Few are the artists that I can see multiple times and each time its a different experience, one in particular is Rene Lopez.

Rene’s music is the dance like no one’s watching type, where you get to groove to your heart’s content. He captures what it’s like to have a love affair with New York City – it’s lively, passionate, and chaotic in the best way possible. Rene started his lively set with “Don’t Change Your Heart” which caused the entire crowd to come closer to dance together as strangers – enjoying the night.  

Rene’s songs convey everything from love to heartbreak to the little things in life such as enjoying a glass of whiskey rye.

He does it in such an eloquent way that he makes you feel as if you were there with him such as “Midnight Love”, a bolero styled song about a broken heart and the struggles through beautifully, nostalgic lyrics. Songs like this remind me of my adolescence growing up in a Hispanic family and how my parents would share their favorite songs. The set list was curated very well beginning with upbeat danceable songs into mellow boleros and picking up the pace again with Latin funk songs that have a 1940’s-50’s style. This is an artist you’ll definitely appreciate because of the diversity he offers in each song.