Never heard of Falling Stacks? That’s too bad for you and also, where the fuck have you been?!

Fine, I’ll tell you about this bad ass band so you don’t have to feel embarrassed and ashamed for missing out on them for so long. Falling Stacks is a three piece post-punk, post-noise, post-amazing band out of Bristol, UK. They have a new EP coming out called Sarcastic Clap that is dropping on April 25th. The new EP is the follow up to the raw meat and big taters full length, also known as 2015’s No Wives, which we reviewed on this site right here. In that review the wonderful Steve Wheeler had this to say:

“Falling Stacks’ No Wives is a magnificent achievement, a record steeped in a rich history of alternative discordance that never once feels stale or overly familiar.

Every twist and turn, every shift between quiet and loud and every crazed one liner is delivered with all the surprise and vigor of a band unrestrained by the need to “fit in”.”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement and Sarcastic Clap delivers on the previous promises that No Wives made, with three tracks full of tight pissy strenuous dissonance. The highlight being the opening track “Standing Leg”, which we are premiering the music video for, right fuckin here! Right fuckin now!

Falling Stacks band review

Took me a really long time to get to the point, didn’t it?

The music video is depicts a purgatory half-hell like version of where Gumby and Thomas the Train live. Full of mundane people looking sad and doing mundane shit, while singing the lyrics to “Standing Leg”. So basically this video is a fairly spot-on depiction of real life.



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