WIXIW review

I first became acquainted with Liars when I reviewed their self titled 2007 release and heard track nine off that album “Clear Island”.

This was my first encounter with the band, so I figured that they were some sort of  surf punk noise band. I have since immersed myself in all of their music and I have come to one conclusion. Liars is a tough band to get attached to because they are a tough band to pin down stylistically. Personally, I like to know what style of music a band generally plays so I can monitor their progression, but with Liars they are all over the place. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, it just makes it hard for me to connect with them.

So I thought it would be fitting to help explain their transient alien sound by sharing my most recent conversion with an actual transient alien named Gordon Shumway a.k.a. ALF.

Gordon Shumway: Did you know I have a Liars tramp stamp tattooed on me?

Me: No, ALF I was not aware of that. What drove you to do that?

GS: Liars is the Official National Band of my home planet Melmac and we are all required at the ripe age of 13 to get a sweet Liars tramp stamp tat.

Me: Sounds oppressive, but at least Liars is an awesome band. Have you heard the new record?

GS: Of course I have, and I have to say this album is a lot more listener friendly than the majority of their past catalogue.

Me: Agreed, seems like the band is getting all Radiohead Kid A on everybody by ditching guitars and drums and making an electronic album. You’d think coming from these guys that would basically mean Aphex Twin on crack or something, but WIXIW is their smoothest and least challenging listen.

GS: Totally. I’ve always thought of Liars as a modern-day Mr. Bungle because of all the experimentation and genre bending that can sometimes happen three to four different times within one song.

Me: I feel like this conversation is getting wordy. Are you drunk?

GS: Maybe… Did you know that WIXIW stands for “Wish You” and that it also begins the same way it ends.

Me: Yep read that on the internet. Old news.

GS: Have you seen their latest video for “No. 1 Against The Rush” it’s brutal.

Me: Yea that’s old news too, but it’s a really cool music video. I love Liars music videos. The video for “Scissor” is dope too. You gotta respect videos that kill the band members.

GS: I don’t feel like you like me very much.

Me: I don’t really. You are just the only transient alien I know besides E.T., but he’s a cocaine addict, so I’m talking to you.

GS: I think I’m going to cry.

Me: Okay. But before you do, anything more to say about WIXIW, since I am going to publish our conversation without your permission.

GS: I enjoy the opening track “The Exact Colour of Doubt” and track two “Octagon” as well track nine “Who Is The Hunter”.

Me: Wow ALF, why didn’t you just say the whole album. Because the whole albums good, ya dork.

GS: I’m never talking to you again.

Me: Thank you.

WIXIW is an entertaining listen and I really do agree with ALF when he say’s it reminds him of Kid A. Listen to this album, Liars did a great job with the electronic vibe. Also watch this random clip about the making of WIXIW.