a3346110205_2Florida has had a pretty decent entrance into the new year going by it’s previous track record. We’re only two weeks in and it’s already back to it’s habit of making news headlines. Seriously, just read this article. That aside, there are some reassuring things to come out of Florida in 2014 so far, like Orlando-based indie-emo band You Blew It!. They just released their second full length LP entitled Keep Doing What You’re Doing, and this band has shone a light on the possibility that living in this state isn’t completely hopeless.

Keep Doing What You’re Doing is an improvement on the sound that You Blew It! brought with their first full length Grow Up, Dude. There’s the fluctuation of harsh and subtle vocals backed by 90’s influenced “twinkly” guitars all complemented by slightly depressing lyrics. But absent from all of this is the super lo-fi, DIY sound they had on their previous album, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing and was one of the things that made Grow Up, Dude so nostalgic for me. This time around the band worked with Into It. Over It. mastermind Evan Weiss in the studio, which could explain the superior production quality on Keep Doing What You’re Doing.

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The album starts with “Match and Tinder” and album single “Award of the Year Award” , which set things off with a bang and a noticeably louder sound. These more aggressive songs  do well to complement the slower, quieter tracks such as  “Strong Island” and “House Address”, with lyrics like “Lets consider this something I’d like to forget / Eventually I’ve gotta get used to remembering” which succeed in bringing back memories, good or bad, of past relationships. One of the things I love about You Blew It! and emo overall is the way I can personally connect with the lyrics and feel of the music.

You Blew It! is a fine reminder that not all of us in Florida are spatula-wielding, chicken-throwing, ear-hungry nudists (who would have thought that these words would be used to describe anything, ever?). Grab Keep Doing What You’re Doing, which is out on Topshelf Records now!

Rating: 4.5/5