Gaytheist Rabbits AlbumI’m assuming that if you are reading this you have been to a music festival. No matter how many times you get your hopes up that artists might collaborate during each other’s sets you still think that it could happen next time. For example, I was certain that Ezra Koenig would hop on stage with The Very Best (or vice/versa) for “Warm Heart of Africa” at Sasquatch a few years back but no dice.

If you are one of the uninitiated, Gaytheist and Rabbits are two of the most dynamic forces in the Pacific Northwest music scene today. Rabbits are comprised of two guitars and a drum set and they collide to create heavy heaven. Drugged out fist pump inducing sludge is the brand of noise rock they create and seeing them live is the closest I have been to having a religious experience at a dive bar.

Gaytheist songs are usually under three minutes long. Their rhythm section would make any metal band that much better but they elected to join forces with Jason Rivera to form one hell of a good time band. Their shows are all rock but they add a heavy dose of comedy to keep attendees on their toes. A combination that will leave a shit eating grin on your face for days. Gaytheist are champions and are not to be missed.


Gay*Bits bandThese two bands are the Portland representatives from Seattle’s Good To Die Records. They have a long history of playing shows together and now, with Gay*Bits, they have an album together. The split LP, released 8/21/2015,  has six tracks from each band arranged in the most pleasing way I could think of. There are original songs from each band, covers of each other’s songs, they each perform a rendition of the same newly created song and blend the two bands to play some other tracks. Rabbits and Gaytheist have a kinship that makes a collaboration of this sort feel organic yet their sounds are very different which ensures the split LP never feels repetitive. It is a contender for my favorite album of the year at this stage of 2015. Gay*Bits is essentially what I have always wanted bands to do when playing at a festival (and yes, they did perform together on stage at the record release show).

Rating: 5/5

Gaytheist [Side A]
“Hope The Nihilist” – Gaytheist with a smidge of Doc Booze
“Run To Away To Home”
“We and Zoo” – covering a Rabbits song from Bites Rites on Bandcamp
“Fight Right” – covering a Rabbits song from Bites Rites
“I Quit” – Gaytheist song from Rainbows Have Nothing To Hide with Rabbits’ Doc Booze on vocals
“Soap Scum”

Rabbits [Side B]
“Soap Scum”
“Move Her Body” – Rabbits song with Gaytheist’s Jason Rivera on vocals
“I’m On Top” – covering a Gaytheist song from Rainbows Have Nothing To Hide on Bandcamp
“60 Easy Payments” – covering a Gaytheist song from Hold Me…But Not So Tight on Bandcamp
“The New Government You”
“Ready To Right” – Rabbits with a smidge of Jason at the end

You can purchase a copy of this record on classic black or electric blue with sea blue haze vinyl over here –> Gaytheist + Rabbits – Gay*Bits

Don’t miss Gaytheist or Rabbits if they come through your hometown.

Gaytheist Tour:
Sept 13, Mississippi Studios, Portland
Oct 2, Sunset Tavern (Macefield Festival), Seattle
Oct 29, Eagle, San Fransisco
Oct 31, Viper Room, Los Angeles
Nov 1, Tower Bar, San Diego
Nov 3, Metro, Salt Lake City
Nov 4, Neurolux, Boise

Rabbits have one show in the near future:
Sept 25, Turn! Turn! Turn! w/ Panzer Beat, Portland

Gaytheist Links: Facebook | Twitter | Website
Rabbits Links: WebsiteFacebook
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