So I spend a lot of time reading and writing Album reviews and to be honest the majority of reviews I come across are either way too long or just flat-out boring (including the reviews I write). I have spent some time over the past couple of weeks thinking about how to better present my thoughts / opinions about music I am reviewing and I came up with the idea of just listing out a few bullet points. Now this is still in the early stages so the format might get switched up a bit, but I figure this way, I can get my point across more efficiently as well as get you the most entertaining informative music write-up without wasting all your precious internet time. Well here we go…


  • I feel like the first album Treats was more Derek Miller’s project. Where this new album has a lot stronger vocal lines and harmonies, Alexis Krauss seemed like she was more involved this time around.
  • There are a few more laid back cuts on Reign of Terror, which help mix it up more than the first album.
  • If the two albums were siblings. Treats would be the brother and Reign of Terror would be the tranny brother.
  • Derek Miller was obviously the most valuable member of his previous band Poison the Well because, their record You Come Before You was easily their best. The band kind of took this rockabilly metal direction afterwards and the material was just not quite there.
  • Poison the Well’s other guitarist Ryan Primack is Sleigh Bells production manager. So the band is keeping it in the family. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets involved with Sleigh Bells music in the future or if PTW got back together for a money-making reunion tour… Coachella get on that.
  •  Alexis Krauss has an uncanny knack for basically turning every song into a post apocalyptic cheerleader chant.
  • The video for “Comeback Kid” promotes doing unsafe things with guns.
  • If you like Def Leppard then be stoked cause they supposedly influenced the sound of the album. If you don’t like “sugar poured on you”… don’t worry it doesn’t really sound like Def Leppard.
  • There is speculation that band lipsynchs live. I know they just play over a recorded track, but people seem to think that the whole show is faked. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor?

Overall Opinion: I am sucker for heavy stuff, and if you put something feminine or soft along with the brawnyness I’ll dig it for sure. This is album does just that. If you were a fan of the first album you’ll like this one.

Update: Just watched their SNL performance from from a while back. I’m trying to figure out who the second guitarist is? I have a hunch it is Ryan Primack. I have been searching on the net to find out. Still don’t know but, my premonitions of him joining the band were probably right. I can predict the future. Their performance was okay, could have used a lot more low end though.