What did you get done before 9 AM? Well, the dudes in American Shark accomplished all sorts of shit. That’s because they haven’t slept for the past 2 days! Shit being a relative term, as they have probably played a couple killer shows, sacrificed a few small animals, consumed truck loads of alcohol, copious amounts of drugs and let’s face it probably banged your mom. Just another day in the life really. This Austin based band plays hard and parties harder and isn’t ashamed to say they live the rock n’ roll lifestyle. Get Trashed. Play Rock and Roll. Fuck Yes. Recently, The Austin Chronicle dubbed American Sharks’ music as “punk-cum-metal”… I’m not exactly sure what it means, but the band seemed to like it! American Sharks released their self-titled LP in September of 2013 and if you are in the mood for a solid 19 minutes (that’s right, 19 minutes! each track averages 2 minutes) of stoner/punk/metal glory, then this my friends is the album for you. American Sharks has been carving out a name for themselves in their local scene, but have also made an impact on tour opening for acts such as The Sword, Clutch and Murder City Devils. If you are going to be in Austin for SXSW this year, be sure to go seek American Sharks out as they will be playing a few shows over the course of the festival.

I was able to get in touch with the band to ask them a couple questions about their album, the SXSW Festival, and being on the same label as Glen Danzig.

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American Sharks Getting HighYour self-titled album is a face-paced, kick-you-in-the-teeth record that doesn’t let up from beginning to end. What is your writing process like? 

Burn a bowl, kill a virgin and then it’s done. Not a lot else to writing music than that as far as we are concerned.

Does anyone ever come in to practice and say “Guys, I’m sorry, I just wanna play something mellow today”?

No. We are always only playing really fast super loud music only. If we play anything mellow we throw up.

I hear a lot of metal and punk influence in your music and I constantly find my self saying that it reminds me of Black Sabbath or the Misfits. What are some of the bands that you would say influence your sound? 

ELO and Ravi Shankar

Any of the songs from American Sharks about a girl who broke your heart?

No. We don’t have hearts.

American Sharks Self Titled Album CoverTell us a little about the awesome cover art for American Sharks. 

It’s done by an amazing Austin artist that goes by the name GUTROT. We think he drinks.


Engraved Weed GrinderI noticed that on top of selling shirts you offer a custom, engraved weed-grinder that you also gave out with the reprint of your Weedwizard 7″. I don’t smoke anymore, but it is so rad I might have to get one. Is this a big seller for you guys?

Sold out two pressings already. Probably won’t be a third but we never like to say never. Its a little too fun of an item to carry.

The band just signed with To The End Records (who also represent bands such as Danzing and The Dandy Warhols) this last summer. How did that relationship come about?

They heard us on the radio.

Now that you’re on the same label with Danzig, have you had any awesome / random interactions with him?

The End Records has a strict “No meeting Danzig” policy.

Nick owns his own label, Pau Wau Records. How does that affect the band’s schedule? Whether it be touring? Or anything else?

Surprisingly it doesn’t really get in the way. He is able to work from the road as easily as from home.

You guys also finished up a tour with two huge bands recently, The Sword and Clutch. Both of which are some of my all time favorites. Any crazy experiences you would care to share from that tour? 

We went sober the whole tour so not a lot happened this time around. We focused on doing our job. Clutch are really great dudes and The Sword are our brothers so it was a nice wholesome experience. 😉


American Sharks is slated to play some shows this year at SXSW. What are your thoughts on the festival? Have you played it before?

We’ve played sxsw a lot over the last 3 years. It rules and it sucks just like every festival. We live in town and I don’t think anyone who lives in a town that has a huge two week festival is fully pumped when it comes through. It fucks a lot of shit up but also a ton of people get that time to make a lot of money and catch up on their bills. It’s nice to see friends that travel through town.

Are there any other band’s that are playing that you are stoked to see or recommend people should check out?

Audacity, NANCY, Hectors Pets, Dirty Fences…umm Bad Lovers, Ditch Witch. There are so many great bands playing…

SXSW aside, what are your thoughts on being a band from Austin? There is obviously a huge music scene, but is that a good or a bad thing?

It’s a good thing and it’s helped us make huge strides. There are a ton of really helpful people here from great bands.

What’s next in store for American Sharks?

Partyin’ probably..


I had nothing to offer anyone but my own confusion.