I came across a couple of Weird Dreams tracks on Pitchfork a few months back and when I heard the echoey reverbed out guitar I was immediately hooked. I have been patiently waiting for their debut album Choreography to come out for some time and now that it has finally been released all my wildest dreams have come true. This album is great.

If you read the reviews floating around the internet most them write about how the album has all this great sixties flare to it. That’s Lame. Here’s what it really sounds like… Imagine a soaking wet version of the Meat Puppets Up On the Sun being sexually propositioned by The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead in the back corner of the bar and you’ll have the glorious adventurous promiscuity that is Weird Dreams’ Choreography. If these guys don’t continue to put out album after amazing album I may have to lock myself in the bathroom every night for the rest of my life and cry.


Overall Opinion: These dudes are bad! The rhythm section is strong, the guitars are dreamy and the vocals are playfully captivating. All the songs are good, but my favorite track has to be track three “Holding Nails”, the end of that song is triumphant. Choreography came out just in time for summer to begin and I can guarantee I will be playing this album over and over while I waste away under the sun, in my kiddie pool. Good Times!


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