B.G.M. site wide Friday the 13th Valentine’s Day Playlist Here.

Listen…This is all 4 U…I’m gonna take U, to the depths of my deepest fantasies- feed U fruits from undiscovered jungles, sips of wines from Lavaux, cover U in Mandarin maruka while licking the rose petals from between your toes. “Would You Mind”? Bring my lips to that lavender lapin and lick “Pink Cashmere”…Come…U know what that is?

Prince is hot

Lay you on Bespoke sheets, cradle you in violaceous silks–gonna whisper 2 U dirty, gonna set you free… make your wings flutter til U can’t come back down…Come….You know what that is?Playlist

“That’s The Way Love Goes”, it’s the heights of ecstasy that I take you 2. High in the “Starlight” looking down on your naked body…is this the summit of ecstasy? No. Let me draw a bath…waters from Himalayan peaks–hints of Shilajit and Shatavari–I trace a heart in the bubbles with my toe…do U want 2 bathe with me? Caress your thighs with Tyrrhenian Sea sponges…”Sail Away”–did I feel you quiver? Come. U know what that is?The Purple One

“Justify My Love”, this is what you need…this is no “Ordinary Love”… So “Close To You”, I can hear your horses run free…wild…wet…unbridled…I know my ”Love Will Lead You Back”…”Looking Through Patient Eyes” as you buck to your abandon…’til U…Ooo…U know what that is?

Prince is sexy

“Adorn” U with “Diamonds and Pearls”, put the peacocks to bed- is this “Another Sad Love Song”? No. It’s the sounds of your engine revving–squeals of passion–no brakes…Control the P…put U in park as U put me in “Drive”…bring U to your destination…Come…U know what that is?Naked on Stage

Baby 4 U it’s “True”, this “Wicked Game” I play with U. All 4’s…cherry whips…mulberry scarves…P chains for hours, til U say “Take My Breath Away”? did I feel U, “Come Undone”? There is no “Sadness (Part One)” the night has only begun and baby I got a lot…

Prince is weird

Playlist: Janet Jackson- “Would You Mind” / Prince- “Pink Cashmere” / Janet Jackson- “That’s the Way Love Goes” / Pure X- “Starlight” / Enya- “Orinico Flow (Sail Away)” /  Madonna- “Justify My Love” / Sade- “Ordinary Love” / Maxi Priest- “Close To You” / Taylor Dayne- “Love Will Lead You Back” / P.M. Dawn- “Looking Through Patient Eyes” / Miguel- “Adorn” / Prince- “Diamonds and Pearls” / Toni Braxton- “Another Sad Love Song” / The Cars- “Drive” / Spandau Ballet- “True” / Chris Isaak- “Wicked Game” / Berlin- “Take My Breath Away” / Duran Duran- “Come Undone” / Enigma- “Sadness Part 1”Prince Playlist

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Editors Note – Bonus Track: This Michael Bolton song / video for “Said I Loved You…But I Lied” might be everything that is wrong and right about Valentine’s day… haha!