With a name like Swanky Tiger, this exuberant Brooklyn based band is sure to catch your attention.

Their new video for their single “Wake Up” has a deliciously somber and vintage feel, which goes well with their gritty, rock ‘n roll sound. It’s always interesting to see when a video contradicts the tone and attitude of a song. “Wake Up” is very reminiscent of Heathers and Jawbreaker, which both have this colorful yet dark quality to them.

As the video begins, you’re introduced to this dark and mysterious ingenue who oozes sex and danger.

Swanky Tiger’s lead singer, Oliver Myles Mashburn, croons, “imagine what you’d do in the throws of a nightmare…” The shaky quality of the video makes it so intriguing – that it creates an intense desire to know the story behind not only the video, but the song as well.

Directed by Virgile Jardin and starring Adélaïde de Cerjat and Frédérique Rivest, “Wake Up” explores the fine line between innocence and obsession, drawing on a 1960s art-house aesthetic to tell the story of a clandestine murder.