It’s the beginning of the best time of year and that can mean only one thing. It’s time to have a backyard kiddie pool party while listening to some sweet new music. Here are some recently discovered tunes and some albums I have been patiently waiting for.



I know I’ve already posted about this band. But, their full length FINALLY came out and it is everything I could have hoped for and more. These two sisters and the two dudes that back them are everything that is awesome about The Cure, The Police and Warpaint all wraped into one insanely sultry band. Get this album!

Dope Body

Natural History

These noise rockers are great. They kind of have this nineties flair to them, which is always welcomed. Super messy and sloppy but, tough with original riffs and breakdowns. A perfect album to wallow in the sun to. They have an Andrew W.K. vibe but, way more genuine, with a touch of Dinosaur Jr. and WU LYF. Track four “Twice the Life” has the coolest groove to it. Wish they would tour West, I wana see them live.


House Baasa

Uncle Nate did a concert review on these gals a couple of weeks back (also, another sister band… strange). This is like an 80’s distorted version of Lykke Li. Super creepy. I love the percussion / beats on this album, which are really gritty and big, providing a cool contrast from the sugary pop-oriented vocals. Check Nate’s review if you haven’t yet:

Old Man Gloom


The legendary Old Man Gloom is back. While I think that everyone secretly wishes that each of the members of this group would just make a new album with their main bands (Isis (R.I.P.), Converge, & Cave In) we will try and enjoy this collection of evil sludge metal doom action instead. This album and this group are not a bad replacement from the previously mentioned bands. The thing that makes this album interesting, is all the different noises and interludes that they incorporate into the heaviness. These dudes are obviously experts at making cool heavy music, so get down with it. They haven’t officially released this album yet, it’s only been available at their shows. But, if your crafty enough you can probably find a copy to hold you over until the official release on 06/26/12.

Well there you have it. There’s a few other bands that are sneaking around the corners that I will post about soon, but this should be enough tunes to last for at least a weeks worth of kiddie pool escapades… Right??

P.S. I’ve already posted about Daughn Gibson, but he has a couple of new songs out and he’s awesome so you should go download them.