desert daze stageFellow space travelers, the fruits of your labor have finally come full circle. With Desert Daze 2018 announcing it’s final additions to the lineup for this year’s event at Moreno Beach in Lake Perris, CA, the stage is set for festival season to reach for the stars in an out of this world finale!

Taking place October 12th-14th, Desert Daze headliner Tame Impala will now be joined by shoegaze titans My Bloody Valentine for a one-two punch sure to turn heads from all over the globe. In addition, Phase III introduces famed noise rock legend Steve Albini, who will be performing with Shellac as well as curating a speaking engagement. Expect other rock and indie staples such as Tame Impala side project GUM (along with other Tame Impala offshoot Pond already announced), as well as Escape-ism and Julia Holter, who boasts an entire string ensemble to go along with her performance. The final transmission before showtime is a welcome addition of talent to pool with an already outrageous lineup.

desert daze crowdsurf

With a myriad of things to do, carefully planned amenities, and a wide variety of arts and entertainment to keep any patron satisfied, the early-Fall atmosphere of the Southern California sun will play part to a jam-packed weekend full of awesome activities. Folks can listen to the hottest rock, indie, metal, and hip-hop acts of the present day, as well as relax of the comfy shores of the Moreno Beach recreation area. Whatever one’s fancy, there is no shortage of things to do and artists to see throughout the weekend. From early entry on Thursday, to the waning moments of Sunday night, Desert Daze is filled to the brim with adventure. Keep your eyes out for more announcements too as the festival drifts closer and closer to earth’s atmosphere. New information on installation artists, films, talks, projections, workshops, Mystic Bazaar, and late night programming still to come!

Desert Daze 2018 Full Lineup:

Desert Daze Lineup

Full Phase III Lineup Additions:

My Bloody Valentine
Steve Albini (speaking engagement)
Julia Holter
Opening Ceremonies with Ian Svenonius
Yonatan Gat & The Eastern Medicine Singers

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