The Sword have been at it a long time and if you’re not aware of the awesome metal / bluesy / stoner music they’ve dropped in the past then you better remedy that. The Sword have lightened up their sound the past few years and the band’s latest release, Used Future shows this change in style coming into full bloom.

The Sword Used Future Interview

They have traded in the their metal sound for a more straight forward 70s style rock and it suits the band well. Used Future will have you wondering how you’ve possibly lived this long without this album in your life and it will also have you wondering what musical influences the band used to create these soaring tunes.


Well, I got in touch with The Sword’s guitar player, Kyle Shutt to ask him about his favorite, most overrated, and most underrated albums and to hopefully get a little peak into what type of tunes influence this killer band.

Favorite Album

I love music of all kinds, but I always come back to Electric Six, any album really, but KILL might be my favorite. Their music is much smarter than your average rock band, and I’m a sucker for heavy guitars, dance beats, synthesizers, and clever lyrics.

Overrated Album

I don’t think my opinion really matters here, as it just makes me sound old, but I just can’t get behind the new movement of garbage hip hop. I’ll be over here listening to Aquemini.

Underrated Album

The self titled album by Prick is one of my all time favorites, and I feel like I’m the only one who’s ever heard it. It was recorded at the same studio and with all the same toys as The Downward Spiral (by NIN, another of my favorites) so it’s like all the same sounds with a different style of songs, total genius.

Snag The Sword’s Used Future Here