So, All Time Low’s journey began with Nothing Personal, made its way through Don’t Panic, back tracked to So Wrong, It’s Right and here we are; pit-stopping at Last Young Renegade. Whenever I think about my time listening to All Time Low’s albums, I most often think of the time where I first discovered “Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don’t” sitting in the recommended section of YouTube, then the first time I saw them live and finally, the second time I saw them live where I actually passed out before they came on stage.

Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of the band, describes Last Young Renegade to have a more nostalgic approach on their youth. Unlike the band’s previous album, Future Hearts, which took on the perspective of the band’s youth personas. Last Young Renegade explores different moods and feeling through the songs on the album; as someone who’s grown following the bands progress, the band’s change in writing is clearer to see.

Last Young Renegade marks All Time Low’s 7th studio album release. 

all time low last young renegade 2017

The release of Last Young Renegade signifies 7 studio albums, 14 years on tour and 5 years of which I have followed them as a band; as a lil 19-year-old over here, that’s a lot of years. Years where I’m turning from a small teenager to the person I am today and I couldn’t justify not commemorating that.

All Time Low’s new album inspired me to write a list of 7 songs (for their 7 albums, see, inspiring) which I have connected to most throughout my teenage years:

  1. To the time I was a walking travesty
    Nothing Personal: “Therapy”
  2. To the time I was stuck in a rut (and there were many a time)
    Nothing Personal: “Weightless”
  3. To the time I thought I was sick because I didn’t listen to chart music
    Nothing Personal: “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)”
  4. To the time my friends needed something
    Future Hearts: “Missing you”
  5. To the nights I’m not ready to give up on yet
    Last Young Renegade: “Good Times”
  6. To the time I wanted to be lost with anyone really
    Don’t Panic: “Somewhere In Neverland”
  7. To the teenagers who made it
    Future Hearts: “Old Scars / Future Hearts”


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