Sorry, I’m a little late on my review for the new Toro Y Moi album. I have been waiting to get a hold of  a special someone whom I felt could adequately explain all the funky awesomeness that is Toro’s new album Anything in Return. So without further delay may I present my brief  talk with one of the late great Bee Gees, Maurice Gibb.

Me: Howdy Maurice, hows Heaven?

Maurice: Dope, my twin brother Robin arrived a couple of months ago, so we’ve just been keeping it real and chilling on marshmallow clouds.

Me: Word! Have you heard the new Toro album?

Maurice: Heck Yes!

Me: And…?

Maurice: This dude has got the serious funk. I thought the Bee Gees brought the funktacular action, but Chaz (Bundick) has it down for real.

Maurice Gibb is a cool ghost

Me: Agreed. While nothing will ever compare to the amazingness that is the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, Anything in Return is quite danceable and entertaining. Any complaints on the album?

Maurice: I feel like it gets a little slow toward the middle with “Rose Quartz” and “Touch”, but for the most part the album has some pretty entertaining cuts. I really dig “Harm in Change”, “High Living”, and “Never Matter”.

Me: “Cake” is fairly spectacular as well. Have you seen the two new videos he put out?


Maurice: Yep! The video for “So Many Details” is scandalous and the video for “Say Chazwick Bundick is pimpThat”, has some of the freshest dance moves I have seen in some time. Plus, that orange sherbet sweater is divine.

Me: Apparently this is Bundick’s ‘pop’ album, but I feel his previous two albums were fairly ‘pop’ as well. It’s almost as if he blended the electronics of Causers of This  with the more organic vibe of Underneath the Pine.

Maurice: To me Anything in Return is basically a love album dedicated to his girlfriend. In interviews he has mentioned that he basically was trying to write ‘pop’ songs that his girlfriend would enjoy and throughout the album the lyrics in almost every song seem to be love notes to his lady friend. She’s a lucky gal to have such great songs written for her.

Me: Ha! I just really dig the production throughout the whole thing, especially the random vocal samples that seem like they came from hip-hop songs. It’s crazy to hear  the ‘Yeaya’ sample like in the later part of “Say That”, its super original and catchy. Any message you want me to pass on to Barry?

Maurice: Nope, I talk to him every night.

Me: Right on. Hey real quick any plans to do a disco rap album with 2Pac?

Maurice: 2Pac ain’t dead!!

Me: I knew it!!


That Maurice is one cool dude and you know if he digs Toro Y Moi’s new album, you should too. I highly recommend getting yourself a copy and playing it while hosting a pajama dance party in your kitchen. Probably the best time you will ever have.