Baroness_Yellow_and_Green_Cover_ArtI’ve always had a bit of a curious love for Baroness. I discovered the band in 2008 about a year after the Red Album came out. My initial impression of the band was that they were a streamlined version of Mastodon, which I thought was great because, Mastodon’s prog rocking can get a bit tedious. What made me fall in love with Baroness was seeing the video for “Wanderlust”. Then upon further research I discovered the band’s art work for the Red Album and was absolutely blown away by the coolness of the paintings done by their frontman John Dyer Baizley. Seriously if you haven’t seen this dude’s artwork get on it.

Baroness_Circa_2012So all that considered, I was hyped when Blue Record came out and went right out and bought a copy the day it was released. I am sure I am in the minority here, but there  was something about Blue Record that didnt’ quite sit right with me. While I thoroughly enjoyed Red Album, Blue Record was just missing something. I still I have no idea what that something is, whether it’s energy or tone or composition, but it just doesn’t have the same pizzaz as it’s predecessor. (Update: I have since revisited Blue Record, and I had my head up my ass… It’s brilliant!)

Now Baroness has put out Yellow & Green and to make sure I share a proper opinion of the album with everyone, here is a conversation I had with the Greek God of the Ocean, Poseidon about his thoughts on Baroness’ new double album.


Me: Do you know any of the members of Baroness?

Posiedon: No not personally, but I like to haunt their dreams with images of title waves, mermaids and all kinds of splashing water in hopes that they will write songs about me.

Me: Is it working.

P: Pretty sure. There’s a lot of reference to the ocean and things of that nature on their new stuff.

Me: Speaking of which, how do you feel about Yellow & Green overall?

P: I think it’s downright amazing. There are a lot of different elements going on.

Me: Do you feel that it is as “metal” as their older stuff?

P: I still consider it metal, but not in a traditional sense. It’s very heavy and has a fairly aggressive vibe to it overall without falling into the cliché of a bunch of gruff vocals or heavy doom stuff.

Me: Agreed. I actually thought the band was able to accomplish something unique as far as keeping a thick tone, but adding elements to their sound without dumbing it down with the same old stuff you hear in most heavy music. A lot of the songs almost come across as a tougher updated version of the Meat Puppets.

P: Agreed.

Me: Do you dig their older stuff?

P: Yes all of it and I think you’re an idiot for not digging Blue Record. But you don’t have the amazing brain capacity of a magical surf god like myself so I am not mad.

Me: Thanks, I guess. Do you think their album artwork is cool?

P: Yes I do. The models in the majority of Baizley’s work are all my current or ex-girlfriends. I have the originals of all the pieces hanging in my grotto. I like to reminisce.

Me: Troo player. Any standout tracks from the album?

P:  I’m a huge fan of the last track on Yellow “Eula” that song is epic, sad and inspirational all at the same time. It’s a definite tear jerker, best song on both albums.

Me: Word. I pretty much knew these albums were gonna be badass once I experienced “March to the Sea”. One of most original heavy tracks I have heard in sometime. I am really honestly digging all of it especially Green. It’s not as heavy as Yellow overall but, it has a really good vibe to it. Baroness kind of went from a metal band to more of a heavy rock band. What’s your favorite song on Green?



P: Definitely “Psalms Alive” that jam really shows the diversity the band has grown into. The guitar parts in the beginning sections are so smooth.

Me: That’s why I like you guy, that’s my favorite song on Green too. Alright well I guess that about covers it you big old soggy bastard. Are you ever going to teach me to become an amazing pro champion surfer?

P: Probably not. I should, but I don’t think you can handle the coolness of it. Plus you’re probably lacking too much in upper body strength.

Me: Good enough. Peace out P Pants.

P: Peace!


There you have it, yet another amazing conversation I had with someone cooler than me. In case you didn’t get the idea from the info above, this new Baroness  release is perfect throughout both albums. All 18 tracks are interesting and stand up next to each other. It may be too early in the year to proclaim this, but Yellow & Green might be right up there as album of the year for me. The bar has been set pretty high for  the rest of 2012.

Random Note: A few days ago a friend and I stumbled upon a video of Baroness performing at Best Friends Day. While the performance was solid we couldn’t help but notice the vast number of people who were attempting to stage dive and failing miserably. This was extremely hilarious and my friend was kind enough to edit together a shortened video of these amazing stage dive fails. I feel that this video is absolutely classic and should be shared with everyone. I am also including a number  of .gifs he made as well. Enjoy and try not to piss yourself from laughing to hard ( My Favorite is Batman’s attempt).

Batsurf preview pic =