Like many avid music listeners, I always want to talk about music with people that are as equally passionate as me. The issue is though, they can be hard to come by. The best way tends to be going online and looking for music blogs, music publications, or groups on social media where people meme-ify their favourite albums and it makes the experience much more fun.

However, I wanted to take it a step further. You see, I wanted to speak my opinions out loud, pour all these thoughts into a place in the hopes of carrying on the discussion with others.

Writing articles can often be a daunting task, well for me anyway. You have to make sure it reads well, the language is interesting enough for the reader, and stand out from the thousands upon thousands of other writers out there that are likely better. Whilst writing though, more often than not, I thought to myself that I could speak what I was writing down in half the time of writing it and probably be less conscious of the fact that I only got a C at GCSE in English. 

So, like the NeedleDrop’s, Spectrum Pulse’s, Dead End Hip Hop’s and Velocities In Music’s before me, I decided it was time to take my ramblings to YouTube. I’m not exactly expecting this to be as popular as those guys, but hey, it’s fun to do for now.

I hope you enjoy hearing me talk about this Johnny Flynn album, and maybe check out some other videos I did as well. Make sure you check out the album first though, it’s pretty damn good.

Thank you Bearded Gentlemen Music for allowing me to post my video here, and hopefully I can see more of the B.G.M .readers at my channel on YouTube, @NotRealMusic.