The legend of David Byrne is something that doesn’t need to be questioned.

Seriously, even if you take out the legendary work of Talking Heads, David Byrne’s has achieved so much whilst living on this planet.  He’s turned his hand to filmmaking, written fiction & non-fiction books, started a radio station, worked in theater /opera, won Oscars and many other awards.  He’s done all of this, as well as work with a list of artists which is longer than the Doomsday book.  The only thing he’s not done is won a match at Wrestlemania, but he’ll probably get around to that eventually.


American Utopia David Byrne Review

Coer art of American Utopia, by Purvis Young

American Utopia is David Bryne first album since releasing Love This Giant & the Brass Tacts EP with St. Vincent in 2012.  In regards to his solo work, this is his first stand-alone record since 2004’s Grown Backwards.   So, it has been a long time since he stepped out on his own, but he didn’t really do that if we’re honest.  The album credits thirty-five as contributors.

Just before American Utopia was released, Byrne found himself in a bit of trouble.

Whilst David Byrne has worked with a lot of people on this record, only one person on the credits is female, and his Production Manager.  Now, I’m not casting any judgement good or bad on this, as David Byrne issued an apology to his fans regarding this matter.