It’s that time once again folks. Here’s a quick shout out to a bunch of music I have been listening to lately.


Seems like the husband wife duo is getting over looked this year which is a damn shame. Listening to Tennis makes you want to give everyone a hug and invite them to your birthday party. I wish I could sneak into their bedroom and hide in their closet. I very much enjoy the sweet wholesome surf pop this group produces. Everyone knows that the best surf pop comes out of the balmy coastal town of Denver Colorado?! …Strange. Here’s a video for “Origins”, I definitely need to get me some skies and an Uzi.


Every Time I Die

These sassy southern rock hardcore gentlemen are out with a new album and Ex Lives is as ball busting as ever. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for ETID ever since Hot Damn! came out. I love Keith Buckley’s clean vocals when he decides to use them, so fine. Anyway, Ex Lives follows the tried and true vibe of groove party beat down that the band has established throughout their long career, but this time around there seems to be a darker more sinister element going on which really adds to the intensity. Best line ever “There was whiskey in the Devil’s blood and there was blood in my cup” –  from track four “Typical Miracle”. Here’s the puzzling video for “Revival Mode”… (Do you think these guys ever get sick of constantly trying to find a new bass player? They’ve gone through like eight of them)


Lilacs & Champagne


Half of the instrumental band Grails started some sort of trip-hop band / production team and it’s just great. Anything that sounds somber yet  dusty and smooth I am all for, kinda like when you feel up your best friend’s grandma’s freshly shorn thigh. Simply delightful, give it a try.



There’s not a whole lot out from this sister fronted band yet. Their sound is similar to Warpaint’s, but there is something heavier and more bad ass about these gals. I can’t wait for a full length or something more than a single and a video. Until then, here’s the video for “Scarlet” which is dizzingly sultry.



Empress Cover Art

I randomly stumbled upon this Australian witch house producer with the horribly awesome band name and because all of the EP’s were free on the BandCamp page I gave it a shot. Boyhowdy, was I pleasantly surprised. DATERAPE brings the creepster gloom and dreamlike action that I wish I could experience every night while I sleep. I can’t seem to find any information on the artist so not sure if it’s a man or a woman and I’m not sure if it really matters. DATERAPE has three EP’s out now and they are exceptional, but if I had to pick one I would go with the latest Empress, one because the mood is more consistent, plus the cover art is pervy. Give DATERAPE a try not only is it free, it’s also illegal (bad joke… sorry!) Here’s a user video:



The new album from The Mars Volta leaked and I am not quite ready to share my opinion on Noctourniquet yet, but once we get closer to the actual release date expect a full dissertation. Haha.

The Ting Ting’s put out an a new one and it’s not as fun as the their first. Basically the first seven tracks are embarrassingly good then it just goes all to hell. Last track “In Your Life”  is like a futuristic identical sibling of Nancy Sinatra’s version of “Bang Bang” , I hope the Ting’s are somewhat aware of this or they may get sued.

Okay that’s plenty of new tunes to consume. Good Luck and Peace Out!