Kim and Kanye TshirtBearded Gentlemen Music is now making fine t-shirts!

We would love to give you all a shirt for free, however, B.G.M. isn’t currently making money on ads so we are hoping that by selling shirts we can recoup some of  the cost it takes to keep the site up and running. Think of it as a donation, and as a thank you for your donation we will send you an awesome, screen printed Bearded Gentlemen Music T-shirt!

All of our merchandise will be limited edition, unique B.G.M designs and made in very small quantities, because lets face it this stuff is expensive to make. Our shirts are a steal at only $15!  They are made with the softest and most comfortable cotton shirts, and designed with both men and women in mind.

Michael Myers T-shirtTheir are  two shirts currently listed in our Store Envy shop. The first features Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and it appears that B.G.M. logo is also one of Kimye’s children. Look out North and Saint we’re coming for your toys! The second shirt features the notorious Haddonfield, IL,  crazed serial killer Michael Myers. It appears that Michael Myers loves B.G.M. so much that he decided to dress up as the B.G.M. Logo for Halloween. How lucky are we to have one of the most famous murderers of all time dress up as us for his favorite holiday and his favorite day to work his massacre-murdering magic? Let’s hope he’s not so obsessed that he decides to target us next!

We have a few other designs in mind as well! So check back in on a regular basis to see what kind of ridiculousness we are up to next. Who knows, if the shirts sell we might branch out into other merchandise. Maybe some stickers, pins, hoodies, life size B.G.M. blow up bedtime companion! The possibilities are endless! Anyway, thanks for visiting our site, reading our articles, and supporting us and all the bands we love. We love you!