldly sounds that these dudes create.  Both of these releases are essential for any fan of loud and noisy.  You can download We’re All Just Aliens on a pay what you want basis  HERE and you can order a 7″ vinyl copy of When You Die over HERE.”

True to form, the album art from their upcoming 7″, Cycloptic includes a radical sci-fi scene.  Upon my first listsen to the seven tracks they packed into this release I thought maybe, just maybe, Grizzlor were coming back down to Earth to join the rest of us.  A song about bad weather. A story about a guy named Tommy.  Seems like normal rock songs…but no.  They are just as warped as ever and I love them for it.  Distorted vocals, deranged cackles, and drugged out jams are the perfect recipe to wreck your brain.  Recently on their Facebook Grizzlor had some interesting directions for you.  They said to listen to Cycloptic slowed down at 33rpm.  The band had just tried it the other night and they are now thinking about just playing them like that from now on.  I know I will try it once my copy arrives.

Grizzlor CyclopticNot one song on Cycloptic reaches the two minute mark.  When done well, I like short blasts for songs.  I catch myself listening to albums with solid short songs on repeat frequently and often and that has been the case with Cycloptic.  As declared at the end of “Winter Blows” this album is downright relentless.  I would recommend this band to everybody that I know but especially those that like to crush some beer and forget about all of the dumb shit that is happening in the world while blasting crunchy space tunes at maximum volume.  Those kind of people will like Grizzlor the most. Being in the Pacific Northwest I haven’t had a chance to witness them in action but I’m keeping my fingers crossed there will be some touring in the near future.

Rating: 4.5/5

The 7″ is coming out later in October and preorders are live.  Limited to 300 copies, half of red vinyl, half on white vinyl.  Purchase a copy over here –>  Grizzlor – Cycloptic

Grizzlor Links:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website | Hex Records