Dust Moth Dragon MouthDust Moth’s debut EP Dragon Mouth is haunting, dark, enchanting, brooding, and laden with sullen harmonies filled with longing. It’s the kind of slow and heavy music you think I would like… and you’d be right.

Dust Moth’s front-woman Irene Barber’s vocals remind me a bit of Agent M’s from Tsunami Bomb and in fact the entire song “Casual Friends” sounded like it could have been a B-Side from The Definitive Act. They both have that lilting vocalization that borders on child-like at times, but still manages to sound 100% woman.

Being as this is Dust Moth’s debut EP there isn’t anything to compare it to, but what I can tell you is that is that I hear something in this band and that something is called potential. I hear the potential for this band to take what is already a great sound and evolve it into something even more intricate and beautiful. I hear the opportunity for good to become great. There is a quality to Dragon Mouth that feels promising or unexplored. Like this is just chapter one of what could become a rather great story.

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As far as first EPs go Dust Moth’s Dragon Mouth is really a treat. Already they sound mostly polished and together and the vocals are never fighting for attention over the music or vice versa. There is a great rhythm and flow that sits as a constant through out Dragon Mouth. The drumming comes across as crisp, the guitar work is just complex enough to keep with the tone of the EP as a whole and the bass consistently keeps a nice pace. Everything feels balanced and in harmony

All in all I really enjoy Dragon Mouth and recommend checking Dust Moth out. I feel like this is a band that could go on to put out some great albums and I can’t wait for their LP.

Rating: 4/5


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