I don’t know why it takes me so long to get around to writing concerts reviews. I apologize. Even though it has been over three weeks since the Whores. concert at Bar Deluxe, I am still in total shock at what I heard and saw. Total brain scramble in the best possible way.

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Whores. band AtlantaI discovered Whores. late last year while trying to find some really aggressive noise-rock type stuff. I snagged both their EP’s Ruiner. and Clean. and kinda forgot about the band (I’m an idiot I know that now). Then about three Monday’s ago while I was trying to decide what to listen to, I scrolled through  the endless abyss of music on my iPod and rediscovered Whores. I wisely chose Ruiner. for my early morning soundtrack and I have to say that it was probably one of my best drives to work in recent memory. I was enthralled by the pure aggression in all five tracks on the EP and promptly told all my co-workers upon arriving to the office that Whores. was the greatest band in the world! (Just kidding, I work in a law firm and I’m not sure the people I work with would understand the bands amazingness. Although, they should). I bet you can guess what I listened to on my drive that night… Yep it was Whores.’ 2013 EP Clean. When I got home I was convinced that I had now discovered my new favorite band and that I needed to witness them live. Luckily, and I guess somewhat coincidentally, Whores. were scheduled to play Bar Deluxe in three days.


Whores. in concertI kept Ruiner. and Clean. on constant rotation in preparation for that Thursday’s show and finally the day arrived. Isaac and I walked in a couple of minutes before Whores. were set to take stage so we bought a couple beers and patiently waited for the band to begin. All of a sudden, like the most rapturous Big Bang of all time, BOOM! Whores. began their set. I had high hopes for the concert going in, but Christian Lembach (voice and guitar), Jake Shultz (bass), and Donnie Adkinson (drums) completely blew all of my expectations out of the water. The trio hailing from Atlanta, Georgia basically aurally and visually assaulted Isaac, myself, and the rest of Bar Deluxe crowd for the next 35 minutes and it was the most satisfying assault I’ve ever experienced.


Whores. Concert

That’s Isaac and myself we bought a couple of Whores. t-shirts.

Perhaps, that’s the reason it took me over three weeks to write this review. I think that my subconscious might still be recovering from witnessing Whores. completely molest and desecrate that poor little stage one night in downtown Salt Lake City. It was a scene I will never forget and one I hope to experience several more times. I am dead serious when I tell you that you need to see this band live. If Whores. are playing a show any where in your vicinity, go! I promise the trauma is worth the reward.

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